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Noise Cancelling Window Treatments That Let Your Child Sleep Peacefully

Blinds For Kids Room

Blinds for Kids Room – Window Treatments That Let Your Child Sleep Peacefully

Every moment of our life is spent on making or doing things that bring us comfort. Our convenience and peace of mind are ultimately what we strive for in anything we do, be it our job or in maintaining a personal relationship. Naturally, there are corporations and scientists that work every day to make the world a better place. With the era of smartphones and every single thing being available on our mobile devices, the era of social media that has made the world a globally-connected and better place.

And with the increased convenience of technology, we have added comfort in our own homes. Now you do not even need to move an inch and just use the power of your voice to create to-do shopping lists and control home products.

When it comes to smart devices, the world of window treatments isn’t far behind. The Z-wave blinds have made automated treatments available at the tips of your fingers where you can use motorized options to tilt, lower or open your home window blinds.

Blinds for Kids Room

However, let us get back to some of our basics first. Technology-enabled handsets, computer screens, and other gadgets are fine, but sometimes good old-fashioned things are necessary too to bring the necessary balance in our lives. In this section, we list some of the best noise canceling blinds for kids’ rooms that help dampen noise and let your kids sleep in comfort.

1) Good old shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

Ultimately, what we need in our house is blinds that are sturdy, and do not draw the attention of kids with any ugly, dangling cords that he or she may feel tempted to pull or twist out of shape. Plantation Shutters, be it wood, faux wood, aluminum or vinyl, are one of the best window treatments you can spend money on that will last you for a good number of years to come. You can choose their slat size depending on how much light you want inside. They are also one of the most effective options if you want child proof blinds to keep your child safe and protected from the harsh effects of the weather. Many non-wood shutters, mostly faux wood, vinyl, and PVC, are designed with moisture resistant material that also keeps dust and dirt away.

2) Traditional curtains work like magic

Room Darkening Curtains

You might think that the cord system in most curtains is not going to be safe for your kids. Worry not, as you can have them customized according to your liking, and that includes surfing the web for the right cordless curtains that bring a perfect mix of the traditional with the contemporary. Even some of the lighter curtains can come with an additional layer of sound absorbing material that helps protect your kid when he is sleeping peacefully.

When you are buying curtains for your kid’s room, ensure you choose silk, velvet, raw silk, polyester, or even ones made of acoustic foams that are used in recording studios and conference rooms. These are some of the best room darkening and noise reduction curtains.

3) Vertical blinds

Vertical Window Blinds

The biggest advantage with vertical blinds is that they do not accumulate dirt and dust because of their structure. This makes them safe to use in your children’s bedroom as they will stay clean and not trigger allergies. They are also available in various cord control options, with a cordless feature being one of them. Also available in a palette of colors and fabric options, they can bring the much-needed solitude to a room which gets an ample amount of exposure to sunlight.

4) Aluminum Venetian blinds

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are known for their sleek design and user-friendliness that makes them ubiquitous to use across homes, offices and commercial spaces. Easily customizable and simple to install, they can be easily maintained and can last long enough to become good value-for-money investments. They can be of different materials, including aluminum, wood, and bamboo. With their contemporary design, they are rather good options to upgrade the beauty of your home.

You must, however, be well-prepared before choosing the right Venetian blinds for your home. They come in varied slat sizes, so they can be heavy or light in weight depending on the materials you choose. If you are looking for blinds that let your kid sleep without interruption from any vehicle honking outside the window or people talking loudly in the streets, we suggest you go for thicker fabrics.

Lightweight Venetian blinds are made from thin materials which are best used for light diffusion, and they are not the best bet when you are looking for noise canceling features. If you are installing them in your kids’ bedroom, you must ensure they are cordless or come with motorized features.

To conclude, you can go for any of the noise-canceling window blinds as suggested by us to ensure your kid’s sleep in peace and quiet when they are in place. Naturally, you must do your own research before buying them. Brands such as Norman and Graber have been in the business for quite some time and can provide you with a lot of customized options to choose from. However, a lot depends on the climate your place faces throughout the year, the size of the windows in your kid’s room, and in which direction it faces.

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