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Get Blinds Made Of Real Woods And Natural Materials For An Eco-Friendly Decor

Get Blinds Made Of Real Woods And Natural Materials For An Eco Friendly Decor

A designer friend had once told me the importance of getting stuff made of natural materials for my home. I never used to take these things seriously, unless someone pointed out how I inadvertently put so many things to waste every day. From kitchen items like polybags and metal cans to paper from the study, there was a lot of trash that escaped by the house every morning. So I got into the process of recycling and got furniture made of natural wood for my living room. Lately, I realized that it’s not just the furniture or recycled items that I could use in the house. My window treatments required a makeover, so I had a pertinent thought: why not bring natural wood treatments for my windows? That would not only contribute to the environment but also get me a sleek option of dressing up my windows. Once I had set them up, I could show it off to my friends, and get a pat on the back from my family. It was a smart move. And I’m here to tell you how it has helped me.

The Importance Of Natural Wood Treatments

There are multiple window treatments in the market that make use of artificial substances that are harmful for your indoors, releasing toxic substances in the air that may give rise to several allergies and make the indoor air polluted. This usually happens when the makers have no regard for the environment. This has made wooden treatments necessary in homes across the globe. Besides the natural materials used in their construction, these treatments have several other advantages that you might initially not even be aware of. These are what we are here to discuss, and you might do well to own such treatments. So here are the benefits.

A Sleek and Attractive Appearance

Take a close look at the objects in your home that are made from real wood. The first thing you will notice is a textured flourish that appears in even solid surfaces of beds and tables, chairs and sofas. It is this look that gives the furniture pieces their true character, something that simply cannot be replicated in other artificial stuff. Now imagine how good your wooden blinds will be when they are installed next to the wall. So while other window shades and blinds do come up with various designs, patterns and stripes, none can quite replicate the aesthetic quality of wood. It gives out a naturally luxurious vibe, which is why these treatments are so common in rich people’s homes.
Horizon Natural Woven Wood Shades

Wood Is A Natural Insulator

We’ve heard many blinds boast of the sturdiness factor of their shades, making tall promises on why their shades can provide great value for money once you make your purchase. Wood, however, is one material that can beat other materials hollow when it comes to offering protection against all kinds of extreme weather. Think about the countryside cabins, in areas closer to polar regions. Since time immemorial, these were built from real wood, keeping the homeowners warm and cozy at all times. Wood prevents the warm air from escaping through the windows, and its sturdy construction ensures that every iota of space on the windows is utilized, leaving no scope of outside winds to come in. Thanks to this feature, you need not resort to using heaters during winters and air conditioners during winters, thereby substantially bringing down your energy bills.
Natural Bamboo Shades

Great For Recycling

You may find several items of use in your house that you hadn’t had to purchase separately from the market. And this we can guarantee, the most recyclable product in any given home is wood. So when your furniture begins to crack at the sides and makes sitting or holding things on it difficult, take a saw and build something else of use from it. The furniture may, thus, also be used to construct stolid window coverings that may last you another decade if you know which ones suit you best. You can customize your preferences and build different sized slats from it. You can also build something of relevance from your old wooden window treatments if they have been exposed to moisture for far too long. The point is, wood simply should not be thrown away after use. Their materials can easily be reused or recycled.

Extended Strength and Privacy

There are window coverings that may work out just fine if you know how to take care of them over time. However, some of them may break easily when someone puts in the effort. This is why some people prefer securing their window spaces instead with sturdy window coverings that do not compromise on your safety. And quite frankly, wood is a solid material that works out extremely well for the purpose. Their slats prevent the outsiders from getting a good look inside the home.
Woven Shades for bay Window

Adjustable Slats

The best thing about wooden shutters is their slats, perfect for adjusting the treatments and easily tilted at any angle to allow as much light filtering and privacy as you desire. Depending upon your preference, these slats are available in varied sizes. They can be as slim as 1 inch to as thick as 3-3.5 inches. Besides, they can be used in multiple control options. The tried-and-tested continuous cord-loop system allows you to move them from time to time throughout the day, watching whosoever passes by your garden or anyone at the front gate. Other than this, you have them in cordless and motorized options, where they can be adjusted by a single touch without any need for cords, or through a remote or a smartphone for ultimate convenience.
Wooden Plantation Shutters

Materials Other Than Wood

Wood is not the only one; there are other materials used in the construction of natural shades, including bamboo, jute and grass. These are used to create pleated and woven shades, which lend a good amount of illumination to your living space. They not only give a unique and sophisticated touch to your room but also contribute towards making your surroundings natural and environment friendly. Bring in some indoor plants, and you will have a home in the lap of nature.

Window Shades By Graber

Graber uses the latest technology and adherence to quality standards in coming up with top-of-the-line natural window shades. These are available in a wide variety of color options such as Lipo Ambrosia, Revelry Birdnest, Chencun White and Majian Toffee. Besides boasting of both light-filtering and opaque materials, these shades can be installed easily and can be easily cleaned through dusting, vacuuming and soil removal. Graber is also one brand where window shades are available in varied control options. While a standard cord lift is still applicable in modern homes, we recommend going for cordless and motorized options for enhanced safety for kids and pets and against burglary.

Final note: Blinds made of real wood and natural materials such as jute, bamboo and grass are here to stay. They add elegance and a natural and pleasant vibe to your homes, besides being long-lasting and easily recyclable. They contribute positively to the environment and keep the indoor air clean and non-toxic.