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The Pros and Cons of Curtains vs. Blinds

Blackout Zebra Blinds

Blackout Zebra Blinds – The Pros and Cons of Curtains vs. Blinds

It is time to put to rest the age-old interior décor dilemma of curtains or blinds. So here we are, we have our new home, our lovely furniture, and even our bedrooms are set and in place. But suddenly, we look at the windows and think “Wouldn’t I prefer curtains here? They would certainly add to the décor”. Now, this seems like a small decision doesn’t it? But before you choose between blinds and some gorgeous curtains, there are a few things to consider!

Lighting: How Well do They Light Your Home?

Let’s start with lighting, blinds can effectively block out the light. Turning a room from hot sunny white to a cool dusky yellow in an instant. Similarly, curtains are great for blocking light, depending on the fabric type chosen. However, blinds can be motorized at a very budget-friendly price.

While curtains can be adjusted to block the window partially or in full, they don’t have the light control functionality of a motorized Graber blind. There are many reasons one can choose curtains over blackout zebra blinds, but total light control isn’t one of them.

So while curtains do provide some adequate lighting, this round still goes to blinds for their increased functionality options. It is worth noting however that an inside mount blind is subject to light gaps which you don’t get on curtains, which are usually mounted above the window and are oversized.

Do They Beat the Heat?

So, the common fact is that both curtains and blinds can reduce energy costs by regulating the temperature and sparing us from turning on an air conditioner, or even a heater in the winter!

Now, blackout zebra blinds do regulate the heat by keeping the light out. Blinds make sure the sun can’t directly heat up a room through the door. But curtains have the edge here, they can insulate a house far better, keeping the heat out while also keeping the heat in during the winter. So if we need a warm, cozy room that feels just right, curtains are our best bet. But if we want a living room that doesn’t heat up every morning, then blinds are an affordable solution. On the other hand, white Zebra blinds reflect the heat, making them another option for anyone who wants to switch things up just a little. For a mix of both, go for cellular shades or roman shades which function similarly to blinds but have excellent insulation features.

Budget and Maintenance

So let us get down to the brass tacks here, we all want our houses to look and feel magical. And sometimes magic just isn’t budget friendly.

Curtains have a higher cost when compared to regular blinds. But they are definitely known to last longer. However, curtains are also more prone to dust mites and stains. They are harder to clean and maintain. It’s best to be ready for the occasional trip to a dry cleaner.

Blinds are definitely budget friendly. They’re much easier to install while also freeing up the room, making it look spacious. Blinds don’t have the same issues with dust mites that curtains do, they only need to be regularly wiped down. However, blinds have a tendency to damage easily if not properly taken care of.

When it comes to a budget, blinds are the winners (barring a few exceptions, not all curtains are costlier than all blinds), making them a great addition to a home that already has everything. And when it comes to maintenance, blinds are definitely easier to clean. Aesthetics and design:

Of course, one condition to choosing window coverings is to also make sure the carpet matches the drapes (or the blackout Zebra blinds).  Simply put, they need to be a good fit for our homes: Not too fancy and not too plain. Graber motorized blinds come in many shapes and colors, giving us more options to choose from to spruce up our windows.

Curtains, on the other hand, are dedicated to being ornamental. They come in so many different varieties, many different kinds of designs, sophisticated embroidery, and some even have a design at the hem. When it comes to how it looks, curtains can definitely add more to a room than blinds can.

So if we prefer to focus on how it looks over how it works, curtains are definitely a great choice. However, that doesn’t mean blinds can’t work with our homes too. A simple set of blinds with the right color can work wonders on any home.

Privacy and Noise Control:



Zebra Blackout Blinds and Curtains


One of the main reasons we have window coverings is because we don’t want people always looking into our homes. Blackout blinds pretty much eliminate privacy problems, making sure we can feel safe in the comfort of our own homes. Curtains are pretty good for privacy too as long as you go with the proper fabrics. When it comes to insulation against noise, curtains definitely have the edge given that they simply have more volume to dissipate the noise as it enters our homes.

While it might seem like you can only pick either blinds or curtains, what happens if we combine them to emphasize their advantages and eliminate their disadvantages?

Blinds and Curtains Work Very Well Together:

When we use blinds and curtains together, we get the best of both worlds.

  • It looks absolutely breath-taking
  • It gives us even better light control
  • Beating the heat gets even easier
  • It insulates us against the cold
  • Our privacy is ensured
  • Better protection against loud disturbances

However, there are places where we’ll be at a disadvantage:

  • Cleaning blinds and windows together is a massive undertaking each time, it takes quite a bit of work to keep it pretty and dust free
  • We’re getting two window coverings instead of one, and that definitely requires a higher budget.
  • It takes up more space – not necessarily a lot if you already have a spacious home, but more space nevertheless

In Conclusion:

Both curtains and blinds come with their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to take a look at our homes before we buy them. Arbitrarily choosing one over the other won’t always help so it’s best we take the time to consider our homes and our budgets.

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