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Blue and White Roman Blinds Fabrics

5 Top Blue And White Roman Blind Fabrics

Aesthetics of Colour Blue

Blue ranks as a favorite color of many. The color is soothing and helps to calm the nerves. It is pleasing to the eyes and to the mind. They replicate the serenity of the azure-colored skies with soft white clouds or of the waves that come crashing on the white beaches. If you sit back and visualize, both of these have a calming effect on us. In short, the blue shade evokes restful feelings so much so that since long we have tried to incorporate the color into our home decor and to our surroundings at home. You must have noticed that blue is the predominant color used on pottery and porcelain in ancient China, it featured significantly on fabrics used in 18th century France. The combination of white and blue has always appealed to the senses and a significant reason why even today people don’t hesitate in using this combination to their upholstery, pillows, cushions and of course, window treatments.

Blue & White Team up to Weave Magic

What works admirably for this blue and white combination is that while it is serene and soothing, it does not lack drama and is far from being dull. It helps make a bold statement without going overboard and is very controlled. So when you use this in your window treatments it works splendidly. Window treatments make a huge impact on your room decor. You can use hues that range from pale blue to aqua, navy, royal blue and all the shades in between. For designs, you can use from a wide range like geometric shapes, stripes, trendy patterns, floral, etc.

Impact of Blue & White on Roman Shades

What happens when this gorgeous combination of blue and white colors is used on another classic beauty, Roman Shades. Roman Shades have dominated the window treatment market for a long time. Despite stiff competition, Roman Shades have retained their classic and timeless beauty that continues to sweep people off their feet. These shades are often referred to as a hybrid of drapes and blinds. They have the same luxurious and flowing feel of drapes combined with the functionality of blinds. Roman Shades use fabric and they are made from beautifully designed ones that can upgrade the appeal of your windows in an instant. Blue and white Roman shades are the recipe for a super hit window treatment solution for your homes. There are few other choices that are as capable as a navy blue and white Roman Shades and have been winning hearts all across the globe.

Types of Blue & White Roman Shades’ Fabrics

Blue & White Strips

A very popular yet simple design is blue and white striped Roman Shades. They can be used practically anywhere and in any room. These extremely elegantly designed and colored Roman Shades are the perfect choice for your rooms. You can opt for vertical and horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes are recommended for elongated windows and doors. They create the illusion of height and make windows appear taller. Horizontal stripes are preferred for smaller windows and spaces as they make walls and windows appear wider. Pair these blue and white striped Roman Shades with some patterned throw pillows, to hold the room together. They work remarkably well in a simple and contemporary room decor style.
Striped Blue White Roman Shades

Blue & White Geometric Designs

Blue and white geometric shaped fabric for Roman Windows has never failed to impress. They make a room look fabulous. There are endless possibilities as you can settle for a range of geometric designs. They use a combination of blue and white to achieve a harmonious balance.
Blue White Geometric Roman Blinds

Blue Roman Shade with White Border

Have you experimented with a full navy blue Roman shade with white borders? If you have a neutral-colored room or all-white bed room try using this design for your Roman Shades. Add a few navy blues and white patterned cushions and stand back and observe the impact on the room. The room looks absolutely stunning. This look will not work in a room where you have already used some vibrant colours.
Blue Roman Shade with White Border

Blue & White Floral Prints

Blue and white floral printed Roman Shades are also quite popular and helps to add a soft touch and warmth to the rooms. The look creates is extremely feminine and delicate and creates a cozy ambiance. They come in a range of floral prints and it is elegance personified. You could install these beauties in kitchens, away from the sinks and cook area or on your bay windows. If you have a coastal home overlooking the deep blue sea, these soft blue and white-colored linen Roman Shades could weave magic on your windows and help frame the gorgeous outside view.
Blue White Printed Roman Shades

Blue & White: Subtlety is a Virtue

Blue and White Roman Shades display charm, grace and sophistication that are unparalleled. You can opt for any pattern or design using a combination of these two colors in varying degrees and end result is always a show-stealer. It is a reminder to many homeowners and window treatment manufacturers that subtlety is also a virtue that can pull off any look anywhere. You need not always depend on loud colors or ornamental designs for impact. Keeping decor understated can also work magic and you have an absolute winner. So, as a homeowner, if you are contemplating the use of Roman Shades and undecided about the color combination then you can blindly opt for blue and white in whichever designs that appeals to you and we will be waiting to hear your verdict on the impact it has on your room’s aesthetics.

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