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Blinds and Shades – How to Make Customization Choices Correctly?

Customize Window Treatments

The option of customization for any product that we consumed has made our lives so easy. We don’t have to mull over choosing one product over the other for long periods of time and we don’t have to choose one benefit of the other. The possibility of compromises that a customer is expected to make while buying something has significantly reduced. It has also made us more flexible with the aesthetic choices that we have to make and has given us the freedom and space to have fun and be as creative as we want to be. It does not restrict us in fashion choices, in styles and colors and so on. And, this is really important, for everyone has a different sense of style and has different ideas of decorating their room and limiting them in any way is unfair. The benefits of customizing your products are endless. You get to choose the fabric and the material that you will use, and you get to maximize the energy efficiency of your window shades. You also get to have more control over the price of the product you are buying and can keep the expenses under your control.

Everyone has different needs, and everyone needs their own kind of products. This is why customization has picked up so well in the market. Some people live in small apartments while others live in wide-open spaces. You can’t expect a single kind of window covering to cover the needs of both these people and everyone in-between. Some have kids in their house and need products that are safe, whereas some have large windows and want an affordable and energy-efficient blind. Some want natural lighting in their house whereas some want to completely black-out shades. It is customization that gives each one of them the ability to choose from a wider spectrum rather than selecting the one or two products that would fall in their category.

Making these choices can also be difficult and someone who does not have sufficient knowledge about the world of window shades and blinds might be intimidated by the enormity of it. They may also get misguided and end up making some mistakes that can easily be avoided. So, we have laid down some tricks that will help you make these choices in a sound manner and maximize the benefits that you can get from this service that is now widely available. These are broad overview points and you may have to mold them to your own requirements and needs and make use of them.
1. Know what you want
Customization works on the basic premise that it will make the products according to what you need. So, you can’t design your product without knowing what your needs and requirements are. If you have contrasting or opposing requirements, prioritize them. Write them down in a list so that if you have to choose one over the other you know which one to pick. Now that you know what your requirements are, it would be a good idea to see what products and features fulfills these requirements. If privacy is the first thing in your priority list, you would not want to install sheer shades, for example. To know what kinds of window treatments serve what purpose, you will have to do some research. There are many blogs and even the customer support of online stores will guide you through this initial process. This will place you on a good and informed footing and you will have a clear head about what you want and what products and materials satisfy those wants. Customization will be a cakewalk then.
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2. Finalize your budget
A problem with customization is that it tends to be misleading and can make you make additions that are unnecessary and expensive. This does not mean that you should steer clear of all suggestions and accessories and keep your products just like you imagined them to be, but having a budget in mind will be beneficial to you and you will find that customization can actually be more affordable. You get to choose the material and the size, allowing you to choose the options that are less expensive and unnecessary to your needs.
3. Start with choosing the material
Window coverings are made from a variety of materials ranging from fabric, synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester, to wood and metal and even plastic and so on. Each of these materials serves different purposes and have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. For example, coverings made from fabrics are very diverse, but they should be handled with care, so they may not be a good idea if you have a pet at home that would claw at them. Similarly, wood is not suitable for places with higher humidity and moisture-prone areas. If you are looking for installing a window shade that allows you to enjoy the view, solar shades and sheer shades are good options. If you want to prioritize looks and appearances in case you are installing them in your living room, curtains and drapes and wooden shades will be a good option. So, with a budget in mind, choose the material that you would want your window treatments to be made from.
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4. Measure the window
A big benefit of customization is that you don’t have to stick to the pre-made sizes and provide your own measurements so that your window coverings are cut-to-size. This gives a very elegant look to your room and makes it organized and trimmed. You can ask the store to send a professional to take the measurements or send your own. However, the store will not be held accountable for the size of the window covering if you send your own measurements. If you are sending your own dimensions, there are a few things to keep in mind. Decide what kind of mount you want for your window. If it is an outside mount, the window covering will hang a bit overhead of the window and if it is inside mount, you will have to mark the dimensions true to the size of the window. If you are ordering curtains and drapes, it is a good idea to take a few extra inches which can be adjusted even at home rather than risk getting a shorter one.
Measuring Window Treatments
5. Have a style in mind
Have an idea of what your room is going to look like and what styles and patterns you are going to follow. The most popular reason to customize blinds is that you have a good range of designs to choose from, but you will only be able to do this efficiently if you have a style in mind. There is a certain theme and pattern that one adheres to and matches and co-ordinates their window coverings with the carpets, the wall paint and the furniture. There is synchronization in which the interior decorations work, and you will make the most out of customization if you have all these things in mind. This gives you the liberty to not restrict yourself to only the available styles, but to also do something on your own and have a house that reflects your personal style rather than a manufactured one. This is where you can fully exercise your creativity while decorating your house.

Customization is both fun and efficient exercise and will give you an experience like no other. The consumer-driven nature of customization has taken the market by storm and is the new norm. Make sure you are careful with your choices and that you take advantage of customization options to choose things that fit your needs and that are within budget.