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Can You Cut Wooden Blinds At Home For Perfect Fit?

Can You Cut Wooden Blinds At Home For Perfect Fit

Cutting Wooden Blinds for a Perfect Custom Window Fit

Wooden blinds are mainly designed to bring an earthy tone to your decor while enhancing the grace and aura of the surrounding environment. These blinds are one of the most popular and sought-after window coverings, preferred by many interior designers and homeowners as their unique textures help in achieving a classy and sophisticated appeal for the windows. Different slat sizes are available and you can choose the required one depending on the degree of light and privacy you would like to control. If you want to add a finishing touch to the windows, you have to customize them from a range of colors and design choices for that exclusive charming look. If you are planning to give these window blinds a try and enjoy all the benefits they offer, then you have to personalize them as per your needs and place an order for the same.

So, you have sent your measurements, ordered custom wooden blinds, and now they are here at your doorstep. But what if your blinds come in the wrong size? Though custom wood blinds are manufactured to fit your windows/doors, sometimes due to measuring mistakes, the blinds can arrive in the wrong size. Well if the blinds are too wide, then you can consider outside mounting but if you still want to mount them inside the window, then trimming them is the only option.

Wooden Window Vertical Blinds

Disclaimer: It’s highly recommended to check with the manufacturer of your blinds at least once before proceeding with these steps, as depending on the design type or cord mechanism, the process may vary. ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage caused through these methods. If you don’t feel comfortable cutting these wooden window blinds yourself, then consider hiring a professional and get the job done smoothly!

Cutting Down the Headrail

  • Determine the width of the window frame (inside) in order to get the measurement of the headrail. have to measure in three places, at the top, middle, and bottom, and need to take the smallest measurement. Reduce around 1/4″ extra at each end to ensure that your wooden blind has enough space for raising up or lowering down. Mark the length to cut off the headrail.
  • Remove the stiffener from the blind headrail.
  • Take a hacksaw or tin snips to cut the headrail on the marked point. You may get rough edges of the headrail but you don’t have to worry about the appearance as it can be covered by the brackets or the valance.
  • Put the stiffener back into the position.

Cutting Down the Wooden Slats

  • Before you consider cutting the wooden slats, first line up them properly and the bottom rail as well.
  • Cover the end of the slats using masking tape to prevent the wood from chipping or splintering. This will keep the slats tight and aligned too.
  • Now as per the measurement of the headrail, determine the desired width of the slats and create a mark on the tape.
  • Cut the slats and bottom rail at the marked length using a circular saw or table saw.
  • In the final step, check that all slats, headrail, and bottom rail are of the same width, assemble accurately, and install them inside of the window frame. If you face any difficulty while mounting them, re-measure all the elements individually and cut them one by one.


Following the above steps and using the right tools will give your windows a professional appearance and no one will know that the blinds are trimmed at home.

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