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Bring Out the Earthy Tones with Natural Shades and Roman Blinds


As the need to be closer to nature becomes more pressing, many homeowners are increasingly focusing on creating a natural look within their living areas. Creating a seamless continuation of the natural world well into the deep recesses of our home’s interiors has become a must-have feature, for both country and city home alike. Every aspect of home decoration, be it furniture design, material selection, or color tone, is showing a significant shift to things that carries a deeper connection with the natural world.

Earthen tones, like muddy brown, deep green, or bright mustard, are enjoying a renewed interest. Using these colors instantly brings a vibrant slice of the outdoors to the confines of our four walls. Creating a rustic tone for your living space promises to be an adventure you will thoroughly enjoy and revel in.

Sometimes, neutral colors are selected as they are considered to be safe. However, neutral colors can also be daring and bold. Neutral tones can also be the perfect canvas against which you can showcase your naturalistic interior décor ideas and styles.

The best thing about earthy tones is that they are very soothing, inviting, and invigorating. Returning home will be like returning to the lap of nature. You don’t have to redo your entire décor to get that natural look, either! A few simple and minimal adjustments can easily add that spark of life to your decor.

Small Changes to Get that Earthy Look

Little changes can impact your interior décor in a big way. You can also experiment with both a modern and contemporary look, while infusing a lot of natural and earthen elements into the room. Take a look at some simple, yet effective solutions that would give you the look you are after.

Add Greenery: Nothing brings out earthy tones better than natural green. Whether it is a full grown house-plant or a bit of potted green on your bookshelf, natural greens infuse a sense of calm and tranquillity within the interiors. If you have a neutral décor, green can also add a bit of visual interest into the room, without detracting from the naturalistic theme.

Layers of Textures: You can always count on textures to bring in a luxurious, cozy look. The easiest way of adding textures is through cushions, rugs, and window blinds. Pillows and cushions with a lot of fringe, embroidery, and woven textures add an extra layer of softness and depth to the room. Layering rugs is another new trend that is swiftly gaining traction in homes aiming to incorporate earthen elements into their décor ideas. In the cold season, you will have a warm welcome ready for you in the form of soothing colors and textures.

Handicrafts and Wooden Tones: Handmade elements also bring with them a sense of authenticity. The rough edges of handmade crafts and furniture augments the soothing tones of natural wood. So, if you have a beautiful wooden floor, harness the natural grandeur of brown to showcase your handpicked handicrafts and pottery. With selected accessories, beautiful wall art, and colorful pottery, you can craft a glorious rustic look for your room.

Window Decorations: Window decorations, which includes window coverings, can be a powerful vehicle for articulating an earthen design concept for your room. Window décor are not only useful in the aesthetic sense, they also control and regulate the comfort levels of your interiors. So for any selection you make for your windows, you will also have to address some practical concerns, along with the artistic demands of the room. Check out the following window treatment ideas that not only influence the looks of your space, but also have a great impact on the overall ambience and comfort of the room.

Blinds that Bring out the Earthy Tones

Natural Woven Wood Shades: Some blinds are just made to bring in the flavour of nature right into your living room, and natural woven wood shades are one of them. Made from responsibly sourced and extremely eco-friendly materials, these blinds are a perfect addition to a natural look of your home. Available in attractive neutral shades, and made from a unique and varied weave-style, these blinds have high-tolerance for heat. Mostly used to keep the heat out during the height of summer, these blinds can also filter the light, allowing only a fraction of light into the room.

Natural shades made in a classic Roman shade style would be ideal for a traditional décor. Combine it with fabric furniture and colorful rugs, and you would have a rustic home to come back to. The effortless ease with which these blinds blend into the interiors has made them a very popular choice for modern home. Alongside the look, these blinds also help keep your energy bills down as they reduce heat transfer from your windows. The natural make of these blinds also makes them bio-degradable, which would reduce its carbon footprint.

Fabric Roman Blinds: Fabric roman blinds are another way of adding textures and colors into the room. With some colors like muddy brown, red, and tan, you will be able to include attractive patterns that match the other fabrics in the room. Roman blinds come with a timeless grandeur that would enhance the look of any room, be it modern or classic.

The single-fabric design of Roman blinds also provides greater protection against the sun. Just position it at a desired level and protect yourself and your furniture from the harshest of glares. Roman blinds can also be fitted with a blackout lining which would create a blackout effect, a much-required luxury for bedrooms and TV rooms. The extra-layering would also add to the already powerful insulation provided by Roman blinds. At full-length, the blinds also offer great privacy. Fabric blinds are also easy to maintain, with much less operational issues than other blinds. Overall, fabric roman blinds would be a great choice for enhancing the natural theme of the room.

Weave a natural look for your room with these gorgeous blinds and create the perfect setting for spending some quality time with your friends and family.