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Buying Cheap Window Shades – How and Why?

Cheap Window Shades

Your Ultimate Guide On How To Buy Cheap Window Shades

When it comes to decorating a house and approaching home decoration decisions, window treatments should be number one on the list. The window treatments set the tone of your lifestyle by adding or blocking the natural light, maintaining a level of formality, or setting the room to be formal or casual. When coupled with the custom window shades such as wooden window shades, the window treatments bring out the luxurious side of your room and complete your home’s layout. So, today we will tell you why you should opt for window treatments that comprise custom and cheap window shades so that you can convert your home into a visual masterpiece. Let’s have a look.

Understanding the Workflow

Windows treatments can be quite confusing and intimidating. If left open, the place kind of looks bare. And if covered in heavy decoration, they will block out the lights and visual appeal of your room. Keeping these two things in mind, you will need to understand the purpose of different types of custom window shades and their uses. What kind of custom window shade or custom roller shades will be right? Will it be printed roman shades or sheer roller shades? Can I save money by going for discount roman shades or rely on texture and opt for wooden window shades? You will need to find the answers to all these questions, before planning ahead. As previously said, choosing between the various window treatment can be quite intimidating.

The first question that you would have to ask yourself when buying cheap window shades is: what do I need more, privacy or light? If the concerned room is a bedroom, you can opt for semi-custom window shades like a sheer shade and match it with drapery panels for the night. This will help in blocking out the sun in the morning. However, if you want practicality and want to compromise on the attractive side, you can choose cheap roman shades like printed roman shades. These will stay down and aid in blocking the view while allowing the light to pass through your room.

When considered carefully, custom window shades not only help in building privacy, but they also reduce the intensity of sunlight and overall add an attractive look to your room. People will argue that by going custom you are going for an expensive ride, however, you can save a ton of money without compromising on style or practicality. With the right pick, you can get a window treatment that brings out the best of your lifestyle.

Let us look at some of the types of custom window shades:

Wooden Window Shades

Wooden Window Shades

The best thing about the wooden window shades is that they are easy to work with and can be placed with any interior. They are like a pair of jeans: versatile, comfortable, and works well with many different styles. The texture is the distinctive quality of wooden window shades. They add texture to the room and can be cordless, or black-outlined, hence, making them the first choice with the safety of children, pets, and family. Coupled with curtains, you can control the incoming light and can enjoy the outside view without having to compromise on privacy. You can easily use them in classic or modern style custom window shades with great success. Further, the enclosed wood products such as wood, polymer, and bamboo offer the previously-mentioned texture, which brings an elegant uniqueness to your room. This natural look brings forth the elegant aesthetics and pleases the eyes.

As far as practicality goes, wooden window shades can aid you in filtering light, giving the much-needed daytime privacy. They can also be set up for the opposite i.e. night time privacy. For all these benefits, wood window shades are a natural choice of custom window shades for public and interior designers.

Custom Roller Shades

Custom Roller Shades

Many professional designers not only recommend having custom roller shades as custom window shades, but most have it in their own homes. If you want an understated window you can go for custom roller shade having a solid color. When choosing a textural custom window shade, it contributes to the visual appearance of the room without overdoing it.

Custom Roman Shades

Custom Roman Shades

Having a custom roman shade and coupling it with a natural wooden window shade adds depth and texture to the window treatments. For privacy matters, these are a great choice and can be used in all the back rooms of the apartments. These help in keeping the neighbors’ eyes out.


The use of custom window shades is very much common in homes. You will see them daily in your life such as in the kitchen, your street window, or in your bedroom. As mentioned earlier, keep an open eye and browse through and you may be able to save big. Hence, the budget is the main deciding factor for you. It depends on your choice, whether you want elegance or functionality. Custom window shades can start as low as custom roller shades at $49 and can go higher with high-quality fabric with motorized control. To conclude, it’s the customization property that makes a custom window shade expensive.

Further, you will also have to decide on the type of custom window shade you want. There are custom roller shades, printed roman shades, custom shades, roman shades, custom window shades, wooden window shades, cheap roman shades, and many more. This decision does not only include the style of your look, but also the safety of your loved ones too i.e. pets, children, and elders. You will have to consider the safety benefits of cordless custom window shades, their appearance from inside and outside, and the aesthetics in which they will be installed.

Onto the last few steps, you will have to check custom window shades’ installation and maintenance. Being considered as custom shades, their installation varies as per the style. They are available in diverse fabrics collections and can be used to cover hardware, fabrics, and cheap motorized shades. Coming to the maintenance, most custom window shades should be cleaned with simple dusting and light vacuuming.

So, there you go folks, this was your ultimate guide on how and why to buy cheap window shades. Now using this guide, go ahead, and transform your ordinary looking room into a beautiful visual treat.