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Bringing the ‘Cottagecore’ Trend to Your Home Using Curtains

Bringing the 'Cottagecore' Trend to Your Home Using Curtains

As the new normal brings our external life to a halt, a lot of attention has turned inwards. While many of us are discovering new hobbies and interests, a lot of others have turned to their indoor-atmosphere for inspiration. There are multiple trends dominating this renewed endeavour toward making out interiors more comfortable and the ‘Cottagecore’ is one that has captured the imagination of home-dwellers in a big way.

Cottagecore is centered around the idea of recreating the slow-paced and relaxed cottage look of the countryside. The trend has spread to touch every aspect of personal life, be it gardening, clothing, furnishing, or food. Keeping in spirit with the cottagecore theme, social media sites has been flooded with images of fruit-print aprons, floral-print clothes, home-made pies, and country-style décor. The underlying theme is to achieve that simplistic life which was more in tune with nature and simple delights of life.

Simple Ways of Introducing Cottagecore Into Your Life

Overall, cottagecore aims to achieve a better cohesion with the environment and simple-life style. This overarching theme of harmony with nature resonates with the growing awareness around sustainable living. There are numerous ways in which Cottagecore can be incorporated into our daily lives.

Fashion: Fashion world has been quick to embrace the relaxed style of the idyllic life. The trend has been witnessed in the revival of billowy blouses, tiered skirts, eye-let lace embroidery and croquet-collared dresses.

Hobbies: With more time, hobbies have witnessed a wave of renewed interest. Knitting enthusiasts have adopted the cottagecore trend in their lacework, while candle makers and painters are borrowing heavily from the English country scenes. Many people have taken up exercising in the open in their quest for being close to the nature.

Gardening: A cottage look is impossible without flowers. The summer garden had been a constant fixture in this trend, with people investing a lot of time and effort in creating a delightful blend of color and fragrance in their backyards.

Food: Nothing captures the essence of cottagecore better than food. People have adopted the cottagecore trend deliciously in traditional recipes like homemade bread, blackberry cookies, apple pies, roasted tomato and herb quiche and so on.

Cottagecore in Home Décor

Cottagecore has been widely adopted in the area of home décor. Not everyone has the luxury of having a big garden or opportunities to indulge in outdoor activities. Home décor gives them a chance to recreate the idyllic right within the four walls.

There are numerous ways in which you can create a cottagecore home and window treatment solutions lie at the heart of it. Harness the full potential of curtains to get that old-world, romantic rustic look. Curtains have been around for centuries, shielding the interiors from the elements outside and making the interiors cosy and comfortable.

If you wish to create that cottage-like feel, curtains are a must-have. Let’s look at some lovely curtain ideas that you can return your modern, futuristic home back into the laps of nature.

White Sheer Curtains

White sheer curtains can add an authentic cottagecore vibe to your home. The floating lines of the delicate material will add feminine grace to your house, while the light passing through the sheer curtains would fill your house with a magical glow. Balance out the white with some natural green plants and mushroom figurines. You can also spice up the atmosphere with some pastoral wall art.

There is more to sheer curtains than meet the eye. The light delicate curtains cut off the glare to keep off the worst of summer heat. The thin fabric also serves to insulated your interiors.

Semi-Sheer Floral Net Curtains for French Doors

Printed Sheer Curtains

If white sheer curtains are too plain for you, you can pair them with printed sheer curtain. A gorgeous print of daffodils on white sheers would infuse a cosy summer look into your interiors. Compliment the look with deep green home-plants or fresh blooms.

Patterned Sheer Curtains

Lace Curtains

Beautiful lace curtains are all you need to bring back that nostalgic feel into the room. You can use these gorgeous curtains not only on your windows, but also as room dividers and on your bed. The light that passes through these curtains weave intricate patterns on the floor and walls, adding to the mystic atmosphere.

Match your lace curtain with basket weave furniture and plush cushions. Continue the delicate theme all over the room, using natural flowers to introduce more color.

Lace Window Curtains

Printed Blackout Curtains

Sheer curtains are great for sunny, mild days. But when it becomes really chilly or unbearably hot, you might want to switch to heavier fabric. To create that authentic cottage like feel, go for gorgeous floral print blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains are great for media rooms and home office. Blackout curtains cut off light completely, giving you the perfect room darkening effect. Blackout curtains are also great for keeping the warm air in, cutting down your energy consumption to a large extent. With blackout curtains, it will be easier to imagine yourself in a beautiful cottage in English countryside, cosy and delightful in both style and comfort.

Woven Wood Curtains

For a unique look, go for woven wood curtains. Made from natural materials, these curtains would give your room a cottagecore look that is very different. Match it up with white sofa and antique furniture. Continue the grass weave look, with flower baskets and woven rugs.

Woven wood curtains are sustainably resourced and can be easily recycled. In tune with your journey toward a more natural lifestyle, these blinds can naturally keep out the heat and cool down the house. This way, you can cool down your house naturally, and save precious energy.

Create the perfect cottagecore look with the help of curtains and make your home your retreat from the world.