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Can Shutters Be Fitted to uPVC Windows?

Can Shutters Be Fitted to uPVC Windows?

An increasing number of homeowners are choosing to fit shutters to their uPVC windows, partly because it is a cost-effective way of preserving the appearance of your home.

Can shutters be fitted to uPVC windows? This question is often asked by most people. And a simple answer to this question is ‘yes’.

Many different frame configurations are available for fitting shutters to nearly any window. UPVC is commonly used to install blinds, shutters, and curtains. A lot of people are concerned about screwing into plastic UPVC frames. Some wonder if UPVC windows need some special type of fix. Actually, you can screw into plastic UPVC frames, but if you prefer not to, there are other options.

And no matter what part of the world we live in, we are always exposed to the extreme elements that the weather can force on us. One thing for sure is that we can’t control how extreme or pleasant our weather will be. A great way to gain an edge over the weather and add protection to our windows is to use UPVC shutters. If you choose UPVC windows for your shutters, you will be choosing a material that will provide a lifetime of protection for your window investment.

What is UPVC?

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is a polymer that is used in many different types of products, such as pipes and electrical wire. uPVC is one of the most popular materials for domestic homes because it has so many uses and can be found in almost every area of society.

The nature of the uPVC material makes it a viable candidate for use in a wide range of applications – from everyday items to life-saving equipment.

UPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. It is commonly used in the making of doors and windows. U-PVC has a reputation for being high quality with low maintenance costs. It is available in a variety of colors to fit each house or apartment’s needs.

Is It Okay to Drill Holes into uPVC Window Frames and Door Frames?

It is permissible to drill into uPVC windows and door frames. However, while going about the drilling process, there are certain things that one should keep in mind. A mishap can compromise the structural integrity of the frames themselves.

You should avoid using the drill at its full power and you need to use a metal detecting tool before starting. This will ensure that you do not drill into any areas where there are locks or hinge components.

Before purchasing frames, it is a good idea to ask the seller if the frames can be drilled into. Frame manufacturers are aware of the specific capabilities of each brand of uPVC frames, so they should be able to answer these questions for you.

It is always best to be careful when drilling into window frames.

Installing shutters on a UPVC window: what to watch out for

UPVC frames come with handles and air vents attached to the frame, so attaching fittings to them isn’t a problem.

Take a look at the handles of your windows. Do they stick out into your window recess? You want to position your shutters so that they hang away from these handles. If not, you’ll have trouble opening and closing your shutters.

There’s an easy fix for protruding handles: the inside mount frame. Inside mount frames can be attached next to each window, located away from the handles, and then shutters can be hung from the inside mount frames.

Another important thing is you should make sure that the screw length and position are best suited to drilling into a UPVC frame, since you don’t want to drill into the glass. It is almost certain that drilling into the glass will crack it. Avoid drilling into it at all costs!

Benefits of UPVC Windows & Doors

The following are benefits of UPVC windows and doors for your home:

Customizable – The use of UPVC windows, doors, and external facias is often limited to white. However, it’s now possible to order these items in a variety of colours as well as custom shapes and styles.

With today’s installation companies and manufacturers, UPVC products can be customized to fit exactly into your home or property.

Durability – The frames are incredibly strong and can easily withstand using them for a long time. They require very little maintenance, as they only need to be wiped off with a damp cloth and chemicals to clean them which is also not necessary most of the time.

The UPVC coating is also protected from ultraviolet (UV) rays, which prevents the material from fading when exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Cost-effective – You can save a lot of money by purchasing uPVC frames for your doors and windows. The manufacturing process is less expensive than the processes required for making frames from timber or aluminium.

If you are looking to buy uPVC frames, you have a lot of options, and you will not have to sacrifice quality in order to save money.

Eco-Friendly – The average life span of UPVC windows can range between 40-80 years. They are made from mostly recyclable materials to sustain minimal long-term impact on the environment.

If you need new windows or doors, ask your installer if they will be disposed of accordingly so that the materials can be reused in other products such as pipes, plumbing fittings, and more.

Insulation – Rainwater is effectively repelled from them and is prevented from entering the house through gaps in door frames and window frames. Moreover, they serve as reliable insulators and provide thermal protection.

Its low conductivity makes UPVC an ideal material for forming a closed air system, minimizing the heat loss typically experienced by non-insulating materials.

Soundproofing – The UPVC is a durable material that works with double-glazed windows to decrease the amount of noise in your home. Double glazed windows and doors typically decrease external noise by 50% compared to most traditional window and door products.

Ventilation – UPVC windows can come in various window styles. Some have a ventilation system where the airflow is very effective. One of these configurations is called “tilt and turn” which consists of a two-window setup that can open in two separate directions. This provides draft-free venting to a room.

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