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Best Window Covering Ideas for a Large Room

Blinds for Large Windows

Best Blinds for Large Windows – A Different Look

A change in lifestyle entails changes in ways of living. However, lately, what has been observed among people is the increase in purchasing power among the middle class on a global level. People have been investing more in property, vehicles, and vacation to lead a better standard of living.

However, the need for investing in and buying property requires a number of other investments and expenses too. For example, a large house requires buying more items to fill it and more responsibility falls on your shoulders to set it up right. Because even too much empty space can ruin an interior design.

The window spaces should be paired with the right window treatments. They are a gateway into your home and create a solid impression, good or bad, whenever you have anyone visiting. With a number of varied window treatments in different patterns, textures, and colors in the market, the choices are huge. However, a bit of consideration and research is required before you set up your large windows with the correct choice.

This section, however, makes matters more simple for you. For we at ZebraBlinds are here to give you the right advice in booking window blinds that will be the right fit for large rooms. Read below to know more.

Blinds for Large Windows

Having a large window has its own upside: lots of natural light, an unfiltered outside view which you can enjoy from a strategically placed sofa and a space that can make your room look larger than it is. It also draws attention, so there’s plenty of scopes to design the space the way you would like. Consider the large window space a gift that you must utilize to its fullest by having the right window treatments.

Create an Unconventional Look

A plain and regular blind may give a dull appearance, and may not fully utilize the benefit of having a large space. Therefore, you must add a few small touches of your own. For starters, you can have the wall beside painted with bright colors or draw small floral or design patterns. Get a visual artist to do that for you. You may also have a shelf constructed with small flower pots lining up on it before you decide to go for a window shade.

Consider the Aesthetics

The window must not be considered separate from its environment. Before choosing, get a mental picture of the blind you would like to install and how it will go with the rest of the room. How about the outdoors? Will the blind go well with the garden overlooking the window. Or do you have a blank wall on the other side? In which direction is the sun at a given time? All these factors are important to mull over.

While Vertical blinds and Venetian blinds are most commonly preferred for large windows, their texture and design choices have a lot to do with the wall colors and the kind of furniture and flooring in the room.

Get Some Privacy

If you are one of those people who prefer their solitude over the company of others on any weekend, you can visit ZebraBlinds to seek information on some of the best roller blinds in the market. You may choose those with lower openness percentages or blackout material that ensure minimal sunlight enters your home. Because of their customizable size options and superior brands such as Graber and Crown boasting of varied design choices, they can be easily installed on large windows by the help of a professional.

Focus on Areas Other Than the Window

A bay window has a sitting area to read or just watch the rain and droplets form on the surface. You can add cushion covers and cozy up to the area. You can also get grills added to lend a stylistic addition to the window.

A Mix of Window Treatments


Aluminum Venetian Blinds


Matchstick, aluminum and Venetian blinds are all good choices with a minimal touch and may go exceedingly well with a number of color patterns and design schemes of your room. But sometimes more than one window treatment is necessary, especially when you are dealing with an oversized or bay window. The grandeur of oversized drapes is a good option for such windows, where you can exercise control on blinds while having the edges taken care of with drapes that can be kept open unless you wish to enjoy a good night’s sleep with minimal disturbance. Their thick materials ensure outside noise is minimized to the greatest extent possible. Go for silk drapes, a material that is time tested to last longer than most other fabrics and provides a lavish touch of luxury and an aura of romance.

For Security Purpose

Glass houses, in particular, are mesmerizing to look at but pose the same security problems as houses with large windows. However, this problem can be easily tackled if you have just the right window treatment for them. Maybe in such cases, we may go beyond the “type” of blinds and focus more on advanced features, motorization in particular. Large windows may easily provide a good peek inside the house to potential burglars, but you can schedule the movements of your shades even when you are not inside the house. With Smart Privacy Blinds and the Z-Wave hubs revolutionizing technology for modern home decor, you can easily ensure privacy for your home. From a different location, you can use your mobile or tab-operated app to control your shades to give an impression that the house is occupied.

For Energy Efficiency


Faux Wood Blinds


Blinds such as wood and faux wood are available in both vertical and horizontal designs and can be customized to a perfect window for all your windows, irrespective of their size. Their sturdy and thick materials manage heat gain and loss perfectly well, ensuring the summers stay cool by preventing hot air from coming inside and avoiding the escape of hot air during winters. This way, they help you lower your air conditioning and electricity bills during all seasons, and their slats can be so adjusted to diffuse the sunlight to maintain a natural glow inside the room. When you need privacy, they can be shut completely.

Consider yourself lucky if you have long and wide windows in your house or even in a particular room. Shopping for the right blinds can be slightly tricky for them, but if you have clarity about the right window treatment, it can be a fun exercise. Large windows have the obvious advantages of letting in a copious amount of sunlight and an opportunity to enjoy the outside view. These advantages deserve the service of a window covering option that makes the most of them.

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