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5 Ways of Putting Curtains Over Blinds

Can You Put Curtains Over Blinds

Can You Put Curtains Over Blinds? 5 Ideas on How To Adorn Curtains Over Blinds


The way you dress up your windows at home can make or break your room’s design scheme. And to wandering eyes from the outside, it can alter their opinion. Blinds are those rare features in homes that help you block out sunlight while giving you more privacy. They are the more practical and functional part of doing up any window. But by adding a second window treatment, not only do you bring in the finesse and elegance but also the functionality of completely blocking out light and giving you more privacy. They can also add a distinctive design feature by adding color, pattern, or texture that you might choose to introduce to your home.

The window treatments you embellish your home with are a portrayal of yourself. To ensure that you carefully choose treatments that would go with your existing decor. Vertical Blinds, Wood/Faux Wood Blinds, Cellular Blinds, Venetian Blinds or plain simple shutters are all great choices. And to dress them up, add a layer of curtains for that sheer elegance that gives room gallops of attitude.

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Can You Put Curtains Over Blinds? Check Out Our Blinds with Certain Ideas on How You Can Stand Apart From The Herd


  • The eternal warmth of wood blinds with curtains

Wood Blinds with Curtains

Wood Blinds are an all season window treatment that gives you a timeless charm. The wooden stains lend natural warmth to any room ensuring to give you complete control of the flow of sunlight and privacy. Drape these wood blinds with Curtains for your vintage inspired interior. Voile fabric panels featuring bold prints in colors that are coordinated to your walls, furnishings or floor make for a beautiful picture.

  • The chic look with sheer curtains over roller blinds

Sheer Curtains Over Roller Blinds

For a simplistic look and feel, dress up your windows with roller blinds. They make for an excellent choice for the bedroom where you need complete privacy and control of light. These blinds fit into your windows snugly giving it a clean and chic look. To magnify the look of your windows, now layer these roller blinds with Sheer Curtains for an extra dose of romance. The overall look is unbelievable as these curtains create the enchantment with subtle hues. Tie these up with a hook on the sides for an even more beautiful effect. You surely won’t be disappointed.

  • Beautification galore with curtains over cellular shades

Curtains Over Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are popular on bathroom windows where complete privacy is desired. Referred to as top down/bottom up shades, this shade is designed to keep the cold out and heat in, making them the best heat saving window blinds. This hard window treatment needs a pretty dressing to soften the look. Team it up with curtains over blinds that speak volumes and make big rooms feel warmer. Using curtains over cellular shades helps achieve this. Mix and match curtains with elements in your bathroom. A pop of color will help jazz up your window frame.

  • Create magic with bay window blinds and curtains

Bay windows become the focal point in a room when decorated rightly. The Victorian Attributes of their architectural features simply uplifts the style statement of your room. They can easily make your living space look larger and roomy. Combine Roman Shades in formal printed patterns with subtle shades of Sheer Curtains. The patterns of the shades can be matched to your wall for an ultimate finesse. The sheer curtains break the monotony of the entire wall by creating a magical feel with simplicity and a play of colors. This is a perfect solution for mixing window treatments in one room. Go ahead, create that magic!

  • Contemporary look with a traditional curtain finish

There are windows where you would like a contemporary look with regular curtains over blinds. You can use a pelmet layered over voile curtains along with matching tie-backs. This style hides window treatments that you do not wish to highlight like regular vertical blinds or shutters that can sometimes become an eyesore. You could choose a geometric print with a Moroccan vibe to highlight the design of the pelmet. Choose colors that are fresh and neutral for a modern look. An ideal way to mixing window treatments in one room in case you have a budget in mind.

With Google home Blinds, an advanced technology options for your homes, life is made much simpler. An affordable device that you can use to control the workings of your existing window treatments with a voice command. It can be programmed to raise or lower your blinds from anywhere in the world. With this smart technology offering, life cannot be any easier.

In case you find the above ideas insufficient while putting curtains over your blinds, check out our online web store ZebraBlinds and get some professional advice. You will fall in love once again!

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