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Can You Put Roller Blinds In The Washing Machine?

Can You Put Roller Blinds In The Washing Machine?

Roller blinds are one of the most popular window treatments in the current times. They provide ease of use and practicality to the owner and makes his life easy. The models that come with the automation option reduce the physical labour of the house’s residents as all the blinds can be controlled with just a click of a button on the remote. These are durable and long-lasting and offer an endless variety in terms of style, colour and choice of fabric. Roller blinds appeal to the majority of people because they are kid and pet friendly. Much more importantly, they increase the curb value of the house at an affordable price. The owner gets all these benefits in addition to excellent sunlight control and the requisite privacy. It is no wonder that anyone who owns a pair of roller blinds wants to maintain them to prolong their life. Apart from other maintenance procedures, roller blinds need to be cleaned regularly with utmost care.

Can we put roller blinds in the washing machine?

Washing the pair of roller blinds might be on the minds of some of the people to clean them thoroughly. However, one should always remember that it is the last thing that a person might do. It is so because the fabric of the roller blind cannot be washed in a washing machine because the operation of the washing machine will surely damage the fabric. Unlike something more sturdy like a PVC vertical blind, the fabric material of a roller shade forms creases, multiple folds and even pilling when immersed in water. Therefore, in no scenario should the roller blind be put in a washing machine for cleaning.

How can a roller blind be cleaned?

Compared to other blinds, the roller blinds are sleek and stylish and are easier to clean and maintain. To increase the overall life span of the roller blinds, the issue of cleaning and maintaining them gains paramount importance.  Since most of the roller blinds are made of fabric, the experts recommend using either a vacuum cleaner to clean them or soap water. If one opts for the latter, then one has to be very careful about the choice of the cleaner. It is so because the cleaner should be suitable for the fabric, else it will damage it. The best possible option is to use warm water mixed with a mild cleanser or vinegar. In any case, blinds should be cleaned by hand. The blind cleaned and brightened thus, will surely make the room more vibrant and dynamic. Following are how a roller blind can be cleaned effectively for the removal of stains and treatments of moulds:

  • Regular cleaning of the Roller Blinds for Proper Maintenance:

To maintain the roller blinds, the experts advise vacuuming them regularly. This prevents dust accumulation on them. In the absence of a vacuum cleaner, the owner can use a regular duster to wipe them clean. But in any situation, a vacuum cleaner is preferable as it removes the dust particle from the fabric of the roller blinds more thoroughly. Vacuum cleaning of the wipes can be done as a part of a routine every few weeks or when they show dust accumulation.

For all general cleaning purposes, a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush should be used. While cleaning the blind, the owner should make sure that the blind is rolled down to the bottom so that the fabric does not have any folds. The cleaner should hold the edge of the blind so that the blind remains stiff, and s/he should start vacuum cleaning it from top to bottom. This top to bottom approach is helpful because if any dirt falls in the process, then it will automatically be cleaned in the subsequent rounds of cleaning (as the cleaner is moving down from top). Here, the point is to clean the backside of the blinds as well, as most often than not, it is left out. If some dirt is left and the owner wants to have a deeper cleaning of the roller blind, the cleaner can use a wet cloth to wipe the blinds after vacuum cleaning has been done. Ensure that the water used to dip the cloth is warm and has mild detergent or vinegar mixed. The cleaner has to wipe the blind from top to bottom, carefully covering the entire area of the fabric. Once the blind is wiped with a cloth dipped in soap water, the cleaner has to use a wet cloth next dipped in clean water to remove the soap stains. After cleaning the blinds, they should use a dry cloth to ensure that no moisture remains on the blind. The presence of moisture will make more dust particles sit on the blind, so the roller blind should be completely clean and dry. Leave the blind open to dry completely in the air for some time and then roll it up to prevent mould creation.

  • Stain removal from Roller Blinds:

With continuous usage, the blinds may develop stains. To remove these stains, one has to go for deeper cleaning of the fabric. The cleaner should keep in mind that they have to use a stain remover that won’t damage the fabric of the blind. The cleaner can either read the washing instructions of the blind or can contact the manufacturer of the blind to get exact information as to which stain remover can be used. The experts advise using a soft brush to remove the tough stains from the fabric of the blinds. The cleaner should attempt to brush in the direction of the material’s weave to prevent the making of lines, marks and creases while brushing.

  • Mould Cleaning from Roller Blind:

If there is mould accumulation on the blind, then powerful cleaner and professional help is required. It generally develops in damp and warm environments. If the owner has fabric blinds in bathrooms, then there can be the growth of mould. Likewise, the roller blinds on windows with excessive condensation on the windows can also develop mould. The easiest way to prevent mould growth is to make sure that the blinds are completely dry. A typical household hack can be to use a hairdryer to increase the speed of drying. Other methods can be leaving the window open for fresh air to evaporate the water droplets. Likewise, a fan can be turned on, or a dehumidifier can be used to control the level of moisture and humidity. If the blinds get excessively wet and none of the above-mentioned ways works, one is advised to remove the blind from the rail and place the fabric on the drying rack. One should make sure that no fold or crease should develop during this process of drying up. One should also make sure that the entire remaining mechanism of the roller blind is entirely dried before the blind is reinstalled. If there is still growth of mould on the blind, then the fabric should be removed and taken to a dry cleaner. These days fabric-safe, mould cleaners are also available in the market. The owner can use one of these to remove the stain at home. A household hack is to use white vinegar and lemon juice mixed in water. This solution can help in killing the mould spores and can help remove the stains.

It is apparent that roller blinds have a lot of benefits in day to day usage. Every owner takes pride in having roller blinds as window treatments because of the variety of benefits they offer. In addition, maintain and cleaning them is easy. It is just that the owner should take care of the cleaning instructions as discussed above and not just throw the fabric of the blind in the washing machine to save time.

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