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Blinds That Bring A Japandi Style To Your Home


Japandi design style has taken the world of interior décor by storm. Research shows that Japandi has been deemed as one of the top design sensibilities and home décor trends for the year 2021. Now that this has piqued your interest, we will try to learn a little more about this top trending style of home décor.

What is Japandi?

Japandi has minimalism as the basis of its home décor style. Interestingly, it looks to blend styles that originate in Japan and Scandinavia. It is interesting how two cultures so far apart can come together to create an intriguing style of décor. this is because the same sense of value and simplicity is the guiding force in these two countries. They share similar attributes that account for their compatibility. ‘Clean lines, clean aesthetics, a subtleness in hue, a calm aura, and a love for all-natural elements—minimalism for both the Japanese and the Scandinavians, are essential in guiding them on the right path in life.’

Japandi style of home décor strives towards creating a calm, pleasing uncluttered, and clean ambiance where one can relax, unwind and rejuvenate, away from the challenging competitive world outside. Both Japanese and Scandinavian styles lay stress on minimalism and this forms the core of the Japandi style of décor. The origins of the aesthetic sensibilities of this style of décor go back to 150 years when Japan’s cultural ties with Denmark led to the intermingling and exchange of designs, art, and architecture of both countries. This tie slowly took shape and led to the birth of the Japandi style of home décor. Their objective is to find happiness in the simplest and most minimalist design. Japandi style has been around for years but is now experiencing a surge in popularity in recent times.

Modern-day homes love minimalism. Clear straight lines, sleek and neat appearance and soft earthy colors have been defining homes and have brought the focus back on Japandi.

What are the key elements of the Japandi style?

  • If you study the Japandi style of décor you will find a lot of usage of natural elements like wood, jute, cane, and even iron. The natural and eco-friendly elements form the cornerstone of this home design aesthetic. The earthy tones create a warm ambiance and promote a sense of calm.
  • The stress is on sleek furnishing and furniture. There are no embellishments, flairs, or luxurious appeal in the setting. It is simple and even raw. The furniture has straight lines.
  • The home décor uses a lot of muted colors, colors that are low on saturation or desaturated.

To achieve Japandi style décor:

  • Keep your homes uncluttered and clean. So away with unnecessary stuff like old furniture, newspaper, dead plants, old rugs, carpets, etc. stack away stuff neatly in storage boxes.
  • Keep everything simple. The price tag is not everything.
  • Include lots of natural elements into your living space. Wood chairs, natural wood flooring, indoor plants, light-colored rugs, etc. are a great way to do up your home.
  • Wood is used significantly in Japandi style homes. Both Scandinavian regions and Japan use a lot of wood in their décor. it is a potent material that is believed to protect and warm you.
  • Natural textures and warm colors are much loved in Japandi homes. Pastel hues are also welcomed and dark colors are used to break through the neutrality and softness of the home design.

Blinds for Japandi Style of Décor

Are you looking for the perfect window treatments for your Japandi home? With so much stress on simplicity, natural elements, wood, and muted colors, it would be a shame if the window treatments were not chosen judiciously. Imagine a heavy velvet or satin drape in a Japandi style home. It would be a complete disaster. To complement your gorgeous minimalist homes, here are some blinds that you could experiment with:

Wood Blinds

There are very few blinds that can match the beauty, elegance, style, and warmth of wood blinds. Made of real wood, these blinds help to spread a warm muted glow inside your living space. The slats of the blinds can be adjusted for light control and privacy. As wood is a much-loved element in the Japandi style of home décor, sleek and graceful wood blinds would make a great choice of window treatment solution. Opt for cordless or motorized control to keep the window space clutter-free and smart. You can choose from a wide range of wood stains and colors to match the décor of the living space.

Bamboo Blinds

Japandi homes seek comfort in natural and eco-friendly materials like wood, jute, cane, and bamboo. This makes bamboo blinds a fantastic choice of window treatment for these homes. Bamboo is versatile, durable, and infuses a natural feel into your homes. They help to filter the harsh rays of the sun and fills the home with the diffused warm glow of the sunlight. For your bamboo blind, you could add linings for great light control and will help to create a nice shaded refuge for you inside the house. Once again, we recommend the use of cordless or motorized blinds to do away with the cords that make the windows look crowded which could ruin the appearance of your Japandi styled minimalist homes. They are also child-friendly and pet-friendly.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds consist of a single layer of fabric without any folds or frills. They are a coveted choice of window treatment for minimalist homes. They are sleek and lend a neat and clean appearance to the windows and the surrounding living space. For your Japandi homes, roller blinds make a good solid choice. You can choose from a range of fabrics for your rollers. For the Japandi style of home, décor opt for fabrics in muted colors and neutral tones. Roller blinds are high on aesthetics and functionality.

So if you are doing up your homes in the Japandi way, you could opt for any of these blinds for the perfect solution for your windows.

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