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Blackout Curtains Vs. Shades

lackout Curtains vs.Shades

While selecting a window treatment, first we look for the design or color option to match the existing interior style. But there is one more factor to consider, which is the fabric material itself. The fabric material should ensure that the shade provides the right amount of light control and privacy that we need. For example, both light-filtering or sheer window treatments provide diffused natural light while offering moderate privacy. But if you are craving for a darker room, then nothing can compare the functionality and versatility of blackout fabrics. These materials have the ability to prevent all the light leakages and block the other unwanted elements from entering your space. There are several options available including shades, curtains, and many more. But all the things depend on the room type or the position of the windows. The right selection can help you to achieve the desired effect. But when it comes to choosing between shade, blind, or curtain, confusion occurs. They each have their perks and aesthetic values. In this article, you will get the information about what each option has to offer you.

Which One to Pick: Blackout Curtain or Shade?

Nothing can compare the bliss of waking up feeling refreshed and relaxed after a perfect good night sleep or enjoying your favorite show in a completely dark room without any disturbance. But creating such a scenario can be a hurdle for many homeowners. There are a variety of solutions available but narrowing the right one can be tricky. A great place to start is by deciding between blackout curtains and blackout shades which are the recent market trend. These two designs have their unique specifications and benefits which make them distinct and exceptional.

• Blackout Shades

If you are looking to give your windows a designer appearance while bringing warmth and elegance to space, then blackout shades are the answer. Shades are built of solid fabric material like PVC or Mylar and when properly installed they can be both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. There are wide range of window shades available which can be featured with your preferred color, texture, and design styles. For example, roller shades offer a sleek and smooth appearance, cellular shades create an organized and seamless look, roman shades with their soft and phenomenal look transform the overall interior design. And when you feature all these shades with blackout fabric, they offer intense darkness, reduce the light gaps, provide superior privacy, lower the energy bills through heat gain and heat loss process, block out the glare and UV rays, and obstruct all the outside noise. What else do you want in order to create a relaxing and convenient indoor ambiance?

Window shades are operated using continuous loop cord or pull chains. But to keep your interior safe and bring the luxurious living style, you can integrate the blackout shades with motorization and access them using smart controllers like remote, smartphone, or voice-controlled speakers (Google Home and Amazon Echo). Blackout shades are easy to clean and are extremely effective when it comes to their functionality. Superior quality material used in the shades makes them extremely sturdy and durable. Check out all the blackout shades to create the dreamy look you desire.
Motorized Blackout Shades

• Blackout Curtains

If you want to give your décor a soft and smooth look but at the same time, need to darken your space as well, blackout curtains are the solution. A blackout curtain is a piece of cloth and made of fiberglass, suede, silk, cellulose, polyester, mineral wool or polyurethane foams, popular for their popular stylish and fashionable look. Fiberglass is a commonly used material because of its noise-canceling properties and heat resistance.
Blackout Window Curtains
They are available in an assortment of color, texture, and pattern options so that you can customize them as per your interior style and highlight the windows in a dramatic way. Featuring curtains with blackout liner will offer a space with endless benefits, from blocking out the excess light to providing privacy, curtains are incredibly effective. Another added advantage of blackout window curtain is thermal insulation. By balancing the room temperature with the outside climate, they create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, saving the energy costs. When they are drawn all the way, they enhance the level of safety and security by keeping the prying eyes outside of the home. This type of dressing is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Most importantly, these curtains are reasonably priced compared to blackout window shades. Get them installed now and enjoy their luxurious benefits.

Most importantly, you can combine these two window solutions with other window treatments as well in order to maximize the functionality and aesthetic appeal. Layering provides your space with double benefits. It doesn’t matter whether you select blackout shade or curtain, because both of them incredibly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Consult with the professional designers to make your decision easily and quickly!

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