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What Kind of Blinds Should I Install for Bay Windows?

Blinds For Bay Window Designs

Blinds for Bay Window Designs – Know What Kind of Blinds Should I Install


One of the most popular and classy window designs that homeowners have for their window spaces are bay windows. They include a tall and large window flanked by thinner, rectangular and smaller windows on either side to create a trapezium type of look. This lends an inimitable style to any home. People generally line the bay windows with a wide sill to relax, sip coffee or read and book while simultaneously enjoying the weather outside.

Bay windows are undoubtedly a beautiful addition to any home. However, poor window blinds or dull curtains can spoil their look. It is, hence, our responsibility to choose the best possible shades for these windows. Because when accompanied by the right dressing ideas, bay windows will add a great finishing touch which will be coveted by every visitor and even the harshest critic.


Blinds for Bay Window Designs

For the right blinds for bay windows, you must not only focus on the attractiveness. While it is undoubtedly one of the primary requirements why we set up our homes in the first place, going for something which is not suited to your environment may ultimately prove to be a liability that you are better off without. Be absolutely certain before choosing them, and also consider their shape when zeroing in on the right one.


1) Roman Blinds


Roman Shades for Bay Windows


Roman blinds are one of our most favorite blinds, and they are preferred by many people across the globe. The reasons are many. Their perfect amalgamation of traditional touch and a contemporary design works wonders for your house as you can have any kind of textures or designs on them. Choose from a variety of fabrics to ensure your house is cozy and protected. For darkening the room and keeping the natural light away, you can have fabrics insulated with a thicker layer. On the other hand, you can choose cotton and lace materials if the light diffuser is your preference.


2) Solar Blinds


Solar Shades for Bay Windows


The classic solar blinds can be as stylish as any other blinds, but what really works for them on a bay window is their construction. They easily roll onto their sturdy rollers, and when they are closed, they occupy a minimal amount of space, allowing you to use it for keeping furniture or any other items. They are great at preserving the view even when they are fully open, and they provide your house with natural sunlight without bothering you with their harmful UV rays which are blocked by their UV and glare-resistant material.


3) Vertical Blinds


Vertical Blinds for Bay Windows


Vertical blinds are just the right choice for you when you wish to achieve a great balance of privacy and light control. They can be easily controlled by your fingertips and can be installed on the panel tracks to fit the entire window. The slats on these shades can also be tilted or angled for the purpose of allowing in a bit of sunlight.


4) Woven Wood Shades


Woven Wood Shades for Bay Windows


Woven wood shades are made of natural materials such as grass, reeds, and bamboo to create a natural look for your home. They lend an aura of sophistication and class while also allowing you to go environment-friendly. At Hunter Douglas, the Provenance Woven Wood Shades are also available with the Top Down Bottom Up design option that gives you greater light control. From contemporary to coastal or Mediterranean, these shades can work really well with any kind of decor.


5) Normandy Norman Wood Shutters


Normandy Shutters


A brand known for its well-constructed and reliable shutters, Norman is your go-to option for buying the ideal window treatments. Their range of Normandy shutters are no exception, and they provide a lustrous look beside giving your indoor space a soothing feel.

Custom made blinds are what you must go for when deciding blinds for bay windows, for the angles and the sizes of all three windows may vary greatly. Shutters, solar blinds, Roman shades, vertical blinds, and natural woven woods are our preferred choice for such windows, and we suggest you decide the suitable color that fits and complements the hues in your room.

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