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What to consider when buying window treatments

What to consider when buying window treatments

The type of shades, blinds, drapes or shutters you use for your windows that matters. The explanation is simple, what you put on your windows reflects you directly and also decides what type of a mood and environment exists inside your home. Depending on the type of blind, shade, drape or shutter your window treatment can act as an insulator, light filtering, room darkening and various other roles.

Let’s discuss and understand the key aspects before ordering any window Blind or Shade for your windows. Choosing the ideal window treatment for your windows is key to have proper practicality and visibility. I will discuss some common facts or traits for you to consider while choosing or ordering a window treatments online.

  • Light Control: Are you tired of blocking the outdoor light out completely, or do you want to let some light in, or maybe even create a glowing effect like in the movies. If you are concern to any of the above, you need to consider your light filtering options.
    • Blinds are generally good for controlling light. You can limit the amount of light being let into how much or how little you need. However, their light control options end there.
    • Shades come in varying percentages of light blocking. You can get a complete blackout to block out all light or something like 10% to let some light in. Shades provide an additional property in light control. Depending on the percentage of light being let in, you can create a glow around your windows unlike anything you have ever seen before. Cool right?
  • Insulation: Insulation should always be on your mind when shopping for your windows. After all the largest loss of warm air (in the winter season) and cold air (in the summer season) is through your windows.
    • Blinds are not exactly the greatest insulators available. Don’t misunderstand me, they do insulate but the insulation itself is very limited. Think about it, there are gaps in between the slats that let the air flow much more freely than a shade would allow for example.
    • Shades are much better at insulation that blinds, however the type of shades that really excel at this task are the Cellular Window Shades. Their honeycomb patterns trap air in between them is creating a wall of air insulating your interior from the outside elements.
    • Shutters are also great for insulation since they are fit completely onto the window frame. This ensures there is very little room for air to pass in between your window and the inside of your home.
  • Visual Impact: Definitely an important factor and one that should be decided based on your tastes. Shades offer a more contemporary look, but they can also be industrial. Blinds are classic but have exceptions such as the 1 inch aluminum blinds that can look modern or industrial. What you choose for your windows; it is purely based on the personal preference in the end.
  • Reasonable Cost: You need to consider the purchase cost because I don’t want you to shatter your bank while buying window treatments. Blinds are typically inexpensive and cater to most of your needs. Shades are slightly more expensive but come with additional options and benefits.
  • Match Existing indoor decor: You need to consider the matching window decor as per your existing indoor decor. There are two types of furnishings; one is Hard Furnishing, and another one is Soft Furnishing. Hard furnishing consists of indoor color, furniture, wall paint, etc. Soft includes the bedding color, cushions, decorative window shades, curtains, etc. So, in this way you have to decide which color is complimenting your hard furnishings. Remember that a contrast or perfect color compliment gives you a dream indoor decor and creates an inviting beauty. If your window decor unable to compliment your existing indoor decor; then your interior will lose the charm and liveliness. You make sure that your indoor and window coverings are perfectly blended with proper color and design compliments. I hope once you consider this fact; your job will be easier choosing ideal coverings for your home.
  • Match window size, style, and shape: Before buying any Blind or Shade, make sure that it matches or fits your windows properly. If it does not fit your window properly; then all pain will go down drain. No point of having unmatched or not fitted cover because it won’t help you in light, privacy, insulation and decor. So, consider the perfect fitting also since it is a part of your window decor too. If your window has regular rectangular size; then you might not have that problem to choose Blinds or Shade easily. If your windows have unique or different sizes or shapes; then you have to be careful while buying the coverings for them. You have to make sure the covers should fit them properly.

I am fairly confident the points above will help with purchasing decision. If you ever need further help, take our guidance any time by contacting us, and you will get all your answers with details. Our designated team always prompts to help you with your questions. At ZebraBlinds, we are committed to making sure you are buying what you want and fulfills your need.


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