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Where Can You Buy Finials and Accessories For Curtain Rods?

Where Can You Buy Finials and Accessories For Curtain Rods

A wholesome feature of curtains is not just their eye-catching looks and modish appeal. Curtains bring character to a room and give it a great finishing touch, besides protecting your interiors from varying degrees of temperature during seasons as diverse as summer and winter. Considering the myriad of weather conditions in a country as vast as the US, they are an absolute necessity for homes where comfort is of prime importance. However, before you shop for curtains at your nearest retail store or online, as the trend is nowadays, it is advisable to do thorough research on the various kinds. It is also important to be in the know of the hardware and parts that constitute it. There are rod pocket curtains, those with eyelets, box pleat curtains and tab top curtains. A common feature that is there in all is the rod, which comes with a number of finials.

How Do You Identify the Finials?

Have you ever paid attention to the decorative end of a curtain rod, or were you always too busy focusing on the texture of your window treatments? I won’t blame you, as the hardware components of a curtain aren’t always impressive to look at when compared to the design and other impressive elements of the beauties. Still, it cannot be denied that in the absence of finials, something feels like it is missing from the design of the drapery. They serve a practical purpose as well, as the rod wouldn’t be able to balance the weight of the curtains, which might slip off the end.
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Choosing the Right Finials

People often goof up when choosing the right finial for their rods, which might threaten to ruin the design aspect of the window space. It often happens that a curtain suits the character of the room in question pretty well. But the wrong choice of finial often sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise ravishing window covering. So a random purchase meant as a formality to secure the rod wouldn’t do you any good. Choose a material that complements the rod, which must in turn blend in seamlessly with the window treatment.

The most common finial and curtain rod combinations include glass nickels with nickel rods (a nickel finial should also suffice), bronze finials with steel rods, wood finials with wooden rods, and glass finials with brass rods. You must also keep in mind the color of your existing rod and secure it with a finial that belongs to the same color family. A silver-toned curtain rod can match well with both a silver and gunmetal-toned finial, but a black curtain rod, which is often the most common one, goes well mostly with black finials. So you must steer clear of experimenting much with different color combinations for such colors.
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Where to Buy the Right Finials

We understand that you might want to buy the absolute best finial for your curtains, for which you wouldn’t hesitate to try out different web pages and online retailers to get the best buy. However, it is often advisable to buy your finials from the same manufacturer who designs these curtains. The finials are designed keeping in mind their existing lot, and Crown is a shining example in such cases. Known the world-over for its top-quality designs in different window treatments (roller shades and solar shades to eye-catching, traditional drapery), this leading brand may just have what you’re looking for.

Crown boasts of curtain rods with both a modern, artistic style as well as the traditional and classic touch. Their finials come in matching colors and designs to give your room the perfect balance of luxury and style. To give you a fair idea, there are three different materials available in top quality: satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze and antique brass. These are available in a number of designs like the Square, Pearl, Dover, and Ball for lovers of contemporary and elegant styles, while those with a penchant for an artistic and classy touch to their bedrooms and living rooms would dig the Hampton, Scroll, and Georgian styles. All these styles are available in all the previously mentioned colors and are available for rod sizes ranging from twenty-eight to forty-eight inches.

The right finial is not just there to give a nice ‘finishing touch’ to a window treatment. Finials keep the rods in order, which in turn keep the window secure and protected from extreme weather conditions. The right finial will blend in with the curtain and highlight the better aspects of the window shade, but the wrong one would stick out and turn the focus away from the appeal of the curtain. You’re better advised to choose the right one to avoid a disaster in interior design.

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