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Can You Iron Polyester Materials Safely?


Polyester fabric is the most sought-after material in sports and fashion clothing due to its lightweight, moisture-wicking, and low heat withholding abilities. This material is an excellent and highly durable fabric. Synthetically made, polyester fabric is extremely popular for its strength, easy maintenance, and resistance. The polyester fabric currently available in the market is soft as well as thin with an extremely luxurious texture and is incredibly user-friendly. Due to this reason, most of the homes have upholstery, curtains, clothing, made of polyester. Another good reason for using polyester fabric is because it doesn’t have to be dry cleaned extensively. Also, polyester fabric is easy to clean, upkeep, and removes wrinkles. If you wash the polyester and forget to remove out the wrinkles, you may have a hard time restoring the elegant look of the fabric. Even though the polyester fabric is extremely resistant to wrinkles, they still tend to crumple with misuse. Synthetic fibers are utterly heat-sensitive and tend to burn easily when exposed to the high temperature of an iron! Therefore, the most crucial part about taking care of any fabric material is that the temperature at which you set the iron should be controlled for removing the wrinkles. Polyester is exceptionally prone to ironing heat due to which great care should be taken while washing, drying, and ironing polyester.

What Is Polyester?

Polyester is a synthetic fabric obtained from polymers or resins. Many polyester fibers are made of a hydrocarbon called ethylene. The ethylene glycol is combined with an acid to produce polyester. Polyester fabric offers several advantages, including:

  • It does not absorb moisture,
  • It is excellent for a fire, soil, and water-resistant finish,
  • Certain polyesters are stain-resistant,
  • Fabrics don’t lose shape or shrink,
  • It can be dyed easily,
  • It acts as a hypoallergenic insulator,
  • It is budget-friendly, and
  • Certain polyester fabrics are naturally resistant to wrinkles.

Can Polyester Fabric Be Ironed?

Yes, even though the wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric has creases, you can still iron the polyester safely. However, you need to proceed cautiously as it requires few special measures to protect this fabric from the direct heat of the iron.

Firstly, the drapes/curtains should be flipped to the inner/other side while heating up your iron. Secondly, you should ensure that the temperature on your iron is set correctly as excessive heat will burn the fabric easily. You can also use the polyester setting on your iron. Lastly, a damp pressing cloth and a spritz bottle of water are required to ensure that the polyester fabric stays moist while you iron. After your iron reaches the polyester setting, you can start doing short and quick, yet firm strokes. Avoid pausing for too long at one spot as it can harm the fabric.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Ironing The Polyester?

The perfect temperature at which the polyester should be ironed is around 300°F or 148°C. This implies that you should set the iron at its lowest settings. The best thing to do is to begin with setting the iron’s temperature all the way down. First, check it on the inner side of the fabric at a corner. If the fabric is able to handle the heat, then test to verify if the temperature is sufficient for removing wrinkles.

You can gradually raise the temperature if required. Dampen the polyester fabric using a spray mist so that the steam formed softens the fabric and removes tight wrinkles. Use a handheld steamer is a better alternative to using the iron, thereby avoiding the risk of burning.

Step-By-Step Guide To Iron Polyester Curtains

  1. The curtains should be spread flat on an ironing platform.
  2. The fabric care label should be examined to know the suggested iron setting which is likely to be warm.
  3. Turn on the iron and adjust it to the warm setting. Let it heat up.
  4. A thin towel should be placed over the curtains to secure the polyester fabric from direct heat. Rather than ironing directly onto the curtain, you should iron over the towel.
  5. The curtains should be ironed till the creases are gone by beginning from the curtain’s top and working your way down while ironing width-wise as well.
  6. After you have completed ironing a part, allow it to cool. The curtains should then be moved along the ironing platform for ironing the next part.
  7. Spray water on the fabric or use steam prior to ironing it again in case of stubborn wrinkles.
  8. Hang up the curtains soon after to allow gravity to pull out excessive wrinkles.

Ironing Polyester With Steam

Creases/wrinkles on polyester fabric can also be effectively eliminated with steam. There are two techniques of doing this:

The first technique is by turning on the steam function on the iron. For this, you will also require a damp fabric cloth and a small amount of heat to remove out those wrinkles. However, ensure not to keep the steam temperature too high.

The second technique is using a fabric steamer. This requires the polyester curtains to be hung high enough so that they stand straight and the fabric steamer should then be run over it. Stick to the guidelines as you wouldn’t want to be very close if the steam is too hot. You can also gently tug the fabric while you run the steam over it. You have to just ensure not to pull too hard as this might cause the garment to lose its shape.

Bottom Line

Ironing of polyester fabric doesn’t have to be done frequently as this fabric is designed to be wrinkle-resistant and highly durable. In case your polyester fabric has creased due to some reason, ironing them out immediately would be better. An important thing to remember is that polyester fabric cannot withstand direct heat. So, you have to iron it through a covering layer such as damp cotton or towel placed over the polyester fabric. With these simple measures being followed, your polyester fabric will come out more presentable, spick and span to be used again.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all materials are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first for more specific instructions on how to iron your polyester drapery or shade. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.