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Can You See Through Blinds During The Day?

Can You See Through Blinds During Day

Window shades and blinds comprise of an important part of home décor. They serve a lot of purposes ranging from privacy, to temperature regulation, to light control and even for the purpose of the aesthetic it adds to the room. However, the use of these window blinds is often complicated. They need to be opened and closed and different hours of the day, can make the room seem smaller and even claustrophobic if the material and the color is not chosen wisely. Due to all these reasons, there has been a recent rise in the demand for one way see through blinds. These blinds operate in way that the view beyond the room is visible while keeping you hidden from the outside. It is the perfect mix of privacy and open view and is being chosen by people due to many reasons.

Firstly, we are living in an age where our personal spaces are getting cramped. Getting the view of an open field in a town has only become a dream. Our buildings tower over one another. We are constantly in the faces of our neighbors and the little space that we get, be it our garden or our backyard, is not accessible because it is in the plain sight of those who live near us. This is where the use of sheer shades catches on. Secondly, the environment is fast degrading. Long gone are the days when lounging in the sun was not harmful or the light breeze from the window was not polluted. We have to make the best of whatever is available to us and one-way see-through shades answer this problem directly. Other shades involve complete shutting off of the light from the room. The former lets us soak in the benefits of this light while blocking the harms of the same effectively. The lifestyle of the present-day demands the use of see-through shades.

So, to answer the question that we initially raised, yes there are blinds that let you see through them during the day. To make the full use of their potential, it is important that we also have an idea of their properties and function. We have listed down a few for you:

1. View during the day – A good view is very hard to come by and when one does get a hold of it, it becomes impossible for them to enjoy it because of the invasion of privacy that it would entail. These blinds let you sit back in your room and enjoy the view from it while being shielded from prying eyes as well. This is what makes it a very popular choice for any room that you can think of. It would add splendor to your living room, can make your bedroom into a more luxurious space, can bring some fresh light into the kitchen and can add some flavor to your study as well. Their use can do so much for any room that you can think of that they deserve the popularity that it enjoys.
See Through Blinds

2. View during the night– The reason why people are apprehensive of installing these shades independently in any of their private space is because of the way it functions at night. While the advantage of these blinds gets clear during the day, the disadvantage comes out at night. The reversal of light that is lighter inside the house than outside, has the opposite effect. The view is completely shielded while anyone standing outside can have a clear view of the insides of the house. This is why it is not very ideal for bedrooms and other private spaces. However, in offices or in your study, or even in the kitchen, these problems do not stand tall.

3. The opacity of these blinds can be adjusted– keeping the different demands of privacy from different people these blinds come with different opacity levels. While the mechanism of view reversal remains the same, they can be minimized by adjusting the opacity of the blinds or getting blinds that are not so see-through. So if you are intent upon getting these blinds installed and keeping your privacy intact during the night too, you can opt for the ones that are more opaque. The other way will lead you to get less opaque ones. It is to remember that the opacity will be the same during the day too. Your view during the day will also be compromised for privacy at night.
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4. They are used with other shades– Looking at the problems that come with these blinds one would wonder whether they are worth the money we spend upon them. Actually, the best way to make use of these blinds is in combination with other blinds. You can get roman shades or thicker curtains installed alongside them which will overcome its problem at night. When done in this way, the can be perfect for your bedrooms and living areas as well. You can pull the other shades down when you have friends over, can maintain the privacy of your bedroom at night as well as enjoy the view from it during the day.

These blinds are very popular and not very hard to come by. They are broadly available in two different kinds. These are:

1. Solar Blinds

– Solar blinds are made from a single piece of fabric that can be rolled up and down to close the said window shade. They are hung from a single rod and are operable with the help of a string or a rod. They are also compatible with smart and remote control set up. The fabric that is used for its making varied from natural to nylon and it depends upon the customer to choose whatever they want to. They are very simple in their looks and blends in with any kind of décor that you are going for.
Outdoor Solar Shades

2. Zebra Sheer Shades

– These are the handiest see-through shades in the market as they minimize the compromise on privacy without having one to install another window treatment with it. They have a zebra-striped pattern running throughout the piece of polyester that it is made from, with alternating colored stripes and sheer stripes. The sheer stripes let the sunlight enter and the opaque stripes keep the view hidden. They can be adjusted so that the see-through stripes are completely hidden, providing privacy. This makes them more versatile than regular solar blinds or sheer drapery. They are also compatible with remote control or smart mechanism. Otherwise, they can always be installed with a string or a cord.
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Installing these blinds is not very difficult. You can follow a simple DIY tutorial online and with the help of a few screws and a measuring scale, you are good to go. The manufacturer or the seller may also provide you with installation services. The maintenance of these blinds is also like any other. You should follow the simple procedures that would guide you on how to keep it clean and running. These user manuals will be provided to you along with the purchase of these blinds.

Given the advantages and disadvantages of these blinds that becomes clear in this article, you can be sure to make the best of it. You would know what to expect from it when you install it and can place them in rooms and places where they would not be an inconvenience.