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Can You Get Curtains That Block Out 100% Of Light?

Can You Get Curtains That Block Out 100% Of Light?

Window treatments play multiple roles in your home from enhancing the overall look to maintaining the temperature and environment inside. Different window treatments serve differently depending on the needs of the home. Among all the options available, you have to choose according to the purpose you want your window treatments to serve.

If you are in the market to get curtains that block our 100% light, you should consider the benefits of blackout drapery. Blackout window treatments are a very appropriate choice that will provide you with better sleep while saving you money also. Blackout curtains can enhance any bedroom or living space with their thick fabric and aesthetic design.

Do Blackout Drapes Block Out 100% of Light?

Blackout drapes are one of the most efficient ways to block all the light entering your space and to make sure that you get a sound sleep. But their benefits go beyond just helping you have a sound sleep – these curtains can reduce the cost of energy by blocking the harsh rays of sunlight heating your house. With blackout window treatments, there will be a lesser requirement of AC leading to a lesser electricity bill. Apart from this, there are other benefits also of blackout curtains. As harsh and hot rays of sunlight can make your furniture and flooring fade away, these curtains protect them as well.

Blocking light from entering any space is an important feature for those who work overnight shifts. They need to sleep during the daytime, so blackout curtains stop sunlight from entering the space. Irregular sleeping habits can impact people’s health so switching to blackout drapery is the best solution for creating that perfect ambience of the night for a sound sleep.

Points to be considered before buying Blackout Drapery

There are multiple options available in the name of blackout drapery, but they don’t actually eliminate all the light coming inside the space. They just filter a fraction of it. If the curtains are of high quality then they will stop all the light and heat coming inside. They are designed as such that they make your space perfect to have a good night sleep even during the bright sunny day. The fabric and colour of the blackout drapery play an important role here. The fabric must be thick and of dark colour so that it can absorb the light and heat coming from the sun leaving a soothing ambience inside your home. Many drapes, blinds and shades that are marketed as blackout do not eliminate all the light from coming into your home, so you need to have a check on this.

Room Darkening vs Blackout Drapery – What’s the Difference?

If you don’t need complete darkness in your room during the daytime, then room darkening drapes are the best option for you as they allow a minimal amount of sunlight to shine through the space. You can choose among the various opacities of fabric depending on how much light you need to allow or block in your room. In blackout drapery, 100% opaque fabrics are used so they can block all the light from outside making the room silent, calm, and relaxing.

Thermal Drapery vs Blackout Drapery – What’s the Difference?

Thermal drapery is for insulation purposes. Whereas the sole purpose of blackout drapery is to block all the light. Thermal drapery goes one step further with acrylic foam insulation built between multiple layers of fabric. This feature effectively cuts down on more noise and traps hot air in and cold air out.

How do blackout curtains benefit your sleep?

Blackout curtains not only add to the elegance of your home, but they even serve the practical purpose of protecting your privacy. They are a practical choice that looks beautiful, protects your privacy and blocks light and noise almost entirely.

Here are some of the most important benefits blackout curtains provide:

A Goodnight Sleep

Sleeping time is the time during which our bodies get a chance to repair physically and consolidate information. From streetlights to sunlight, blackout curtains block every light which allows the pineal gland to optimally produce melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that influences and regulates our sleep cycle. If you work irregular shifts and have irregular sleeping cycles, then these types of window treatments can make your transition from day to night trouble-free and effortless.

No noise pollution

If you are living in urban areas or if you are pissed off with the noise your neighbours create then blackout curtains can help reduce the noise pollution. In areas that have a high population density, people prefer blackout curtains for privacy as well as for a quiet comfortable atmosphere.

Are you an insomniac?

If yes, then blackout window coverings are a must-have for you as they completely darkened the room which helps in optimizing your dream environment for a more restful sleep. There are places where there remain continuous flickering headlights or ambient light from outside through the windows. If this thing troubles you as well then blackout drapes lessen these distractions and help you go to sleep earlier.

At ZebraBlinds, blackout drapes are constructed with a unique material that helps control the inside climate. These window coverings retain heat during colder days keeping you cosy and comfortable and repel heat on summer days to help keep the room cool, fresh and comfy. With a reduced electricity bill and a smaller carbon footprint, you can sleep in a better way, and our mother earth will breathe a bit easier, too.

Since our childhood, we all are habitual to make our days better. By installing blackout drapes into your nightly routine, you can make your nights better by having a deeper and much more relaxed sleep. So, get ready to brush your teeth, close your blackout curtains, and sleep tight.