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5 Simple Tips For Dressing Up Your Palladian Windows During Winters

Blinds And Shades For Palladian Windows

A good old Palladian window flanked with rectangular, comparatively compact windows is the traditional and often effective way to amplify the beauty of your home. While setting up your home with Palladian windows, interior designers to make a point to consider the structure of the house, the color of walls, size of the room, and your own taste in home décor. However, the effectiveness of Palladian windows in large or small apartments also depends on the kind of weather the place experiences through the year.

Blinds And Shades For Palladian Windows

Dressing up Palladian windows can be tricky business. During extreme temperatures, the effects of having large windows in the house or in a room can have counter effects if you do not care enough. There’s always the risk of extreme heat finding its way inside during summers and the house becoming extremely cold during winters. In the latter case, you wouldn’t feel like coming out of your heavy quilt and would constantly have a cup of coffee by your bedside. That doesn’t present a rosy picture, does it?

This section attempts to answer all your queries related to dressing up your large windows suitably during the winter season. The choices may be endless if you start shopping for window treatments. However, getting the right one requires research and comparisons between different choices.

Five Simple Tips for Dressing Up Large Living Room Windows During Winters

Following window coverings are best for homes with Palladian windows, and they come with their own set of features.

1) Using Thermal Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are simple to operate and function in that the fabric is mounted on a steel or wooden roller and then pulled down accordingly. They can be customized according to the size of the window. Hence, they are good options to be used on Palladian windows, offering an amazing amount of style and versatility. Thermal blinds come with an added layer of fabric with insulating properties which blocks cold drafts of windows from entering the living room and preventing heat from escaping outside. However, you need to ensure that these blinds are rolled all the way down for them to operate effectively for this purpose. It’s a good idea for them to be as closely fitted to the window as possible to retain the maximum amount of heat. Available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and motorized options, roller blinds are one of the most sought-after options to dress up your windows during winters.

2) Using Thermal Roman Blinds

Graber Fresco Roman Shades

Providing an excellent texture when pulled down, Roman blinds are generally used for medium and large-sized windows for blocking out the sun. However, they can be equally useful for trapping heat inside during winters while providing a unique stylistic flourish to the home. Available in different designs and patterns, Roman blinds should be chosen according to the make of the home, the items placed inside the living room, the colors of the walls and the floorings used.

Graber Fresco Roman Shades are uniquely designed pleated panels providing an even, layered structure and are offered in two styles according to opacities. In some cases, thermal Roman blinds may be teamed with an additional layer of heat-retaining fabric or with thermal-lined curtains when temperatures drop, making you stay indoors in minimal clothing and enjoying a comfortable sleep.

3) Using Honeycomb Blinds

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Known for their unique design and style, honeycomb or cellular shades are the perfect insulating blinds for modern homes. They can fit easily on large Palladian windows and give a unique and riveting look to the house, catching the attention of any visitor who won’t stop gushing over its texture and make.

They come in single, double and triple cells. The double and triple-cell shades make for better insulators and sun blockers compared to single-cell shades which are mostly used for light filtering purposes, perfect for people who love natural sunlight.

Their cell pockets effectively trap cold winds, preventing them from penetrating by creating a solid barrier. Apart from serving this purpose, they are also great noise barriers, letting you enjoy your privacy and work in silence with no outside grating sounds affecting you.

4) Using Venetian Blinds

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Along with honeycomb shades and Roman blinds, Venetian blinds are also modern window treatments that may be great fits for Palladian windows during winters. The horizontal and thin pieces of material give them a wonderful and creative design, perfect to be used in homes with a minimal structure with not enough stuff that lies around. Although their primary purpose is to protect against blinding glare, their structure makes them great options for trap heat inside.

5) Using Blackout and Insulated Curtains

Made from thick fabric such as art silk, velvet or polyester, the purpose of blackout curtains is to block out heat, light, and sound completely when the blinds are closed. Curtains with built-in thermal backing can also be bought for the purpose. You might consider buying panel pair curtains to cover Palladian windows as they cover the length and breadth of them completely. When open, they will provide a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional style.

A Few Other Simple Tips For Protecting Palladian Windows Against Cold

There are a few other methods that you can employ other than always relying on curtains and blinds to help you against extreme cold. No matter what you do, protection cannot come with 100% success. Just follow a few simple tips that can come in handy when the temperatures drop.

1) Weatherstripping: One of the most regular methods of keeping inside air in is using different materials to seal a door or window on the exposed sides. This is usually done on the corners and greatly solves the purpose of insulation during winters.

2) Window Caulking: This method is usually followed in making seams watertight in boats and ships. However, window caulking is also a time-tested method to seal small cracks in windows that can develop over time.

3) Draft Snakes: This is a rather practical and easy way for prevention against cold air, and can be quite conveniently followed in your home. They are tubes made of plastic that are filled with an insulating material, and they are placed at the base of the windows or doors. Also available in various prints and patterns, they can be shopped online at very affordable prices.

4) Rigid Foams: Windows can let in heat or cold if they are not insulated properly. However, cracks and gaps may begin to form on the windows or on the sides. Rigid foams help to fill in these gaps by expanding between them and then solidifying into an insulated seal.

5) Plastic Films: They can be sealed on the sides and the bottom of the windows, which create gaps through which air passes from both sides. Plastic films can be easily bought online as there are multiple sites that sell them, and they can be a great alternative when nothing else works.

As we saw, there are various methods to combat cold air during winters. You should consider all possibilities to protect your Palladian windows, and should possibly go for two or more methods to meet the purpose. Roller blinds used in conjunction with rigid foams or insulated blackout curtains with honeycomb shades might not be a bad option, as they will be more effective than anything else, apart from giving out an aesthetically appealing look.