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Why You Might Want Blinds That Go Up Instead of Down

Why You Might Want Blinds That Go Up Instead of Down

Blinds and privacy shades are the perfect way to dress up your windows and give your living space a dramatic makeover. If you are in the market of window fashion, there are plenty number of options available to choose from which are suitable for your existing décor style and fit any budget. These modern window solutions are designed to virtually fit any windows that bring value to your space while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the house. When we purchase a window covering, we expect them to work downwards while raising or lowering. Depending on the requirements of natural light and privacy, we keep them open and close. Opening the shades allows the maximum amount of light to let in and closing them will obtain the energy-efficiency of your indoor while taking care of privacy and glare control and UV and light blockage.

Problems arise when we want both privacy and natural light at the same time. There are no hard and fast rules that you will want only light in the morning without privacy or only privacy and no light. We can want both at the same time. Top-down shades or blinds that need to be pulled down do not offer you this flexibility. What you need for your windows is top down bottom up window shades that are specifically made to address this major concern. As the name suggests, these shades not only operate from top to down but you can also raise them up from the bottom part, which are extremely versatile and reliable to install in any room. We often get the question of: why do people need blinds that go up instead of down? There are multiple reasons why you would want to opt for these shades for your house. Go through this article to get the answer for your query!
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Reasons for Getting Blinds that Go Up Instead of Down

• When it comes to a normal window covering, it operates from top to bottom, keeping them open will allow the maximum amount of light to enter your space while hampering the privacy level but keeping them closed will provide the ultimate level of privacy and block out all the outside light coming through the windows. But using a bottom-up mechanism will allow you both sunshine and privacy at the same time. If you want privacy, just keep the bottom half of the window closed and let in light through the top half.
• The capability of protecting your floor, valuable belongings, and other furniture from harmful UV rays makes these blinds unique from other solutions. Prevent the direct glare and sun rays by pulling the shades up and fill your home with soft light.
• With these bottom-up window blinds, you don’t have to worry about your little ones anymore. Like standard window coverings, you can feature these unique blinds with a cordless mechanism to protect your kids and pets from the strangulation of window cords. And these practical window shades work incredibly with standard cords and continuous cord loops as well.
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• Because of the sophisticated shape, these blinds add a design element to your interior. Selecting this feature won’t limit you as most of the shades and blinds are capable to integrate this functionality to enhance the work capacity. A wide range of colors, textures, and pattern options make these window dressings elegant and bring home a pleasure and eye-soothing feel.
• Since these shades stack at the bottom, they are easier to operate if you have trouble reaching high up. Simply grab the shade from the bottom and raise it up to about halfway to provide privacy as needed.
The main reason for getting these shades is when your indoors are craving for the highest level of privacy while still having some sunshine. They are perfect for every room in your home décor and work amazingly to fulfill all your requirements. Love the idea of these bottom-up window blinds? What are you waiting for? Bring them and make them the perfect addition of your home. Customize and install to fill your home with beautiful filtered light along with protection. For more queries, reach out to the professionals and get the best blinds that fit your windows perfectly!

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