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Why Blue Honeycomb Cordless Cellular Shades Are Popular For Your Bathroom

Blue Honeycomb Shades for Bathroom

Can you imagine the world around you devoid of colors? A world only in black and white would be unthinkable, monotonous and depressing. color brightens up our lives and our spaces. They help elevate our moods, add cheer and joyousness to the world where we live. Every color has a story to tell and represents emotion and symbolizes something specific. Over a period of time we come to relate with some colors more than others as we can identify with what they symbolize. They become integral to our lives. Every color is beautiful and they come in different shades and tones and they can be used in varied ways to blend with the decor of your house.

What Does Blue Stand For?

Blue is the color of the ocean and the skies and symbolizes calmness, serenity, wisdom, serenity and inspiration. It is a color that is increasingly used to calm and relax the mind and soul because of its soothing effect. It is an extremely popular choice of color for rooms and they look regal with a luxurious appeal. But have you ever experimented with blue as a dominant color in your bathrooms? Bathrooms are the places where we spend significant time collecting ourselves, preparing ourselves for the long day ahead and getting our thoughts in place. And blue is one color that can have a significant impact on your mind and body if used in the right way. Blue, when paired with the right fixtures or paint can prove to be quite a crowd-pleasing color.

How to Use Blue in Bathrooms?

• Blue is the color of water and you can recreate this feeling by opting for a vintage style blue and white tiles for the bathroom paired with a gorgeous vintage sink. Keeping true to the vintage style you could opt for stained glass window with blue accents.
• If you have a larger bathroom space and you are feeling adventurous you could experiment with a royal blue wall with a contrasting white tile floor, wall paneling and a pristine white bathtub. Use the royal blue as a canvas for gold accents like gilded framed painting and see the magic unfold.
• If you get a luxurious bathing experience, gift yourself a stunning blue and gold bathroom. Opt for deep royal blue paint covered wood-paneled walls and pair them with gold accents like gilded mirrors, bronze/ matte gold towel holder, lamp holder etc. to bring brightness and warmth to your space. The saturate blue tones of the bathroom create a timeless classical look.
• If you have a large bathroom with large wide windows letting in lots of natural light, opt for turquoise and dark blue cement tiles for the floor. Contrast this with sparkling white bathtub and walls except for the wall behind the sink vanity which you can dress up using medium-toned blue tile with small decorative detailing. This look will appear crowded in a smaller-sized bathroom.
• You could also opt for an all-white bathroom and stick to a dark navy blue paint for your under-sink cabinetry with gold embellishments to complete the look.
Blue Cellular Shades for Bathroom

Blue Window Treatments for Bathrooms

So you see, blue can weave magic in your bathrooms and if you can experiment with wall paints and tiles why not with your window treatments. Window treatments are as much functional as accents for your home decor. They help to complete the look of your rooms and the same hold true for your bathrooms where window treatments are extremely important for privacy and light filtration. If you happen to reside in a region that experiences harsh winters, cellular honeycomb shades are a popular choice of window treatment as they offer much-needed insulation and are extremely energy efficient.

Why Blue Cellular Shades?

Blue cellular honeycomb shades are a beauty to behold. You can choose from a range of color tones and shades to blend with your bathroom decor. The blue color helps to create a serene and tranquil environment inside the bathroom which makes your stay inside a pleasant and cheerful one. If you are looking for complete light blockage then you could opt for blue blackout cellular shades and they come in a darker shade of blue. You can pair this color with similar colored cabinetry and contrast this with an all-white bathroom. If you opt for the light filtering cellular shade, they are lighter in tone and you can use a little more of blue in the bathroom without going overboard. You can use blue tiles on walls or floor or opt for a complete blue wall that you can decorate with gilded mirrors, painting, etc.

Blue gives a regal and luxurious feel to your bathing experience. Using blue colored cellular shades helps to reinforce the use of this color in your entire color scheme in the room while addressing the functional benefits of the same. So if you are looking to give your bathrooms a makeover and break the monotony, allow blue to weave magic and blue cellular shades to add an elegant touch to the windows.