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Can You Screw Into Vinyl Windows Safely?

Can You Screw Into Vinyl Windows Safely?

While getting window treatments, we mostly concentrate on the blind design or material but we often forget to consider the window frame material, and its role in providing practical and functional values to our decor. Though there are plenty of materials (wood, metal, aluminum) available in the market, when it comes to window frame construction, if you are looking for something sturdy and durable that will last for long without any damage, then vinyl windows are the best. They are resistant to humidity, water, and moisture, and do not warp in any climate. Because of their incredible durability, they have gained a huge popularity in the window fashion industry. Besides being long lasting, they can help make your windows more insulated while improving the aesthetics of your space.

Outside Mount Shades

Don’t compromise the condition of your vinyl windows. Our wide variety of shades can be easily installed to the wall for a stronger placement.

Though these windows are elegant and highly versatile, we can never leave them bare. Covering them with the right solution is essential not only to enhance the aesthetics, but also to improve their functional capabilities. Selected window blinds will prevent the unwanted sun rays and glare from coming in, while protecting the privacy of your homes. You can mount blinds inside or outside of the window frame depending on the aesthetics and functional needs. But when it comes to installing blinds on vinyl windows, there are some limitations and unique challenges. Unlike other materials, you cannot easily drill into vinyl and attach brackets in order to install your favorite blinds.

Is It Possible To Screw Into Vinyl Windows?

In most cases, the simple answer to this question is ‘No’. You should not screw brackets directly into the frame of the vinyl window as this can damage the functionality of the window. Vinyl frames are not as strong as wood or metal when it comes to holding the weight of the dressing. Hanging them forcefully will cause the blind to fall off and that can be dangerous for your interior. In this scenario, you can fix the brackets to the top and sides of the inside opening and make sure the blind is not banging into the vinyl finger-hold at the bottom of the window. And if you are planning for outside mounting, then the brackets should be screwed to the outside opening. If you feel the blind is quite heavy for your vinyl windows, then you will require a fast-hold or some hidden studs to prevent the covering from falling. And for lightweight blinds, you can easily screw in the plaster or drywall to complete the job of mounting efficiently. So before you try to screw into your vinyl window frame, please first check with the frame manufacturer or a professional to see what they recommend to ensure that the blind is secured properly without damaging the frame.

If you are not sure whether you can screw into vinyl windows or not, consult with an expert. Because further damage can void the warranty of your windows as well. ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage caused while screwing blinds on to your vinyl windows.

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