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How to Choose Blinds for Recessed Windows Like a Pro|ZebraBlinds

What is a recessed window?

A recessed window resembles an alcove. It is a window fixed into a sunken area, where there is a large space between the wall and the glass of the window itself. Recessed windows are often flush with the external wall of the property, rather than the interior.

Recessed Window
Recessed windows most often appear as window seats or attic insets. They can use all kinds of drapery treatments, though tension rods mounted between the walls of the recess are the most convenient hardware choice.

Fitting Blinds for Deep recessed windows

Deep recessed windows help transform the perceived wall thicknesses and frame the surrounding landscape.Besides opening the room to views and daylight, recessed windows are designed to help reduce the temperature of the room.

Recess Measurement of a window

Decide if you want to fit your blinds inside or outside the recess.

If you want to fit the blind inside the recess, take 6 measurements:

How to measure recessed windows

  • 3X Width measurements (one at the top, middle, and bottom).
  • 3X Height measurements (left, middle and right).


The blind fit within the window recess will be of the same size as the window. The window area will be filled by the blind. The blind that is fitted outside of the recess is normally referred to as an outside mount. This is attached to the wall that is above the window, covering the window and part of the wall on either side of the recess.

How to make a recessed window look beautiful

We can use all kinds of window treatments such as shades, blinds, and curtains in order to protect the home from sunlight and decorate it accordingly. Also one of the modern trends is to combine two type of shades blinds or shades with draperies and curtains to get a more occupied look to your windows.

    1. Hanging roman shades outside the window recess

      Roman Shades recessed windows
      The purpose of installing a blind is to prevent light from penetrating in the room and to create privacy.The following are the various advantages of hanging a roman shade outside the window.

      • Roman shades are easy to fit outside the window.
      • They allow increased light into the room.
      • Flexibility in choosing the size is greater when the shades are hung outside.
      • Less chances for the fabric to fade.
      • When the blind is drawn or fully down, it can block out more light.
      • An outside mount allows the roman shade to shape the window, giving an elegant look.
      • Items can be placed on the window sill without being disturbed by the shade.


    1. Recessed Window Curtains

      Recessed Window Curtains
      Window Curtains are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home décor. Dress the windows in your rooms with beautiful curtains and drapes.

      While often the last thing to think of when remodeling your home, window curtains are probably the most fun because of the variety of choices. Choose the right one to fit your needs and your style.

      Window dressings serve a number of functions, from drawing together an interior style to blocking sunlight and creating a sense of privacy. Enhance the beauty of your recessed windows by decorating them with curtains and drapes.
  • Play With Patterns

You can select the different fabrics and patterns available and give a completely different new look to your windows and your home.
The following are a few illustrations of how you can decorate your recessed windows using the curtains.

Draperies on recessed windows on recessed windows 

  1. Hanging roller shades outside your windows

    Hanging roller shades as an outside mount provides you similar advantages that the roman shades provide. They are easy to fit outside the window, allowing increased light into the room. There also exists more flexibility in choosing the size when using an outside mount. There is less chance for the fabric to fade. However, roller shades come with the advantage of easy operation.


Shades For Windows With No Recess

There are a wide variety of blinds that can be used for windows with no recess. Here are a few:

  1. Cellular Shades
    Cellular shades for Non recessed windows
    For windows with no recess, cellular blinds offer clean style and durability, as well as great insulation. Cellular shades also called honeycomb shades. These shades are made up of a soft cloth-like material. Like most shades, cellular has a variety of fabrics for letting light in, or for blocking out light completely.
  2. Roller Shades
    Roller shades for Non recessed windows
    Roller shades are made of one piece of continuous fabric that rolls up and is mounted on a pole and operated with a chain or spring mechanism. These shades are the most versatile types of window furnishings available. Black out roller shades can resist up to 97% of harmful UV radiation, making your home safe from the sun and minimizing fading of your furniture.
  3. Faux Wood Blinds
    Faux wood blinds for Non recessed windows
    These are made of a composite wood material or PVC and vinyl material. Faux wood can be considered as a less expensive choice than natural wood.
  4. Wooden Blinds
    Wooden blinds for Non recessed windows
    Wooden blinds are also known as Venetian blinds. They consist of a number of horizontal wooden slats that are joined together by corded pulleys. The mechanism can either gather all the slats at the top of the window to reveal the view or simply angle the slats to allow some light to travel through the blind.
  5. Solar shades
    Solar shades for Non recessed windows
    These window coverings are made of tightly-woven sheer materials that work to absorb heat and block out solar rays while allowing you to view outside. They stop ultra violet rays from entering your home and protect your home and furniture from damage. Solar shades are able to reduce heat transmission from outdoors, they may also be useful to reduce the energy costs.

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  1. My mom wants to replace our curtains with blinds. My aunt shared this article with my mom to help her choose the right blinds for our house. It says to play with patterns for a fresh look.

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