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Which Blind Matches With Those Curtains? A Brief Guide to Matching Window Treatments


We have all been there, wanting to transform the look of our window decor in a unique and elegant way, adding a finishing touch to the rest of the aesthetics. When it comes to choosing the right window solution, most of the people stick to one type. But we believe that window decoration doesn’t have to look symmetrical and classic all the time. If you are someone who loves to experiment with bold colors, intricate patterns, vibrant style options, then you can always think out of the box. There is no secret that the right curtain or blind can change the feel and vibes of your space in a dramatic way but have you ever thought about pairing them together? Well, when it comes to overpowering your window décor for bringing out the best of your arena, mixing curtains and blinds can be one of the trickiest things to get right. Pairing these two not only makes the windows look worthy but also enhances the flexibility and practicality of your home interior, also ensures adequate blocking of light and privacy control. But no matter what window treatment you select, there are always some tricks to get the right look and functions. So, if you are new to this window fashion industry, then this matching window treatment guideline will definitely help you out.

The Two in One: Some Unique Combinations to Consider

There are various ways of coupling window blinds with curtains to create the perfect matching look. Go through some of them to get a strong idea of pairing these window solutions.

● Blackout Curtains with Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds are fashionable and popular for their light-blocking capabilities. If you want to enhance this functionality of preventing light while maximizing the interior protection, then integrate a translucent roller blind with a block-out curtain. Or you can opt for blackout roller blinds with sheer curtains too. Depending on the requirements you can access the designs accordingly. Customize them with your preferred styles and hue choices to achieve the desired look that will make your indoor feel mesmerizing and delightful. If you want a sleeker appearance for the windows, then you can try this duo once.

● Curtains with Venetian Blinds:

Invest little and enjoy double efficiency with this duo. If you have a strict budget then Venetian blinds are an amazing choice to install. They are economical and extremely practical when it comes to working functionality. You can pair your aluminum venetian blinds with a sheer curtain that let the light in and soften the vibe of the room in an amazing manner. Or you can opt for some other fabrics too that will fulfill all your room requirements. All you have to do is customize them with the right color and texture choices so that they work efficiently and suit the other decorative elements in your space.
Dark Blinds with Dark Curtains

● Sheer Curtains with Cellular Blinds:

Cellular shades alone are enough to control the temperature and direct daylight inside your home. But if you want to add elegance and simplicity to your space, then a sheer curtain over these cellular blinds will work perfectly. Together they will boost the functionality to the next level. In addition, they can save your energy bills as well by managing heat gain and heat loss of your decor. You can opt for blackout curtains too to block out the light and outside noise completely while creating a pleasing and soothing indoor ambiance. If you live in an extreme climate, then this combination will effectively insulate your home and help you lend a more modern feel to your room. No matter what type of fabric you are getting, make sure both the coverings should complement each other. Customize them from a range of colors, textures, and pattern options to build an exclusive appearance for your windows.
Cellular Shades with Curtains

● Curtains and Roman Shades:

Want to create a timeless classic appeal for your windows, then layer curtains over roman blinds. This soft combination works well in every home decor and gives your space a cozy feel. Select a light filtering roman shade with blackout curtains to block out light and have maximum privacy. Sometimes roman shades leave small gaps on the edges of the window frame but layering drapes offer maximum coverage and complete darkness. Match the hues and designs to add a minimalistic touch to the windows.

There are thousands of ways to match your blinds with curtains and you can always be bold and creative to make your own design, creating your own preferred style with ease. But there are few do’s and don’ts you should always follow to bring out the best of your windows. Check out them before you make any decision.
Blue Roman Shades with Sheer Curtains
● When matching curtains and blinds together, choose the type of blind first. And you need to pay special attention to the fabric material and color option while selecting them.
● If you are going for a printed blind then never opt for a printed curtain. Combining prints on both the curtains and blinds can make windows look uninteresting and a little clumsy especially when you have small space. You can combine a solid colored blind along with a printed curtain for a magnificent and clear appeal.
● Go for coordinating and contrasting color schemes for your blinds and curtains.
● Try to hang curtains high above the windows, this will not only make windows clutter-free but also help the interior look bigger and spacious.
● Try to opt for different fabric choices for both the solutions to enjoy different effects at a particular time of the day. And always know your requirements of light and privacy to make a better decision.
● Whatever your pick is, make sure it turns out your space in an elegant way and makes it feel cozy and relaxing all day long.
● In addition, don’t be afraid to attach accessories like valances and cornices for enhanced look and feel.
● If you have more than one window in a room, then don’t pick the same curtains across the home as it will make space disjointed. You can choose the same blinds in terms of functional aspects but not curtains.
● Once you have decided with the blind and curtain color, make sure to compliment them with the window hardware color which includes a curtain rod. This will complete the looks of the windows, giving it a stunning appearance.

This guideline will definitely help you out to create the perfect layering. But still not sure where to start from, order free samples to check how they will match your existing decor style. Or consult with the window decorator for more ideas and inspirations.

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