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Christmas Traffic Safety Tips

With Christmas comes the crowds, and I don’t mean the crowds at the mall or the streets. Every year my house is packed to the brim with family and friends, and third cousins twice removed, and more. So much so I have way too many women in my kitchen, way too many children running around, and way too many people yelling at my little T.V. Last year was especially horrendous as one of the kids decided to hide behind my curtain in their game. A fight breaks out over the hiding spot and my curtains, rod, decorations, and all came tumbling down. If that wasn’t hectic enough, I spent most of my time averting crisis between my dog and the Christmas tree, and the turkey and my mother. Least to say, this year I’m arming up in all sorts of defences.

 First, the all sacred Christmas tree. To ensure some space and stability between it at the trampling and shoving family, I have anchored my tree. Instead of using the same old stand, I will be putting the tree into a large garden pot and using some pebbles to keep it anchored, steady, and safe. I have also moved the tree to the corner of the living room. Tip: Put the tree next to the window, you get great light in the morning shining of the ornaments and at night your tree stands warm against the cold window. This also serves as an extra protection for your window treatments as not many people are partial to reach around the tree to mess with them.

 The next one is for all of you out there with curtains and window decor for Christmas. I love Christmas decor and am always trying to find new ideas for the window. One Martha Steward idea that I think would be the perfect compliment for those soft draperies is the Doily Snowflakes. Basically, you need some of those vintage doilies with delicate patterns and some fabric stiffener. You let the doilies just soak in some of the stiffener and then let it dry. Then you can string them up, I’m planning to use the curtain rod as the anchor for mine. For making sure it’s safe from the hectic crowds, I am keeping the strings short so that the decor hangs high, far away from little fingers. And, for the safety of my curtain, I am using cords and little wall hooks to keep the drapes to the side in a beautiful curve.

 Next for the blinds with the cords. Many blinds these days do come with a cordless or motorized option. They have motors that respond to a remote, making the blinds or shades go up and down seamlessly. As I cannot just get brand new blinds for the occasion, I am getting some child proof locks for the cords. These are simple mechanisms that usually come in two pieces. Basically, you gather up all the extra cord and snap it in between the two pieces. This way you can keep the cords at easy adult height, far away from little fingers, and it cleans up the mess of uneven cords all of over the floor.

 Other things to consider is to make sure you don’t have Christmas lights weaving in between your window treatment and the plug for the light hanging close to the floor. Instead opt to get the battery powered lights that don’t have plugs winding down to the floor. Another option would be to get some flameless candles and to use some double sided tape to keep them taped to the window frame. No mess, no wires, and no potential disasters with your window treatments.

 Shutters can be a lot more safer option with children and animals around. They are sturdy and can be locked to the window frame. You can even let light in by opening the slats without having to unlock the shutter from the window frame. These are a great option to consider if you’re in the market for window treatments. They are also a lot easier to clean, especially the faux wood and wood kinds. My in-laws are forever raving about them, and I have seen my mother-in-law use one of those Swiffer dusters to wipe the slats clean. Thus, shutters are definitely something to consider when shopping for window treatments (they are my dream window treatments).

 Well, those are all the secrets I have got for Christmas traffic control. Oh, oops in that ruckus I forgot to tell you another thing you could do. Don’t Host The Party. I hear it’s the best method out there. (Oh, only if life was that easy). Anyways, if I think of new ones like how to handle crazy uncle Ernie, or to keep the turkey from over cooking I’ll try to get it out to you. In return, I hope one of you can tell me the secret to keeping everybody (especially the in-laws and parents) happy at the same time. I’d really appreciate it.

 Dear readers have fun, love lots, eat more and be ever Merry this Christmas. And A Happy New Year as well. Good Luck folks!

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