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Get Complete Privacy For Your Bedroom With Our Best Blackout Shades

Best Blackout Shades For Bedroom

Complete Privacy with Our Best Blackout Shades For Bedroom


“Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes a man, healthy, wealthy, and wise”

We have all heard this in our growing up years from our parents, teachers and the elders in the house. With our varied and busy lifestyles today, this seems more and more like an impossible mission. The constant stress from various factors is a major element responsible for all this. But what else can we do to help de-stress our minds?

At ZebraBlinds we provide you with perfect solutions to help fight the stress on a regular basis without making it too expensive on your budget. After all, your healthy life is more important than just allowing stress to beat your mood and quality of life. Sleep plays a vital role in keeping you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Your mental and physical health is well balanced with quality sleep. So here are some important solutions in helping you do just that.


Why Choose Blackout Shades For Bedroom?

A good sleep helps in the proper functioning and activeness of the body. Creating a darker and calmer ambiance in your bedroom helps you get the right amount of sleep. With the right blackout shades for your bedroom, you get a comfortable space that helps you relax without going to a spa. Thereby ensuring you sleep well for a good quality of life.


New Blackout Shades For Bedroom

For bedrooms, one is typically looking to get complete privacy and a calmer ambiance. With new blackout shades for the bedroom, we bring you a wide range of treatments to offer you the right ambiance for a deeper and peaceful sleep.


Graber Pleated Window Shades:


Graber Pleated Window Shades


  • Graber pleated window shades are one of the most renowned in its category
  • With quality materials and genuine craftsmanship, this brand is a household name worldwide
  • Graber pleated window shades offer you a range of darkening options, as well as array of colors, patterns, and textures
  • Graber pleated window shades come in FashionPleat and EvenPleat shades that are large with crisp pleats in fabrics in a range from bold to textured

Graber Lightweaves Blackout Roller Shades:


Graber Lightweaves Blackout Roller Shades


  • Graber lightweaves blackout roller shades are a unique offering like none other
  • They are a perfect style that comes in varied patterns and textures to fit in with any style of interior
  • These shades have fabrics that preserve clean air and are allergen free with GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certification
  • Complement your aesthetics with our wide range of bold, solid colors to subtle patterns
  • Mix window treatments in one room with other Graber offerings
  • Pair the Graber lightweaves blackout roller shades with the uniquely designed Graber shades
  • Mix these two treatments for added protection against glare and UV rays


Flat Sheer Window Shades:


Flat Sheer Window Shades


  • Flat Sheer Window Shades are functional and fashionable
  • Available in options for colors, patterns and lift types, they allow you the right privacy and room darkening for a pleasant and undisturbed sleep
  • Our range of Flat Sheer Window Shades come in alluring colors of vanes to complement your existing décor
  • Although sheer horizontal shades do not have full blackout options, their room darkening options are perfect for when you prefer something more versatile for your bedroom


Best Cellular Blinds Brands:


Best Cellular Blinds Brands


  • One of the best brands of window blinds, our range of Cellular Blinds makes for a competent option
  • With a huge range of blackout options for your bedroom, they come in a varied variety of colors, patterns, textures and lift types like cord loop, top-down bottom, Standard, and Cordless
  • Best Cellular Blinds Brands like Crystalpleat, a Graber offering, provide huge energy efficiency that impacts the bedroom ambiance
  • Its unique pattern helps keep the sunlight at bay with complete privacy for those secluded moments with your family
  • Mix window treatments in one room with our range of Best Cellular Blinds Brands along with bold abstract patterns of draperies
  • Multiple treatments make for the best blackout shade options for your bedroom

Choose from any of the above blackout treatments for your bedroom. Go all out with the choices available to décor your bedroom. Like they say, sleep well and you will be healthy, wealthy and wise. Speak to any of our experts to follow this mantra and we assure you of a comfortable and healthy life.

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