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How to Get Perfectly Sized Window Treatments For Your Large Windows

Blinds For French Doors Ideas

Different Blinds For French Doors Ideas


Are your Bay Windows, Palladian windows, and French doors becoming problem areas to dress up? Here are some ideas on how to get perfectly sized window treatments for large windows.

While you can use similar treatments for Bay Windows and Palladian windows, French doors can become a slightly tricky situation. With the doorknob right in the center, it can make most treatments difficult to install. Here are some customizable window coverings for you to get the proper coverings on your favorite large windows or doors on your home.


Wood Blinds/ Faux Wood Blinds


Custom Faux Wood Blinds


Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds offer a rustic and natural vibe to your living space without hampering or changing the ambiance too deeply. They offer the warmth that elevates your space a notch higher. Faux Wood Blinds are sturdy and durable, making them well suited for humid areas like coastal regions as blinds for French doors ideas.

Hold down brackets ensure that the blinds are secured at the bottom of the door for a smoother and noiseless functioning. An outside mount makes a bold statement while giving you complete light control and privacy. Choose between cordless and motorized option for a complete hassle free operation for window treatments for French doors to patio ideas.


Cellular Shades


Cellular Honeycomb Shades


Cellular shades are a modern option for French doors as they are one of the best heat insulators. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency and keeping the temperature comfortable in the rooms makes them ideal for extreme weathers. Because of the design features, these shades can be easily customized to fit into a French Door by placing them behind the door handles hence ensuring complete functionality of your door.

Options for light filtering or complete blackout shades make this a highly favored option. Light filtering cellular shades give a warm feeling to a room while blocking out the harmful UV rays. Blackout cellular shades completely block out the sun’s rays ensuring you have a dark undisturbed ambiance with these blinds for French doors ideas.



Curtains are a popular option to get privacy without spoiling the decor of a room. Choose from countless options that can combine well with any kind of existing furnishing. Try out lighter neutral shades on French doors as they lend an airy and refreshing look to the room. Installing them above the door ensures a non-messy and uncluttered look with the easy function of the door. In case you have a budget in mind then look at curtains that are without lining and light filtering options. For heavier drapes, choose from medium to heavy material for a partial to complete blackout of light.

Look at combining curtains with other window blinds for French doors ideas. Natural blinds like bamboo blinds or shutters enhance a window when layered with curtains. You can decorate these blinds with patterns and colors of a curtain that brings out the texture clearly. A double-layered French window is bound to highlight your living space and become the talking point of your home.


Fabric Roman Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


These shades instantly transform the ambiance of any room. When used over French doors they are an elegant and sophisticated spot. They drape beautifully over doors enabling you to create a well-designed area in a room. Available in in-numerous styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics these are all-season blinds for French doors ideas you would like to go with.


Choose from four different folds;

  • Classic – Every pleat folds neatly at the top concealing any kind of hardware that you might decide to go with. They are flatter than any other style available in Roman Shades.


  • European – The sides of the shades curve upwards when raised. This action softens the entire look as the fabric gathers in random soft folds. The flexibility of this style lends itself beautifully to any fabric and pattern. From heavyweight prints and textures to lightweight ones. Small tack stitches are used to attach the cord rings that are visible on the face of the shade. Ideally, this style should be pulled up fully and left in a place for a few days so as to ensure you create “pleat memory” and voila! you have the most pretty looking Roman shade on your French Door.


  • Flat – Also known as a Plain style is a soft flowing shade that lies flat and has a gentle decorative curve at the bottom. A structured contemporary look with minimal dressing just about completes the picture. Pockets on the reverse of the shade create pleats that look great with any fabric.


  • Hobbled – The soft folds remain unhampered even when lowered. The folds are supported by the rod at the back of each fold. The soft glow of this style is created by hobbling the face fabric onto the lining at regular intervals. This creates a cascading soft fold at regular intervals. Realizable in all kinds of fabrics from full-bodied to softer more lightweight ones. Best achieved in plain colors.

We hope with our window treatments for French doors to patio ideas, you have gathered tips and ideas on giving your French doors the luxurious treatment they deserve. These ideas can also be doubled up as roll-up blinds for porch ideas. Any French door window treatment idea is best adapted when you have a few basic parameters on your checklist ticked away;

  • Function

  • Styles

  • Lift type

  • Placement

  • Budget

Clearly answering the above will help you identify the best-suited blinds for French doors. You can also reach out to our experts to help you finally decide on the right window treatments for French doors to a patio. We would be happy to hear from you. Order your free samples now online at ZebraBlinds!

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