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Can You Get Blackout Vertical Blinds?

Can You Get Blackout Vertical Blinds

What are Vertical Blinds?

Before we delve into the question of whether vertical blinds are available in blackout fabric, let us understand what vertical blinds and where they are popularly used. Unlike horizontal blinds, the blind slats in vertical blinds run vertically. While horizontal blinds are raised and lowered to open and close, vertical blinds open on the sides. This means that vertical blinds when opened will stack on any one side of the window or door, left or right. This works well for sliding doors as they open on one side. If you have French doors that open on hinges then you need vertical blinds with split opening. These blinds open from the middle and stack evenly on either side of the door. Vertical blinds are usually used for doors or large windows while horizontal blinds are well suited for smaller and standard sized windows.

Need to Dress French or Sliding Glass Doors

French or a sliding door in the house can be a beautiful addition as they allow an abundance of natural light and air to flow into the house. They are perfect for enjoying the outside view from indoors and become the focal point of your rooms with ease. But like windows, doors too pose a range of challenges for homeowners and perhaps more so. The wide expanse of glass means a potential source of energy loss in the house in the absence of window treatments. These doors can cause warm air to escape the house during winter and hot air to flow through in summer with ease causing energy costs to skyrocket. Bare glass doors can also substantially jeopardize the privacy and security of the house as it will expose them to the prying eyes of neighbors and outsiders. Also, untreated doors will allow damaging UV rays to flow into the house which can be harmful to both health and furnishings. The glares of the sun can cause irritation to the eyes and affect sleep and work. An effective window treatment is necessary to cover the doors, allow diffused natural light into the house, block out the UV rays, protect the privacy and maintain a pleasant and comfortable ambiance inside the house.
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The Dilemma of Glass Door in a Bedroom

This goes for doors in the living or dining room. If you have French or sliding glass door in the bedroom, there is another challenge waiting. Glass doors as we know let abundance of light into the house, unrestricted and unfiltered. While natural light is desired, too much of anything can be detrimental. Apart from affecting health, it can also play havoc with your sleep. If you have any member in the house who has to work in night shifts and catches up on sleep during the morning hours, an untreated or ineffective window treatment will prevent the person from getting a sound deep sleep. Sunrays and glares will ruin the experience of sleep and prevent the mind from being well-rested. What the body and mind need is complete darkness in the room and which can be offered only by blackout shades. Blackout vertical blinds are the ideal window coverings for your glass doors. These blackout blinds are known to block light out 100% thereby ensuring better sleep.
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Blackout Vertical Blinds: Do they Exist?

While blackout vertical blinds are available in the market it is important to understand that the design of vertical blinds which consists of individual strips of fabric would never allow them to be described as blackout blinds. Total blackout cannot be achieved and there are several areas where will light will come through on vertical blinds. Nevertheless, blackout vertical blinds can still do a pretty good job of keeping out maximum amount of sunlight. Opt for a thicker and darker colored fabric to block out as much light as possible.

To seal of the room from lights you could also try pairing the blackout vertical blinds with heavy drapes. If your need for darkness is absolute then apart from the blackout fabric, drapes can help ensure a more complete light blockage in the room. Drapes look beautiful and classy and layered window treatments are very much in fashion and often used to make style statements. So along with aesthetic appeal, a combination of drapes and vertical blackout blinds is a foolproof measure of keeping the light out when needed.
Zebra Sheer Vertical Shades Designer Series
You could try out the Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Vertical Shades. These shades look to integrate two fabrics in one headrail, namely a sheer and blackout fabric. The front fabric has a zebra-striped sheer shade which will allow diffused light to stream through and also maintain your outside view. There is a blackout roller shade at the back which can be lowered when you need darkness. They are a beautiful choice for your homes. They help to address your conflicting needs at different times of the day.

If your beautiful bedrooms come with a glass door dress it majestically to make it the focal point of your decor. With vertical blackout blinds enjoy the benefits of a glass door without compromising on your sleep and comfort.