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Can I Operate My Blinds Through IoT?

Can I Operate My Blinds Through IoT

Not long ago, we would scoff at the idea of artificial intelligence and machines developing sensors to complete some of the menial tasks that humans indulge in. Now, we can’t blame ourselves, even when we know that this has become a reality. Earlier, such concepts were best suited to science fiction movies. Now, we are living the dream technology influencers, scientists and tech geeks saw decades ago. It is the era of the Internet of Things or IoT in short. Many of our home appliances have developed sensors to understand the requirements of lowering the temperature, locking the house and notifying us when an unidentified person is lurking around the corner. The centralized setup, through a smart home hub, is within our control, where our indulgence is minimal. And through this hub, we can control every aspect of our home. The Z-Wave hub, one of the core essentials forming a modern home, has come to the rescue of several homeowners across the globe.In this section, we shall answer an oft-repeated question of many of you: can you operate your blinds through IoT? If yes, what is the best way to go about it?

The Functioning of IoT

But first, you must identify what the Internet of Things is. It works like a machine: a device that is meant to reduce human effort, which, over the years, entailed very complex tasks with a seemingly simple setup. Initially, computers were meant to resolve complex mathematical calculations and develop code. Then they became sleeker and compact till they were small and portable enough to be held and carried in our hands. Slowly, there were mini-sized chips containing large amounts of data, which could be installed in everyday objects like lighting, locks and entertainment systems like television and music players. The Internet of Things is a system where these devices can communicate with one another without being externally operated through a computer, and do everyday tasks without human intervention.

The Z-Wave hub controls the functioning of these apps. Through this centralized control, we can operate multiple aspects of our home and keep them functioning at different times of the day, and develop scheduled timers when the lights would go off and shades would adjust themselves. Locks could be secured at night, and alarms would go off if someone tries to gain access to the house. IoT is very much a thing of the present and is soon to find precedence in homes across the world.

IoT in Window Shades and Blinds

Coming back to the question posed at the beginning, it is certainly possible to operate your blinds through the Internet of Things. Apps such as Google Assistant, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa require a hub, using which you could also enable voice control to move and adjust your shades. While the technology may not be applicable to every window treatment out there, there are several shades by Graber and Zebra Blinds which are compatible with the Z-Wave technology. There are multiple benefits associated with this technology in shades, a few of which are mentioned below.

1. Smartphone-Enabled Operation: How convenient would it be for everyone if the shades were operated through a smartphone? A single touch and they are set! Well, it’s no longer a distant reality, as the Z-wave technology ensures that all you do is install an app and get your shades integrated. The more, the better! With your phone, you can see which shades in the house are adjusted to what degree, and get them set at different angles. It’s not just one shade in one room that you can operate; it’s multiple windows in multiple rooms. If that’s not convenient, we don’t know what is.

2. Managing Window Treatments of Hard-To-Reach Windows: Hard-to-reach windows do not merely entail skylights in attics. They might be tall windows that are difficult to access every time you wish to close your shade or adjust them when the weather turns hot. IoT-enabled shades come to your rescue for such windows; in fact, they are a necessity when you want to keep all such laborious tasks to a minimum. A touch of the smartphone will save a lot of time which you can otherwise utilize in finishing that important work presentation.

3. Added Security and Convenience: The convenience of operation is a given. You won’t be breaking your back every time while operating your shades. Schedule your shades to open at a specific time each morning and shut themselves just after sunset to ensure privacy. The terrific functionality of Z-Wave enabled shades comes to the fore when you aren’t home and still want your home secure. These shades can be set to adjust themselves at different angles every few minutes. The change in movement will give the outsiders the impression that the home is still occupied.

4. Safety for Pets and Toddlers: Your child and dog are the most unsuspected beings in your home, always so curious and keen to check up on things that hold their attention. A dangling cord might be the primary target, especially when it is within reach of them. So your kid might crawl up to it, pull on it repeatedly till it is damaged. It might also pose a danger for your dog, who may chew on it or get entangled in it when it is prancing around. This isn’t the case with motorized window shades, and you can be assured of the safety of your little ones when you aren’t home.
Google Home Window Shades

Virtual Cord Z-Wave Graber Cellular Shades

The most redeeming feature of these blinds is that they can be integrated directly with the Z-Wave home automation systems without requiring any bridge. On your hub’s app, you can monitor their status and also command them with their voice. Just say, “Please set the shades in the kitchen to 60%”; it is as simple as that. These shades are compatible with a wide range of devices, including Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Google Home. They can be easily set up, besides boasting a wide variety of color options such as Pier, Soft Coal, Canadian Tuxedo and Elegant Dove.

Through motorization that gives us the choice to adjust shades, Graber’s Virtual Cord Control (VC) system is the pioneer of advanced technology. The motorized component is included for every automated shade with an inbuilt antenna to give it a subtle, elegant and sleek look. The antenna can be built close to the shade or kept anywhere else in the room without affecting its functioning.
Z- Wave Smart Cellular Shades

Virtual Cord Z-Wave Roller Shades

These shades entail exactly the same smart home features as the Z-Wave Graber Cellular Shades. The same Virtual Cord Control and compatibility with all kinds of devices previously mentioned. The only difference is the choice of shade. Roller shades are one of the most popular window treatments for modern homes and can provide effective protection for your home against hot weather while providing a nice outdoor view at the same time. You can choose them from among a wide variety of color options, including Essential Beige, Essential Black, Whitehall SeattleMist, Opulent Twilight and Shadow Dark Gray, to name a few.
Smart Motorized Roller Shades
Final note: Blinds can now be easily operated through the Internet of Things, providing you a lot of convenience, safety and flexibility. This is essential for modern home decor and is the only way forward in a world that is beginning to rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence to make the lives of millions of users easier.

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