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Can You Get Full Blackout with Aluminum Blinds?


Has your sleep pattern been disturbed by the glare of the light early in the morning? Do you yearn for a window treatment solution to reduce the glare and let you have some precious moments of sleep? If the answer to these questions is in the affirmative, then, aluminum blinds along with other complementary window treatment solutions like curtains and drapes might be the perfect solution for you. When used together, not only do they provide complete protection from the sunlight, but they also make one’s house more elegant and stylish. Gone are the days of cheap-looking and crude aluminum blackout blinds. Today, consumers get modern aluminum blackout blinds in a variety of colour options which are most suitable for contemporary homes with modern blind décor.

What Are Aluminium Blinds?

Aluminum blinds have horizontal slats that are carved entirely out of aluminum and placed from the head to the bottom rail, connected through cables and chains. The aluminum blinds are a perfect way to give the windows and glass doors a striking cosmopolitan look. They can also be automated or motorized to ensure ease of use. The option of partially opening the slats, allowing only limited sunlight to enter the room, is also there. In addition, they are durable, moisture-resistant, and easy on the pocket. The blinds are sleek in design to add a modern feel to the home. Moreover, they fold easily and do not budge outside of the window frames. This makes them less intrusive and gives a more spacious feel to the room. The blinds act as a protective layer on the window and save the space from invading dust particles and harmful ultraviolet rays. The reasons to opt for an aluminum blind may vary, but the blinds enhance the house’s ambiance, making it a lot more comfortable, aesthetically appealing, and providing complete privacy.

Many often dismiss aluminum blinds as a window treatment solution for the bedroom. This is because even when they are closed, some light can still filter through, causing hindrance to a restful sleep. For this reason, it is advised to use complementary curtains and drapes with aluminum blinds to gain complete blackout. 

 Due to its aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency, many people use them in commercial buildings, educational institutions, and homes with classical retro looks.

How To Achieve Complete Blackout With Aluminum Blinds

The popularity of aluminum blinds have stemmed from the various advantages it provides to a space. But with everything, all pros has its con. In this case, controlling light for a total blackout is unattainable with just the blinds itself. However, its inability to give complete blackout can be compensated by using them with other window treatment solutions. The need for blackout becomes more critical in cases when light enters from the edge and sides of an already covered window. The following are some of the methods in which sunlight through these small spaces into the room can be controlled:

  • Cornice Box Along with the Aluminium Blind:

A cornice box is a covering installed at the top of the window. It performs the function of hiding the headrail of the installed blinds while providing an added aesthetic to the room. Unlike a valance, a cornice has a top covering that keeps the headrail dust-free and contains any light from seeping out of the covering.

  • Valance Along with an Aluminium Blind:

A valance is usually made out of cloth, and it resembles a short curtain that covers the top of the window. It differs from a cornice as it is completely made up of fabric.  It softens the visual effect of the room and adds elegance and charm to the room. In addition to it, a valance also blocks the light entering into the room from the top of the window and can help create a complete blackout effect.

  • Aluminum Blinds Along with Side Panels:

A panel is a window covering made entirely of fabric and can hang to the ground. It can also be tailored from the bottom to suit the structure of the window. When installed along with an aluminum blind and other window treatments, these side panels ensure that no sunlight can enter into the room from the side edges of the window.

  • Aluminum Blinds Along with Curtains:

When used along with an aluminum blind, a curtain can give unmatched grace along with complete sunlight control. The aluminum blind gives the sleek cosmopolitan look, while the curtain does not allow any sunlight to enter through the edges. It can be a perfect solution to create a blackout effect during the day or to have an unmatched cinematic experience.  

Benefits Of Aluminium Blackout Blinds

  • Aluminum Blinds and Sunlight Control:

The aluminium blinds give complete light control and total privacy only when used with curtains and drapes. You can move the blades up to 180 degrees with adjustable slats to achieve room darkening when you want the much-needed rest. The aluminum blackout blinds come with the option of having inverted slats, where the glossier side of the aluminum is faced upwards to reflect light- which ensures optimal heat and light control. One of the added advantages of blocking out the sunlight through the blackout blinds is their protection from the Ultra Violet rays. Aluminum blackout blinds can be beneficial for people who own multiple properties which they do not occupy for continuous periods. With the blinds drawn during these no-occupancy periods, the unused furniture and other décor remains cleaner as the blinds block the dust particles along with the sunlight.

  • Aluminum Blackout Blinds and Reduced Energy Consumption through Sunlight Control:

Natural light has long been the primary source of illuminating any space. But along with illuminating, it heats up the buildings also because of the infrared radiation. According to a survey, buildings in developing countries consume 40 % of total energy for heating, cooling, and lighting purposes. A window blackout solution that can control the amount of sunlight entering the room is a modern-day necessity. With Aluminium blackout blinds, the builders can control daylight distribution in buildings to reduce electricity consumption by 9 %.

  • Aluminum Blackout Blind and Home Insulation through Sunlight Control:

As per one estimate, an average home loses up to 30 % of heating energy through unprotected or semi-protected windows during the winter months. An aluminum blind, along with complimentary décors like curtains or cornice boxes, can give a hundred percent sunlight protection. Thus, the owner of the house can keep the thermostat in check to ensure the optimum temperature despite the weather conditions outside.  As per the U.S. Department of Energy survey, an Aluminium blackout shade can reduce heat loss by upto 40 %. It is because of the insulation and protection provided by the Aluminium blackout blind that the temperature inside the home remains cozy and comfortable.

Aluminum Blinds- The Real Deal

Aluminum blinds come across as the complete window solution enabling the user to do a wide variety of tasks as per the needs. They add an aesthetic charm to the house while at the same time are incredibly durable. When completely closed and used along with light blocking tools, they offer excellent blackout capabilities along with ensuring proper insulation to save power consumption. They are practical and can add a modernistic hue to one’s home or office.  The Aluminium blinds give the homeowner total control of each room’s ambiance depending upon the functionality and requirements.

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