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Blackout Shades – Things to Keep in Mind While Buying

Things to Keep in Mind While Going for Blackout Shades

Has anyone of you wondered why a movie is best experienced in a theatre? Or during home when the room is completely dark? What explains the success of home theatres? When you are (literally) in the dark, doesn’t it make you feel relaxed? There’s a big reason why many people prefer to go for blackout or room darkening blinds for their homes. A lot of us do not wish to be bothered by the sunlight. Besides, in the absence of the sun’s glare, not only can you better focus on your work but you can also enjoy watching television without getting disturbed.

Besides the obvious sun blocking capacity of blackout shades, these shades boast of an insulating fabric that keeps the temperature inside neither hot nor cold. In short, you can relax in a cozy atmosphere indoors even when the weather outside is cold. Blackout shades come in handy especially in tropical climates or polar regions that become too chilly for comfort. No wonder these shades are on the list of go-to home decor items for people across the globe. However, it is important to examine what things should be kept in mind before purchasing blackout blinds. In this section, we seek to answer your questions regarding these preferential window treatments.
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When are Blackout Blinds Required?

Different people have different requirements for blackout blinds. Personally, I love the privacy that they provide. There’s no scope of a potential intruder to have a good look inside my home when they are in place. I value my privacy and independence above all, and that is why blackout blinds are my top priority in every room, on every window.

So here are several reasons why people install these window treatments in their home.

1. Unperturbed Sleep: I usually fall asleep at once. Even when I am not tired in the evening but am intent on completing at least eight hours of sleep to get up for work rejuvenated and refreshed, I start snoring in an instant. But I am sure that a lot of you may have trouble sleeping, especially when you have the street light coming in through the window to semi-illuminate your room. That can be a big turn-off. However, blackout curtains and blinds block out all outside light and make the room completely dark, which aids in a sound and satisfying sleep.

2. Day-Time Relaxation: I’m sure that plenty of you are working in night shifts and working pretty hard at it. To excel in our jobs, we need to get some energy that only comes when we sleep well. However, an unperturbed sleep during the day can be a big rarity. Besides the irritating glare of the sun, we are often disturbed by people shouting in the streets, doorbells and constant outside activity. It may be a barking dog or a hollering kid. In such scenarios, blackout blinds can be pretty helpful. Their sound-absorbing properties muffle outside noises and help dampen the noise.

3. Watching TV/movies: It is common for all of us to enjoy a movie in absolute peace. Blackout curtains prevent the sun’s glare from falling on our TV screens and help to create a relaxing and dark ambiance that makes the entire home theatre experience alluring and fascinating.

4. For Reducing Electricity Costs: Even as these shades are used to block natural light, they reduce a lot of your air conditioning and heating costs. During summers, when most homes have constantly turned on air conditioners to beat the heat, you can enjoy the comfort of room temperature when these shades are in place. Similarly, you can do away with your heaters or use them only minimally during winters.
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Important Considerations Before Installing Them

As in the case of every product or service you buy, it is important to note that blackout shades cost a decent amount of money and investment. Here are some things that you must bear in mind before purchasing them.

1. Understand the Weather Patterns: Ask yourself this question. Do you really feel the need of buying blackout curtains when you have other shades already installed in your home? There are some popular shades like honeycomb shades, valances and sheer shades that cover the window just as well. When the weather throughout the year is pleasant, blackout curtains would not really be necessary.

2. Variety of Room Darkening Window Coverings: When we talk of blackout shades, we simply do not mean the curtains or drapery that come in a myriad of colors and design patterns. They come in various types as well, and you need to keep the aesthetics of your room in mind when installing them on your windows. Roman blinds, triple-shade cellular shades, curtains, vinyl and aluminum blinds, all come in blackout fabrics.

3. Manufacturer’s Instructions & Warranty: It is important to get in touch with the manufacturer regularly if you do not understand their mechanisms, or if you are confused about any feature. If at all you choose to spend a decent sum of money on them, it is advisable to purchase them under warranty. The warranty covers the product if it breaks, develops cracks or stops functioning with no fault of your own.

4. Care Instructions: The cleaning aspect of the blinds must be dealt with sensitively. Different blinds require different cleaning instructions, and that goes for blackout blinds as well. While blackout honeycomb shades require spot removal by a wet cloth or through vacuuming, the same might not be true for drapes that have multiple fabrics in their construction. Thus, it is necessary to read the manufacturer’s instructions for keeping them clean. If the instructions are not available, do your own research before getting to the job.

5. Choosing the Right Brand: The performance of any newly introduced product or service depends a lot on the reputation of the brand. Any wonder why any Apple product generates a lot of buzz when it is offered for sale? The arena of window treatments is also privy to the same sentiments. Graber, Hunter Douglas, Crown and Normandy are some trustworthy brands that offer the best-in-class blackout window treatments.
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Blackout Roller Shades: Our Preferred Blackout Window Treatment for the Day

If you want a window treatment that offers form as well as functionality, look no further than blackout roller shades. Ideally, solar or roller shades are made up of a special fabric that offers protection against the sun while filtering sunlight to illuminate the room. However, like other window treatments, they also come in different types. Solar shades have different opacity ranges, and they have a blackout shade which gives you utmost privacy as and when required. These shades protect the floorings, walls and other items inside the house from the sun’s harmful rays. They also come in various attractive designs and colors that you can choose from.

To conclude, there are various reasons why blackout window treatments are important. Because of their several features like heat and light control, protection against cold weather and noise cancellation, they have become a major success in homes across the globe. They can also be used in restaurants and offices so that the utmost privacy can be provided. However, you must do your own research and follow the advice of experts before finalizing which blackout treatment would be best for your home. Be mindful of the manufacturer’s instructions and warranty that comes with the product, and always seek professional help before installing them.

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