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Can You Put Curtains Over Shutters?

Can You Put Curtain Over Shutters

Shutters, popularly known as plantation shutters are people’s favorite, particularly of those who prefer window treatments that provide better heat insulation, are durable and easily customizable. Shutters are generally made from real wood, composite wood material, or faux wood. It is the choice of material used which lends shutters the specialties these are known for. Shutters have thicker slats that help with heat insulation. Using wood or faux wood also helps with the resilience and hence, the shutters can easily outlast any other type of window coverings in your house.

From basements to front doors, from windows to patios, shutters are ideal for almost any space. You can use them as both indoor and outdoor window treatments. Superb light-control and excellent heat insulation make shutters a great choice. However, shutters when fully extended also block the view and some people don’t like that. There is an easy fix for that, something that is also aesthetically pleasing. You can use curtains along with the shutters. You can go for plain sheer curtains or opt for curtains with playful and vibrant patterns depending on your taste in home décor. In this way, you can open your shutters for a view and use sheer drapery to filter the light, for example.

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Can You Put Curtains Over Shutters?

The answer to this question is a resounding ‘yes’, in fact, more than just ‘yes’. You can not only put curtains over shutters but can also be creative with how you pair these together. Curtains complement the shutters really well. The elegant and classic appeal of curtains certainly provides a beautiful contrast and a backdrop to the resilient and rugged appeal of the shutters. This pairing has functional advantages as well.

When you don’t want to completely block the view when the shutters are on, you can put curtains over the shutters. Thereby, you can keep the shutters open or partially drawn without compromising your privacy as the curtains will take care of the privacy. The curtains will also further filter the light entering the room. The decorative and elegant charm of the curtains adorning the windows is simply majestic. So, you can easily deduce that this combination is as much practical as it is aesthetically relevant.
Curtains and Shutters

How to Put Curtains Over Shutters?

While there is no limit to being creative and imaginative about the pairing of shutters and curtains, there are some tried and tested ways of putting curtains over shutters that are also pretty darn good to look at. Let us look at them in greater detail:

• Hanging panel curtains: Hanging panel curtains are easy to use and also offer the flexibility of changing the curtains without any hassle in case you feel the need for a change of colors, pattern or opacity as far as curtains are concerned. You can simply push the curtains away to the sides when you want to have the shutters on or you can just have the curtains drawn when you want to let the light in. The curtains also enhance the look of the window.

• Keep the mounting mechanism upwards and outwards: Installing the mounting mechanism for curtains above the windows and outwards on both the left and right sides of the window is a great idea, especially if you have slightly bigger windows. Installing curtains in this way brings the focus on the window and hence heightens its aesthetic effect. Mounting the curtains above the windows makes the windows look taller and also adds visual height to the room.

• Play with colors: Curtains are available in a variety of colors and are also easy to change, so you can actually experiment with the color combination of curtains. It will be a great idea to have curtains which contrast with the color of the shutter. This contrast adds depth to the window and also makes it stand out from the décor around it. You can opt for plain curtains or the ones with bold prints and patterns according to your taste.

• Regal tiebacks: If you are a person who prefers to give a vintage touch to the décor of their home, then this one is for you. When you mount curtains over the shutters, you can also include tiebacks for a more regal and tailored look. The classic appeal really makes the place come alive besides shifting the focus back on the windows.
Layering Curtains Over Shutters

Why You Should Consider Putting Curtains Over the Shutters?

While shutters look great, provide great light-control, and also prevent heat gain, there are some downsides to them too. One such drawback is that the shutters block the view of the outside and if you like to look outside while chilling at home, you can’t have the shutters drawn all the time. Putting curtains above the shutters allows you to close the shutters and still keep your privacy and light control without compromising on the view of the outside.

Shutters are also always visible, even when they are raised as the slats are thicker and can not be hidden away inside a cassette, unlike the blinds or shades. This can limit the décor choices for the area around the window. Having curtains alongside the shutters helps solve this problem as you can just draw the curtains to hide the shutters if you want to.

The shutters and curtains combine well and complement each other to provide you more options and flexibility both in terms of décor choices and window treatment functionality. From sheet to blackout, you can enjoy a greater range of opacity. From the grainy texture of the wooden shutters to fun prints and patterns, you have no dearth of design elements that you can highlight. All in all, you can not only put curtains over shutters, but you can also add a new dimension to the décor of your home with this pairing.