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Can You Cut Blinds To Fit By Yourself?

Can You Cut Blinds To Fit By Yourself?

Popularity of Blinds

Blinds are a popular and much sought after window treatment in the market. They have been adorning homes for years and have been upgraded with latest technology and designs. This makes blinds a very contemporary and modern choice for homeowners. Blinds are available in different materials like aluminium, wood, faux wood, vinyl, fabric etc. Unlike shades, which consist of a single layer of fabric, blinds are composed of slats and louvers which can be adjusted for light control. Modern blinds help to cut out the glare and allow warm diffused sunlight to flood your room. You get to enjoy natural light without the harshness. Keeping the slats open completely will also allow you an unobstructed view of the outside. Bigger slat sizes work better for getting a better view of the outdoors. While wood and fabric blinds make a great choice of window covering for living rooms and bedrooms because of their elegance and aura, faux wood and vinyl blinds are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because of their water-resistant qualities. Aluminium blinds are good for any window.

If you windows are of standard sizes you can get ready-made blinds for them. All you need to do is pick them up from the stores and then mount them. It is as easy as that. If you have time and you want to treat your windows to customized blinds that too is possible. Take the measurements, order samples and then place the order. Your blinds will be delivered to your doorstep.

Blinds Larger than Windows

Ready-made blinds are not custom fit for your windows and hence it is possible that after purchase when you mounted them they appear too wide for your liking. For outside mount blinds, a little extra width does not really hurt. However if you are looking for inside mount then even an extra ½” can make a lot of difference. It will not allow the blinds to sit well inside the window frame and cause it graze against the sides of the windows which will damage the blinds and also impede smooth operation of the blinds. With custom-made blinds the problem of extra wide blinds are not as common as they are custom-made for your windows. You share the exact measurements of your windows and they are manufactured accordingly. However even on rare occasions there may be a slight difference of measurements. It may happen that you take incorrect measurements or the manufacturer adds an extra bit of width. In such cases you are left with blinds that are too wide for perfect fit. Sometimes we also like to interchange blinds between windows as part of a makeover. If you want to fit a large window blind to your smaller sized windows then also you will need to resize them.

How to Cut Blinds to Fit Windows

You can seek professional assistance but it is also possible to easily cut the blinds at home to ensure a perfect fit. It is simple. You just need to follow the steps.

Trim the Headrail

If you are shortening the width of the blinds then the head rail will also have to be trimmed. The first step in cutting the blinds is trimming the width of the head rail.

  1. Take measurement of the headrail of the blind you want to mount and the measurement of the window. Deduct the measurement of the window from that of the head rail. Add an extra 1/8” to ¼” to this measurement. This is the amount that you will need to trim off.
  2. Divide the previous measurement by two and prepare to cut off that amount from both sides of the head rail.
  3. Measure the head rail and make markings on it where you will make the cut.
  4. At the end of the head rail you will find a stiffener. Take it off. A stiffener is a piece of metal that helps to hold the head rail in square position.
  5. Take a hacksaw and make the cut along the marking. It is possible that the metal will bend while making the cut. Bend it back to its place once the cutting is finished.

Trim the Blinds

Your head rail is successfully trimmed. Now it is time to trim the blinds.

  1. Stack the slats in a neat pile. Make the ends flush. Make sure that the bottom rail is also included in the pile though it may thicker than the other slats.
  2. Take a rubber band to tie the blind slats tightly to help them stay in position.
  3. Like with the head rails, measure the blinds and the windows. Subtract the measurement of the windows from the blinds. Make sure that you make cuts on both sides of the blinds. This will ensure that the strings that control the blinds remain evenly spaced from either side of the blinds once the cut is made. Now take a masking tape to cover the cut lines so that the blinds do not chip off during the cut.
  4. Now place the slats flat on a table saw. The blade will be placed on the cut line. Take a fine tooth blade to make the cut. If there are any metals in the blind then use a carbide blade. Now cut the blinds along with the bottom rail.
  5. Once the cut is made, take the tape and rubber bands off. If you find any rough edges use a sand paper to smoothen them.

Trim the Valance

Once head rail and blinds have been cut you need to focus on the valances if any. A shortened blind with a wider valance would be quite a fashion disaster.

  1. Measure the valance and the cut blinds. Make markings on each side of the valance where the cut will be made.
  2. Once again use masking tape to cover the cut lines to prevent chipping off during the cutting process.
  3. Cut the valance carefully with the saw.

Your blinds and valance is now ready for remounting. With the measurement adjusted they should fit just inside of your window opening. If you are unsure about modifying your blinds yourself, please seek professional help as Zebra Blinds will not be liable for any damage caused to the blinds during the cutting process.