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Brighten Up Your Day – And Your Work-space With Natural Light

Window Treatments for Office Space

The Importance of Natural Lights for Workspace
According to the American Society of Interior Designers, 68 percent of employees were dissatisfied with the lighting situation in their offices. Light creates the ambiance and feel of a room, which is important to more than just moody restaurants. Proper lighting and a comfortable ambiance at your workplace can brighten your day, both literally and figuratively, and increase productivity.

Natural Light Increases Productivity

Natural light brings many advantages. Exposure to natural light during the day results in experiencing better sleep at night. Natural light can also help prevent eyestrain and increase your ability to concentrate on the task at hand. It connects your workspace to the outdoors and can help reduce stress. Lastly, proper light control can even reduce energy costs as you use the natural light for heat or block it out keep the heat out.

Harsh light is harmful too. It can damage eyes, cause lack of focus, and even trigger headaches. Working in dim or artificial lighting conditions can be exhausting or cause mental and physical strain. Proper lighting in the office is considered one of the most important factors in ergonomics, so use natural light as much as you can.

If the ultimate goal of the company is to have happy, productive, balanced employees, let the light in

How to Use Natural Light In Your Workspace

To use natural light, you have to select suitable window treatments for your workplace that allow sunlight. Light filtering window shades help you in creating the ambiance that allows light inside the office.

Let’s Learn About Various Light Filtering Shades

Solar Shades
Roller Shades for Office Space
Solar shades let in a lot of light. They give your office modern elegance and functionality. The openness of these blinds ranges from 1% to 14%, with the percentage describing how much UV they let in. They’re also perfect for your office and media rooms because they eliminate glare on televisions, computer screens, and phones. Solar shades also have both cordless and motorization lift options. Solar shades offer a smart and classy look to your workplace

Roller Shades
Solar Shades for Work Space
Roller Shades allow you to have natural light while enjoying moderate privacy. These styles are sleek, beautiful, and perfect for any decor. Light-filtering Roller and Solar Shades block UV-rays from damaging your equipment and furniture. They diffuse the light coming into the room, creating a perfect ambiance to work. Choose sheer roller fabrics if you don’t need privacy, and want to let in the most light and keep an unobstructed view. Roller shades give a sophisticated look to your office.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical Shades for Office
Vertical Blinds look sleek and modern and are an ideal choice for large and long windows. These shades offer privacy as well as light control. The slats hang loosely at the bottom to allow a fresh breeze, even when the blinds are closed. With the slats closed, you can shut out prying eyes and the sun, allowing you to protect your furnishings and enjoy more comfort at your workplace. Vertical Blinds give your office a decent look.

Pleated Shades
Pleated Shades for Office
Pleated Shades provide a light-filled room besides offering occasional privacy. These shades are made with parallel dual layers that allow for complete light control. They also filter and block harsh solar energy that can damage skin and belongings with harsh ultraviolet rays.   Pleated shades with sheer fabrics let in the most light but offer the least amount of privacy. Pleated shades enhance the look of your office.

Wood Blinds
Faux Wood Blinds
Wood Blinds are made up of natural wood. These blinds are eco-friendly as they are recyclable. They offer maximum sunlight and create the perfect ambiance for your workplace. They also feature smart motorization. Wooden blinds make your office look more inviting for the employees with the natural blind look.

Cellular Shades
Cellular Shades for Office
Cellular Shades provide insulation for your workplace by trapping air in the cells of the shade. Light filtering fabrics ensure a significant amount of diffused natural light for your room. The CrystalPleat design also protects your indoor furniture from sun damage.  Cellular shades give a pleasant look to your workplace.

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