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Blinds for When You Need a Dark Room on a Sunny Day

Blinds for Dark Room

We love the sun, we enjoy basking in it, we enjoy feeling it upon our skin, and we even use it as a power source. But even something as delightful as the sun’s rays can be unwelcome given that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause us some serious health and skin problems. Sure, you can avoid overexposure by relaxing in your home but you’re sure to suffer many sleepless afternoons because of the sun streaming in through your windows. But before you make a deal with a devil for a room with more shade, there may be some other deal-makers (Zebra blinds, for instance) who may be able to offer you something at a far cheaper price.

If you’re looking for simple ways to darken your room without covering up the window, then you’ve come to the right place for a solution. We’re going to tell what blinds or shades you can use to plunge your room into the shade or even into almost complete darkness.

Vertical Blinds:
Vertical blinds have some very interesting properties. On one hand, they’re capable of being sized to fit any window (especially those huge windows). On the other hand, their adjustable slats are capable of blocking out most of the sun or only partially based on your requirements. These blinds can turn your room a darker shade in all but the hottest of sunlight. They do not get dusty the same way horizontal window binds do, the slats do not gather excessive dust. However, vertical blinds have an issue where the bottom can sweep up dust and dirt from the floor if long enough, dirtying the base of the blinds.
Vertical blinds come in many materials and made from high-grade woven fabric come in very attractive designs.
Vertical Cellular Shades

Shutters in the sun:
Shutters are a solid solution to keep the sun out of your home. In addition to being durable, the slats can also be adjusted to block out all the sunlight, plunging your room into darkness. If you’re someone who enjoys sunlight from time to time, then the shutters will help with that. Although shutters can allow the sunlight through, they will not be able to make your room as sunny as it used to be (you’ll have to open them fully for that). Interior shutters use far more space given their opening radius, this means you’ll lose valuable furniture space so be sure to plan accordingly.

Shutters come in wood, metal, and plastic so feel free to consider all three choices before you get one. Wooden shutters are timeless classics and do a spectacular job of keeping the sun out of your room. Their designs require very little change over time because of how well they work and how amazing they look. Blackout blinds are also heavier which means you’ll need a sturdier base to fit a good set that will keep out the sun as you need it to. It’s also important to note that while Blackout blinds do enable you to sleep, too much day-napping might turn you into a vampire.
Custom Window Shutters
Blackout blinds:
If you need (and we mean NEED) the darkness, then there are few window treatments that will suit you more perfectly than the blackout blinds. Taken from their very function, the name blackout window coverings are given to these blinds precisely because they are very effective in blocking out the sun, leaving you in darkness. These blinds most often come in the roller shade or cellular shade variety. Blackout blinds can be installed almost anywhere but it is preferable to use them where you would like to have the least amount of sun beating down on your face. You could have a nice dark afternoon at home even when you’re faced with the brightest of sunny days. However, the blackout shadings do take “blackout” very seriously. Blackout blinds are an all or nothing option, if you pull the blackout blinds down then you can be sure that you will get nothing but darkness. It’s either darkness or light, you’ll have to make your choice. When you choose blackout blinds make sure to get side channels to cover any light gaps.
Blackout Blinds and Shades
In conclusion:
We understand the need for homes with more shade. The sun is a source of ultraviolet radiation among other things and is a known carcinogen. Blinds help us keep ourselves safe while also protecting our furniture. Overexposure to UV rays will easily dull your furniture far faster than it would through normal wear and tear. So if you’re looking for a way to curb that summer heat, then insulating blinds might just be the ideal solution for you!

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