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It’s as easy as “Hey Google, Please Close the Blinds”

Blinds That Work With Google Home

A Closer Look into Blinds that Work with Google Home and Other Smart Home Systems


Technology adaptation is increasing at a rapid rate, and you can see its influence on window treatments as well. You can now purchase smart blinds and shades (with z wave blind control) and integrate them with your home automation system. Our aim here will be to analyze how you will benefit by integrating blinds and shades in your home with an existing smart home system.


Benefits of Integration of Window Treatments and Your Smart Home


  • Voice Integration: By integrating window treatments and smart home technology like Alexa and Google Home it will become possible to close or open your blinds and shades just through voice commands. Smart Blinds that works with Google Home and Alexa.
  • Another good thing about such integration is that nowadays most of the window treatments function properly when integrated with smart home systems like Wink and SmartThings.
  • Use with Apps and Applets: Technology has reached an advanced level which means many of the window treatments can be used with mobile apps and applets (such as IFTTT applets).
  • Lower Energy Bills: Smart home systems nowadays consist of smart thermostats. By utilizing required information about weather conditions, temperature, and time, these thermostats control integrated blinds and shades.
  • This automated opening and closing of window treatments at certain times help in lowering your energy usage and the consequent energy bills.
  • Reduce Energy Usage: In addition, smart lights present in your home can automatically dim or turn off when your smart blinds detect sunlight in the morning and open up. By communicating with your blinds, your smart home system will help in lowering your energy usage.


Aspects to Check Before Moving Ahead with Integration


There are a few things you will have to look into at the time you decide to integrate blinds and shades with any type of smart home system.

Remote Control Skylight Blinds

  • Technology: First of all it will be necessary to analyze whether the smart home system you are planning to install will work properly with your present window treatments (like remote control skylight blinds) or will it be necessary to buy new blind automation system which will have compatibility with the smart home system.

Additionally, you will have to make sure that the technology your smart blinds use will have complete integration with the smart system you have implemented for your home.

Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades

  • Feasibility: There are certain motorized window treatments (such as outdoor motorized solar shades) that only work with certain smart systems.

As such, you will have to check how feasible it would be to change all the window treatments to make sure they work with the appropriate smart system. A better option will be to purchase something that will easily integrate with your current window treatments.

  • Control: Many manufacturers like Somfy and Lutron need a certain kind of hub so that blinds can be controlled using an app.

Thus, you will have to check this aspect before making an investment. On the other hand, there are some systems such as Pella that integrate well with their own products without requiring any hub support.

  • Functionality: Additionally, while purchasing a motorized system (such as motorized top down bottom up shades) you will have to examine whether it is silent enough, has good user interface so that you can easily comprehend its functionality, and will it properly respond to instructions sent to it via mobile app or remote.

  • Compatibility: Lastly, it will be important to check whether your motorized window treatment system will be compatible with your existing smart home system.


To summarize we can say that the integration of window treatments and smart home systems certainly proves to be helpful in many different ways.

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Our experts will guide you on the right type of automation system that will be right for your home and your blinds and shades.