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10 Decorative Print Ideas for Your Window Treatments

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Blinds and Shades – Window Dressing Ideas

Have you ever wondered what defines taste? Or what appears aesthetically pleasing to you which others might not find good? Suppose it all boils down to taste. When we scour the market to find a product of our choice, be it a phone case, a car, a laptop, or even a dishwasher, its appeal is largely dependent on its looks, apart from the features it possesses.

Naturally, the window dressing ideas brewing up in our heads have a lot to do with their designs, textures, and prints. It’s 2019, and prints that might have seemed out of place on your window treatments last decade or so are pretty much in style today. While features are important, let us dedicate this section to find out the trending and decorative print ideas for your curtains and shades.

Window Blinds and Shades Prints


Printed Window Blinds and Shades


There’s no single type of print that will look universally good on all types of window blinds. You can expect a graphic print that looks good on bathroom curtains to have the same appeal if it is there on cellular shades in the living room. But while we are listing down the best decorative print ideas, we’d also let you know which window shades to buy.

  • Aztec Print

Aztec prints are tribal-inspired prints that originated in Mexico. They are especially popular among the new generation and can be especially attractive on tops, dresses, handbags and even flat shoes or pumps. They can look good on curtains and fabric valances, and you may also have roman shades in these prints. They are an ensemble of chevrons, stripes, geometric and graphic shapes, and their funky and chic demeanor will infuse life in your room.

  • Graphic Print

A graphic print or design will usually contain a photograph-like image on a surface and may contain anything from beautiful scenery to the portrait of a celebrity, a pop culture icon, an animal, flower, or an object. Graphic prints on curtains can divert all attention towards a room and may be set up in a room which complements the look of the curtain. Graphic prints are not exactly subtle, so ensure you have the taste for them before going ahead with them.

  • Comic Print


Printed Curtains


If you have a penchant for watching animation flicks or have a personal favorite in comic characters, you can decide to go for such prints in curtains. They offer a unique and unconventional vibe to your room. Alternatively, they can be a pretty good choice for windows in nurseries or in your kids’ bedrooms. Watch their smiles go wide once their space is set up with the cute prints and quirky designs of these shades.

  • Chevron Prints

You might recognize a chevron print with their inserted ‘V’ shapes. There are rows of them on a particular surface, and they come in various color combinations, backed by a myriad of different fabrics. They can be used on cotton or polyester materials to design window shades, and their zig-zag patterns are sure to enhance the beauty of your window space. They are one of the easiest prints to recognize, and their fabulous appeal makes them a hot selling option when designed even on a variety of products and apparels.

  • Floral Prints

The reason why many curtains and blinds boast of flower prints is the aesthetic quality they bring to the space and the room in general. Having floral print shades gives a soothing and relaxing feel to the home, and they can work well on a variety of different windows in different locations, whether bedroom, living room, a study or a bathroom. Floral prints also work well on shower curtains.

  • Polka Dot Prints

Polka dots are multiple tiny spots of circular prints that can be found on a variety of clothing. They are especially a woman’s favorite on tops, T-shirts, dresses, and footwear, but they have also become popular on bedsheets, table cloths as well as curtains. They were originally printed on pink dresses, but their immense popularity has had them designed in different colors on different pieces of cloths and materials. They can go along well with any home decor, and they are best suited in bedrooms where their pattern can be replicated on a portion of the corresponding wall for coordination

  • Geometric Prints

These prints can take multiple squares, triangular, circular, oval or rectangular shapes. They are a quirky choice for home decor, but they are preferred by people with a flamboyant taste in home furnishing. It’s better to have these shapes with a contrasting color background so they stick out in their appearance.

  • Tropical Prints

Tropical print clothing is worn by vacationists when they travel to a coastal region filled with palm trees, which is the essence of the design. They usually represent flora from palm trees or the background of a beach and a horizon. In window shades, they can be used when the home is located on a beach or not much far from it. These might put you in a holiday mood, but ensure you have your blinds cover your room properly when the temperatures are high.

  • Colour blocked prints

Colour blocked prints or panels are characterized by contrasting block of colors on a single sheet of cloth and were made popular when they were printed on T-shirts and tops by designers. For a print to qualify as a color block, it needs to have at least two solid colors belonging to different color families on the surface of the fabric. With color-blocked shades, you can experiment with different colors that will complement your room and its peripherals.

  • Plain Solids

Rather than going for prints, you may keep it subtle by not having any design or print on your window shade whatsoever. Keep it minimal, choose one that either complements the wall color or gives it a solid contrast, and gets ready to receive all the compliments coming your way. You do not need to mull over it too much, just go for something that appeals to you personally. Plain solid shades can be found in Romans and can be set up effectively in your bedroom or living room.


In conclusion, the most popular variety of prints comprise a graphic, chevron, Aztec, floral, tropical, geometric, polka dot and tropical. You can also choose those in stripes or monochrome, or have color blocked prints if they suit your style. The wide popularity of prints on window shades makes them available online as well as your nearest store.

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