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Bright Rooms Make Bright Kids With Natural Light

Bright-Rooms-Make-Bright-Kids-With-Natural-Light -

It’s worth taking a few moments to think about the lighting in the places where your children study. Natural light provides many physical and physiological benefits and is an important consideration in designing an effective classroom.

Natural Light Improves Concentration

When your eyes perceive light, they pass a neural message to the ‘hypothalamus’, a part of the brain. The hypothalamus passes messages to parts of the brain associated with sleep and wakefulness, resulting in better concentration and less drowsiness. Our bodies are designed to react to changes in light. This is also why darkness is important to sleep, and why we can find it hard to sleep after browsing on our phones in bed.

The Heschong Mahone Group studied the effect of natural light and found out that there exists a difference of 18% in the test scores between the students who have access to properly lit classrooms and those who do not. Lighting plays a dominant role in increasing the brain’s ability to concentrate and focus. A balanced lighting system needs to be carefully designed. To create an optimal learning ambiance, you need to consider many factors such as radiation, glare, uniformity, and color.

Importance of Natural Light

Artificial light is costly, or can be imperfect and harsh. One of the benefits natural light offers is that lighting is important when it comes to reading. Natural light helps prevent eyestrain.
It also affects our moods. We all know and have experienced how the morning light can, literally and figuratively, brighten our day, or when we enter a well-lit room and just feel relaxed and at home. Exposure to natural light during the day also results in experiencing better sleep at night.
The intensity of light also makes a difference. If you want your kids to increase their productivity, a change of lighting can certainly show desirable effects.

Be very careful when selecting the window treatments that allow light in. You need to make sure that you select the window treatments that can keep the heat and harmful rays out. Studying in dim lighting can cause a headache, eye-straining, neck soreness, and double vision. Besides affecting visual conditions, poor lighting also has a greater effect on the biological functions and emotions of your children.

Light-Filtering Cellular Shades


Natural-Light-Filtering-Cellular-Shades -

Cellular shades come up with high R-value. R-value defines the resistance of the window to heat conduction. Light filtering cellular shades allow a high amount of light through and also protect you from heat and harmful rays. They look elegant and gives a beautiful look to your child’s study room. These shades are highly energy efficient and can help reduce energy bills. You can also opt for motorization which allows you to operate your window treatments with the touch of a button.

Light-Filtering Sheer Shades


Natural-Light-Filtering-Sheer-Shades -

Light filtering sheer shades have see-through sheer fabrics that let in the most light and are often paired with light filtering fabrics to block harmful UV rays while still allowing you to enjoy the beautiful natural view outside of your window. Look to Zebra Sheer Shades or  Sheer Horizontal Shades of shades that combine both sheer and light filtering fabrics to give an extra degree of control of your light and your view.  Horizontal sheer shades filters natural light and brings a pleasant ambiance to the classrooms.

Light-Filtering Vertical Blinds


Efficient-Light-Filtering-Vertical-Blinds -

Vertical Blinds look modern and sleek. They are an ideal choice for large and long windows. These shades offer privacy as well as light control and help with insulation too. Vertical light filtering blinds window treatments create a pleasant atmosphere for your study room or classroom.

Roller and Solar Shades


Adequate-Light -Filtering-Roller-Solar-Shades -

These shades have light Filtering, Room Darkening, Blackout, and Solar fabric options to choose from. For projector presentations, with light filtering roller solar shades, you can make the room darker with blackout or room darkening fabrics, and if you want to enjoy natural light you can opt for the light filtering fabrics.

Get these light filtering products for your homes and classrooms and enjoy the benefits of the Natural light.

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