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Can you Hang Blinds with Command Strips and Is it a Good Idea?

Can you Hang Blinds with Command Strips and Is it a Good Idea?

If you are asking that question, you are probably averse to drilling. Even if you don’t mind drilling, putting a hole in a flawless window frame might put off many home-owners. If you are living in rented accommodation, you might not even have the option of drilling a hole. So, how do you put up a blind then?

Blinds are one of the most versatile, multi-functional, and affordable window treatment solutions out there. It is a one-stop solution for many problems – like heat-loss through windows, privacy and noise issues, along with heightened light control. For tenants, blinds are the best solution, as they need to spend very little to get the comfort they need.

It is a misconception that most blinds need lengthy installations, and mandatory drilling to get them up and running. A lot of blinds still need drills and screws for installation, but there are plenty of alternatives that involve no drilling at all.

One of the common methods of getting blinds up without drilling or screws is by using command strips.

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How Does Command Strip Blinds Work?

You must be wondering how does that works. Some command strips, not all, are built to handle heavyweights. A large command strip can support up to 16 pounds in weight, while a smaller one might hold up to 4 pounds in weight. Another great option is 3M picture hanging command strips that are meant to carry heavyweights. Look into the instructions carefully before you make your selection.

In order to use command strips for hanging shades, following the steps given below.

Step 1:Wipe the surface clean with alcohol to clean off any dust or dirt. Don’t use any other cleaning substance, as that might leave residue on the surface that will prevent the command strip from sticking to it.

Step 2:Peel off the cover on the adhesive side. Be careful and keep your fingers away from the adhesive side.

Step 3: Paste one on either side of the window and another on the middle. Wait for a while for the strip to attach itself to the wall. Preferably 30 seconds.

Step 4: Spread some strong glue on the side of the shade that will attach to the strips. This will make sure that the shade fabric sticks to the command strip.

Step 5: Attach the fabric on them and you are all done.

Benefits of Command Strip Blinds

There are a few benefits of using command strips.
• Using command strips leave no lasting damage to your window frames.
• Command strips work on painted wood, tiled walls, glass, drywall, and metallic surfaces. You can hang your blind on the window frame or on the wall beside it.
• Using command strips cost only a few dollars, while a professional installation will cost you a lot more.
• You can easily take them off without any lasting damage.Do’s and Don’ts
The biggest problem associated with command strips is that they are not very stable and have a tendency to fall off. Another issue that comes with command strips is that while removing the strips, a bit of the plaster might come off.
Most of the time the common problems associated with command strips are due to incorrect use. Some useful do and don’t for using command strips are listed below.

• Clean the surface properly. Command strips do not stick well on dirty surfaces.
• Use enough command strips to support the weight of the blind, and more. If you use less than the necessary number, the blind will fall off. Remember that you aren’t only supporting the weight of the blind, but also the force that you are using to pull on the blind when operating it.
• After putting the strip to the surface, hold it for at least 30 seconds to get it properly adhered to the surface. However, it is advisable to wait for at least 30 minutes before hanging the blinds on it.
• To remove the strips, slowly stretch the pull tab downwards. This will release the strip from the wall.
• Select outdoor command strips for surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity environment.

• Don’t rip the command strip right off the surface.
• Don’t put the strips in the wrong point on the surface or frame.
• Don’t try to pull the blinds off the strips.
• Don’t put command strips on the glass surface that gets exposed to direct sunlight.
Other Options You Might Want to Explore
If you wish to explore other options for hanging blinds without drilling holes, you can try out the following options.

Drill-Free Cellular Shades

ZebraBlinds Tilt and Turn Honeycomb Shades fit directly to the glass of your window without drilling. Order free samples now.

Clip-In Blinds

Designed primarily with uPVC double-glazing windows in mind, these blinds are fitted with brackets that can be tucked into the rubber seal of the double glazing.
Clip-in Blinds

Adhesive Blinds

Adhesive blinds are fitted with an adhesive strip along its headrail. To put it on, you will have to uncover the adhesive strip and paste it in the correct spot on the frame.
Adhesive Blinds

Magnetic Blinds

Another great temporary blind option is magnetic blinds. Magnetic blinds are meant for the metallic door. The blind frames come fitted with magnets, which latch on to the metallic frame of the door.
Magnetic Blinds

Command Hooks

Command Hooks are also very popular with homeowners looking to hang shades. Command hooks are similar to command strips. Command hooks also use adhesive strips to attach to the wall.

Is Using Command Strip for Blinds a Good Idea?

For renters, it is definitely a good idea. You will now have greater flexibility over the window dressing you can put on the windows. Even for homeowners, you can keep your beautiful window frames and walls undamaged with the use of command strips. If you put a hole in the wall or the frame, you might end up spending more later on when you try to fix those holes.

However, command strips can support only a limited range of blinds, due to the weight restrictions. Also, command strip blinds are meant as a temporary option. You will not have them last forever. External factors, like humidity and heat, will eventually wear off the adhesive and the blind would come off. So, as a temporary option, command strips are great, but if you are looking for something permanent, you have to go for sturdy installations.