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My Blinds Are Not Opening! What Should I Do?

My Blinds Are Not Opening - What Should I Do

Home decor is an important aspect of our everyday lives that must be tended to regularly. An uncluttered and clean home keeps us in good spirits and feeling relaxed all day. One of the important aspects of home decor is window coverings, and there are several of them in the market which promise a plethora of different features. While cellular shades filter light and trap heat and cold in their pockets, solar shades protect us from the sun with their special UV-resistant fabric.

There are several fabrics and color choices that you can make in them, and besides their functional properties, they bring elegance and sophistication to any living space. However, your job isn’t done even when you order your favorite blinds and get them installed. Window coverings may entail several challenges over the years. I’m pretty sure that there has been at least once instance when you had problems with opening and closing your blinds. And that is a pertinent issue when you do not know what to do about it. Should you call a professional or customer service for help? Or are there several tips that you can try yourselves?

Blinds Not Opening For Different Window Shades

The problem of stuck blinds isn’t merely limited to one blind. You may face problems in opening and lowering your cellular shades, and your roller shades may also develop troubles from time to time. So every kind of shade has its own solutions for fixing it. We shall go through these different kinds of shades one by one, and find out the ideal solution for each of them.

Fixing Cellular Shades

Honeycomb shades come to entail a fabulous and sleek structure that makes them universal for use in a wide variety of spaces. They employ high-quality polyester that is both moisture-resistant and fire-retardant, thus making them wonderful window treatments in any part of the house. In bathrooms and kitchens, areas where the windows may form water droplets because of the high degree of humidity present, there are no shades better than cellular shades.

So when you are facing problems in opening these blinds, first use your hands and put them on the top of the cellular blinds, at either side. Push them downwards as far as they could go. Then lift the blind from the window at an angle of 45 degrees, and then tug them downwards in a to and fro motion. Keep the angle at 45 degrees all this while, and ensure that you do not pull too hard as this may cause permanent damage to them. The next step involves raising them and making sure they stay in that position. Lower and raise the blinds a few times to ensure that the mechanism is working properly.
Fixing Cellular Shades

Fixing Solar Shades

Some of the most popular window treatments in the market may also entail several problems when it comes to opening them. It might be a one-off case, as they are minimal in their design and operation, unlike other bulky window treatments. The material they use is special which allows you to have a reasonably clear outdoor view while protecting you from extreme heat and preventing the room from heating up during summers.

Still, whenever the blinds do not open, you can start by removing one end of the blind from the bracket without touching the other end. Then spin the blinds multiple times with the spring inserted in the bracket, which will help re-tension the blinds. Then slide the end of the blind back into the bracket, thereby restoring the tension of the blinds. You will now be able to open and lift the blind seamlessly.
Repair Solar Shades

Fixing Roman Blinds

You must have come across these beautiful traditional-styled blinds in many homes. They stack evenly unlike other blinds, creating a wonderful and sleek appearance with their folds. Mostly used for styling your windows, they are also great at insulating your room with their blackout materials, besides creating a fabulous glow inside when they boast of lightweight, light filtering materials.

However, there may be times when your Roman shades won’t stay up. To fix this issue, check the reverse side of the blind for strings. If any of them have come out of the loops of fabric generally attached at the back portion of the shade, you need to re-thread them into the loops again. You need to examine every loop to ensure that they are sewn together to the shade. Sew any back into place that is not attached to the shade. The pulley system also needs to be checked thoroughly to ensure that the string is threaded around the system. Place the string back into the pulley if it has come off, and then pull it to lift the blinds. Tie a large knot at the end of the string when the shade is raised right till the top. The knot must be large enough so that it does not slip through the plastic circle.

Why Do My Blinds Not Open?

Getting to understand the mechanism of the blinds, first and foremost, is essential. Do not leave everything to the manufacturer and the professional that they send your home. Besides supervising, it is important for you to ask the right questions at the right juncture to thoroughly understand the installation procedure. Here are a few reasons why your blinds do not go up.

1. The motor may have to be reset: For the blinds to function properly, the internal motor that keeps them functioning has to be reset from time to time. These contain motor springs which retract when they are lifted.

2. Tangled ribbons: The ribbons that are placed on the inside of the blinds may get tangled among one another, affecting their movement and rarely causing them to malfunction.

3. When The Blinds Are Opened For Too Long: When the blinds are placed in the up position for longer than desired, the lift may face problems in operating. This applies especially to cordless shades as they can lose tension

4. Manufacturing Defects: A thorough and effective research for the right brand is essential if you do not wish to face problems later on. Go for brands offering a warranty period worth at least a few years, so you could get them fixed at practically no cost. Brands such as Graber and Crown are top window treatment brands that have a limited lifetime warranty, so you must go for them. Besides offering top quality window treatments of different kinds, they have a reliable and effective customer service to tend to defect-related issues in an effective and timely manner.

5. Climatic Conditions: When the blinds are exposed to heat, humidity, and rain for too long, they may develop cracks or expand, thus bending themselves out of shape. This may prevent them from closing or opening properly.

Final note: There are different sets of instructions to be followed for different window treatments if you face troubles in opening and closing them. It is essential that you first understand the setup of your window treatments, and then work on these instructions. Do not force your way through, and don’t be rough with them. Above all, clean and maintain them regularly so that they end up being a sound investment.