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Can You Add Lining to Sheer Curtains?

Can You Add Lining To Sheer Curtains

Can You Line Sheer Curtains?

Curtains are the perfect fashionable way to give your windows an astounding stylish look along with the touch of warmth and elegance. They are available in different fabric options which include sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout to control the amount of natural light you want to let in your space. Sheer and light filtering window curtains are responsible for diffusing the harsh sunlight while room darkening and blackout curtains block out the daylight entirely and offer protection. These light blocking curtains are equally effective when it comes insulation while saving home’s energy bills.

But what happens with the sheer curtains? If you have sheer curtains and looking forward to save money on utility bills while protecting curtains from extreme weather condition, then consider adding liners. A lined curtain will hang better, help the main fabric to last for long, prevent heat loss, and block neighbour’s noise. Adding a blackout lining with sheer fabric will obstruct all the natural and artificial light coming to your home and thermal lining enhance the functionality of energy-efficiency. Integrating liners takes a bit of planning, time, and patience, but it is well-worth in terms of functional advantages. In this article, we will discuss about the various ways of adding lining to a curtain so that you enjoy maximum comfort while protecting your interior from the unwanted beams.
Sheer Window Curtains

How to Add Lining to Sheer window Curtains?

• Step 1: Choose a Liner
There are four types of liners available –
1. Thermal Lining – Insulate your windows and save on your heating and cooling costs. Made from cotton or polyester material.
2. Blackout Liner – Darken your space completely and provide privacy. Protect furniture and other valuable belongings from fading.
3. Water Repellent or Resistant Lining – Block moisture and protect curtain fabric. Ideal to install on kitchen, bathroom windows, or high humidity areas.
4. Plain Cotton Lining – Add weight to thin curtains and protect sheer curtains from sun damage.
Depending on your requirement select one first.
Drapes with Blackout Liner

• Step 2: Attaching the Liners
1. Put the curtain on a flat surface and measure the height and width of it using a measuring tape.
2. Subtract 0.6 in or 1.5 cm from the length and 1.6 in or 4 cm from the width to get the exact size of your liner. If you are hemming the liner then no need to subtract from the measurements.
3. Keep the desired lining fabric on a surface and take a fabric scissor to cut the liner according to the measurement.
4. It’s time to attach the header tape with the lining. Make sure the tape is as width as the lining and add 6 cm so that it can fold on the edges. Now, cut the tape and fix it with the liner.
5. Stich the header tape and lining using a stich machine and attach the whole thing to your sheer curtain. Make sure that the liner is behind the curtain.

In this way, you can easily add lining to sheer curtains that will offer more benefits while giving the windows an enriched look. Know your requirements first, and then opt for the right lining. If you already have sheer curtains in your home and looking to add some vibes to the windows and the home, then go for any of the mentioned liners and integrate the. Following the above guidelines will give you the ultimate pleasure and save the extra cost. But if you are not sure about the whole process, take the help of the experts for a professional installation!