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Blinds That Work Best For A Mudroom


As modern blind innovations make window treatments more versatile than ever, homeowners are getting more options to select window coverings that suit their particular requirements. This has opened up many possibilities for these products to have a higher level of capabilities. Now, you can maximize the potential of your windows, as well as moderate the functionality and comfort levels of a room to a great extent. The same goes for mudrooms. However, before we start discussing blinds that would work best for it, let’s first talk about: what exactly is a mudroom?

What is a Mudroom?

A mudroom is an area, ideally placed at the entrance of a house, where you can stow away your muddy boots, dripping umbrellas, and coats before you enter the living area. Mudrooms are usually a nice secondary entrance, which also doubles as a storage area. The primary purpose of mudrooms is to keep the rest of your home dry and spotless.

What do You Need in a Mudroom?

Even if you don’t have a dedicated space to create a mudroom, you can still create a similar area around your front door. There are some basic elements that you should include in a mudroom to make it functional.

Proper Storage

Storage is a key element that should be included in any mudroom. After all, you will need to stow away all those muddy boots and dripping umbrellas somewhere. Also, having ample storage space would help you keep the space neat and tidy.

It does not have to be an elaborate storage system. A simple rack with different shelves designated for each family member would be enough. Also, adding separate hooks for coats, jackets, and hats is a good way of staying organized.

A Bench or Seat

Often overlooked, bench or seats are very useful when putting or removing shoes. You can utilize the bench for storage as well. A beautiful bench would add an extra charm to the overall practical look of a mudroom.

Flooring and Lighting

As a high-traffic area that would be exposed to a lot of wet and muddy shoe prints, mudrooms need flooring that is highly durable and easy to maintain.To make cleaning easier, stick with wood or laminate flooring.

If you have a small mudroom, make good use of lights to offset the gloomy feel. A powerful and steady light is a necessity to a usually small area. If you have a lot of storage, having lights inside the storage area would be a great help when you are in a hurry and need to find all you need really quickly.

Blinds that Work Best for a Mudroom

If you have a window in a mudroom, you can make good use of that extra light. In addition, you would want something that does not get in the way. You can rule out curtains for mudrooms, as they take up valuable floor space, and have a tendency to get in the way. Any blind you select has to be sleek, multi-functional, and preferably one that strikes a fine balance between natural light and privacy.

Cellular Blinds

If you want to welcome your visitors with a warm and toasty mudroom, you can go for cellular blinds. These blinds are specially built to trap air inside, keeping the space comfortable and cozy for longer periods.

Cellular shades come in a variety of designs and different levels of light filtering functionalities. If your mudroom faces the road, you can select the top-down-bottom-up feature, which allows you to position the blind somewhere at the middle. The top and bottom can remain open, letting in adequate light, without compromising on the privacy aspect.

Aluminum Mini Blinds

Mudrooms are exposed to high-moisture environments. For this reason, aluminium mini blinds are a perfect solution for mudroom windows and doors. Aluminium blinds are highly durable window treatment solutions that are easy to maintain and last for a long time. The blinds can be positioned to control both the flow and direction of the light entering the room. A perfect solution for both day and night, these mini blinds are a great choice if you are looking for flexibility.

PVC and Faux Wood Blinds

Both PVC and faux wood blinds are perfect for homeowners looking to match the look of the wooden blinds used elsewhere in the house. PVC or faux wood come with the great look of wooden blinds, but are completely moisture-resistant. These blinds can be a gorgeous addition to your mudroom, creating a lasting impression on your visitors. Open the slats as much as you need or keep the whole blind open when you need lots of light. As night sets in, just lower the slats or close them completely for privacy and insulation.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are versatile and extremely flexible. It can be fashioned out of a variety of fabrics that fit the specific purpose of the room. When you need light, you can just pull the blind up to any level you desire. At night, pull down the blind to get complete privacy. You can also have these blinds in moisture, heat, and fire-resistant material to ensure it meets all the standards of home safety and durability you require.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are highly moisture-resistant and versatile. When you need more light, you can pull the whole blind up. On the other hand,when you require some light filtering, lower the slats and adjust them to get as much light as you desire. These blinds are also very easy to maintain and can withstand high levels of exposure to moisture and heat. When required, you can close the slats to cut off light and enhance insulation. Even with little care, these blinds would last for years looking new.

Irrespective of what you select, you have to make an effort to match it with the rest of the blinds in the house. After all, the mudroom will contribute to the first impressions of your home, and proper cohesion of décor and style will create a lasting one.

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