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Can You Iron Sheer Curtains?

Can You Iron Sheer Curtains

What are Sheers?

If you are looking for an elegant window treatment for your homes you can never go wrong with sheer curtains. They are made of fine material that allows maximum light to stream through while offering the least privacy. While they allow ample sunlight to pour in they help to diffuse and soften the light by cutting out the glare. So if privacy is not a pressing concern and you want to add a touch of grace and aesthetic appeal to your rooms, sheer curtains can weave magic with their sheer beauty. They have a luxurious feel and can complement any room decor superbly. If your rooms have lots of dark wood furniture you can use sheer curtains to balance as they help add warmth and a soft glow to the surroundings. Often sheer curtains are paired with heavier drapes for addressing night-time privacy issues.
Sheer Curtains

Fabric Type

As you have already been able to decipher, sheer curtains are made of lightweight, delicate and transparent material like woven polyester voile, cotton lace, net, muslin, lace, etc. and come in primarily soft colors like white and off-white. Given the fine and delicate nature of these materials, the question that often bothers users and potential users are how to care for these curtains and whether it is possible to iron them. To maintain them well and keep them looking fresh they need to be washed periodically.
Patterned Sheer Curtains

Caring for your Sheer Curtains

How to Prevent Wrinkles
We know that hot iron can cause irreparable damage to delicate materials but at the same time after wash, the fabric might be too crumpled to hang back to the windows. They can crease easily. Also, when you take them out of the package you will find wrinkles caused by the folds. Today we will help you know how to get your sheer curtains to get rid of wrinkles and crease.

NOTE: Please check with your curtain manufacturer first as all materials are different!

• Firstly, wash the sheer curtains using cold water and some mild detergents if you are unsure about the fabric. Place them in a bathtub or sink and gently wash them without twisting or wringing the fabric.

• Once you have washed them hang them on some rods to drip-dry. If you find wrinkles, give the fabric below the wrinkles a gentle tug so that the curtains can dry straight.

• If your sheer curtains are made of polyester or nylon you can go ahead and use warm water and mild detergent and get them machine washed using a gentle cycle so as not to damage them. An important tip when machine washing these curtains is to fill the washer only half with water. This will prevent excess wrinkles and creases. The moment the washer stops take out the curtains as leaving them inside in a rolled-up state can cause more wrinkles to set in.

• Place the sheer curtains now in the drier with two terry cloth hand towels as it is believed that they prevent wrinkles. At a time add no more than two panels of sheer curtains. Use no-heat setting and after 15 minutes check on the curtains. If needed you can restart the drier. While still a little damp you can take the sheer curtains out. And hang them out to dry.

• There are sheer curtains that may not be machine washed but can be ironed then you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the iron’s coolest setting to iron the sheers so that the fabric does not get damaged. You can also use a towel and place it between the fabric and the iron to save the sheer from direct contact with heat. You can use a higher setting.

• Steaming sheer curtains is quite safe unless the manufacturer has provided different instructions. If you are using a garment steamer then hold it 8 inches away from the sheer curtains to prevent any damage.

So, to answer your question whether sheer curtains can be ironed, yes they can be given you follow the preventive measures. Take note of the iron settings and use towels as a buffer there is no reason why you cannot iron your sheers to remove wrinkles and have them back as new on your windows. Please make sure to check with your manufacturer before trying any cleaning method involving water or ironing as well.