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How To Dress Your Large Windows – The Best Shade Types and Materials

Blinds For Large Windows

How to Select the Right Blinds for your Large Windows?

It can be difficult to find the right window treatments to cover up large windows that let in a lot of light and that take away our privacy. This blog will surely help you to provide easy to follow and helpful solutions to style up your large windows.

There are many window treatments available in the market like blinds, shades, draperies, and shutters. But, as you’ve probably learned, not all window treatments fit oddly shaped windows.

Specially Designed Blinds for Large Windows

One tip you must follow to bring out the best design, irrespective of the choice of window covering, is to measure accurately for a neat finishing. The window needs to be perfectly measured. The right finishing of the window coverings brings the beauty of the window decor. So, be specific and particular about the measurement of the window.

Roller Solar Shades for Extra Wide Window Blinds


Roller Solar Shades


Roller window blinds give a fine and finished look for your bay windows. When rolled up to a level, they look very neat. You can choose the best designs and color of roller blinds that suits your home decor and make your bay window door stand beautifully amongst all other windows. With the design pattern of the roller windows, you choose you can create any beautiful theme from classical to contemporary. As roller shades are available in many types of colors and pattern choices, the right choice definitely helps you get the best look for your home.

Blinds for French Doors



Blinds and Shades for French Doors


French doors are sometimes really difficult to dress. With the right choice of window dressing, you will be able to showcase the beauty of the French doors while controlling the amount of light entering through the French door.  French doors are large and wide, so go for cellular shades. Cellular window shades stand as the best blinds for large doors and windows as they are great for insulation. The cellular window shades look great on your windows and make your home energy efficient.

Custom Made Plantation Shutters to Elevate Your Home Design


Custom Plantation Shutters


Another option for dressing up the odd shaped windows is the custom window shutters. Shutters give a traditional look to your windows and they create a real style statement to your home.

They really enhance the beauty of your home as well as the window. If you have a beautiful porch space in front of your home, shutters can be fully opened to offer a fabulous view to enjoy the beauty of your garden. The unique style of the shutters gives your home the most stylish and sleek look. They really enhance the beauty of a large window without taking away the features of a large window that we enjoy.

Enhance the Beauty of the Bay Windows by Picking up the Ideal Window Coverings

Bay windows look beautiful but are challenging to dress up. Venation blinds are a good choice for dressing up the bay windows. They are strong and sturdy. They offer light control, privacy, insulation as well as aesthetics. They provide your home with all the comforts that a window treatment could give and they are long lasting too.

Choose the Perfect Blinds for High Windows

If you have got high windows in your home, install motorized blinds as they can be controlled without having to reach up. The issue with hard-to-reach blinds is finding the right control type that lets you adjust them, and motorized remote controls are the perfect solution.

Hanging Curtains Over the Existing Window Treatments


Window Curtains


Curtains give a gorgeous look to any home. For the large and high windows, you can also hang the curtains from the ceiling and give your home a dramatic look and a luxurious design. If you have got a beautiful view through these windows, the curtains can be pulled over to close the view or keep them open to enjoy the view. They add privacy and insulation to your home.

Roman Window Shades for Odd Shaped Windows


Roman Window Shades


Fabric roman shades add softness to the complete look of your home and make your odd shaped windows stand out beautifully. As the large windows allow a lot of light and outside weathers to affect your spaces, the fabric roman window treatments perform a beautiful job in blocking down the harsh light and offer you insulation as well as desired light control. They also provide privacy within your spaces and make you feel comfortable. You can add a real sense of drama to your odd shaped windows by styling them with the gorgeous fabric roman shades.

Style up Your Patio Sliding Doors with Blinds


Patio Sliding Door Blinds


If you have got patio sliding glass doors, install the versatile and stylish vertical window blinds. They are extremely flexible and help you create your desired design on your windows.

You can also choose the beautiful sheer vertical blinds for your sliding glass doors as they help you bring out the best design for your home and a beautiful ambiance to your spaces.

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