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Why Blackout Curtains Are A Great Way to Keep Your Room Cool

Why Blackout Curtains Are A Great Way To Keep Your Room Cool

Consider Blackout Curtains to Keep Your Room Cool

There is no denying that curtains add the perfect finishing touch to the windows, bringing added value and sophistication to your overall aesthetics. These window coverings hold a special place in our hearts, enriching the look of the windows while being functional and versatile. From filtering out the direct sunlight to providing privacy, these curtains are incredible and come in a range of fabric choices (sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout) to provide you with a soothing and pleasing indoor ambiance. Though curtains are popular for their fashionable look, do they provide a comfortable atmosphere in the scorching heat of summer? For this, blackout curtains are the perfect savior for your home décor. They are the ultimate choice to make your home feel nice and cozy when the outside climate is sultry and humid.

We all are aware of the effects of global warming and intense heat waves are a great example of it. These heat waves tremendously increase the room temperature, making it uncomfortable and if no measures are taken, the heat can cause multiple health issues. Besides increasing temperatures, the direct glare of the sun and UV rays can damage your furniture and other furnishings as well. Blackout curtains are uniquely manufactured and can reduce light by up to 90% and insulate against heat. Blackout curtains complement any window in an understated yet effective way.
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Do Blackout Curtains Block Heat?

The primary function of blackout curtains is to obstruct the direct sunlight streaming through the windows. This makes them a natural choice for bedrooms that need 100% light blockage for deep sleep. Apart from blocking out light, blackout curtains do an admirable job of keeping the heat out as well. These curtains are made of superior quality fabrics and their thick material can block both natural light and heat.

The curtains reduce heat transfer from windows to your room and as a result, you enjoy a cool and comfortable interior in the extremely sunny weather. Furthermore, in addition to reducing energy loss, these curtains can save your money too by lowering the cooling costs. Without effective window treatment to block out heat, the temperature inside the house soars and to keep it low you have to use air conditioners regularly for long hours. This contributes to inflated electricity bills every month.

While getting these curtains, check that they are made of heavy-weight material so that it can prevent heat gain during summer months. You can also integrate additional blackout or thermal liner to these curtains to enhance the effectiveness of blocking light and heat.

Note– Some people believe that these curtains can block out 100% of the sunlight but it’s better to check the manufacturer’s manual to know how much percentage of the sunlight it can block.
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Advantages of Blackout Curtains

If you are struggling with the rooms that are overheated, blackout curtains are a smart investment and can be a real-life saver during sweltering hot climate situations. The main reason of getting blackout curtains is their capability of blocking daylight and heat. But check out the other advantages of these curtains that can-do wonder for your home décor –

• Helpful for Night Workers:
Blackout curtains are an ideal match for those who regularly work at night and sleep during the daytime. A single ray of sunlight or heat can create disturbance during your sleep time and that can cause health problems. But these curtains will create the perfect night ambiance and help them to sleep better. You can use them in your baby nursery as well that will help the kids fall asleep faster during summer when daylight stays long after it is bedtime for kids.
• Create the Perfect Cinematic Mood:
If you have a media room, then install these curtains on the windows that will prevent all the light and glare, creating a dark space while enhancing your viewing experience.
• Sound dampening Curtains:
Blackout curtains can reduce the outside noise to some extent which ensures a peaceful indoor ambiance.
• Offer Privacy:
If privacy is one of your major concerns, then blackout curtains are the answer. They prevent any outsiders from getting a glimpse inside.

Different Types of Blackout Curtains

There are different blackout curtains available in the market which include – Thermal Insulated Curtains, Ring Top Curtains, Pencil Pleat Curtains, and 3D Blackout Curtains.

These curtains come in different sizes to fit all your windows and doors efficiently, creating the perfect light and heat blockage. But make sure to take the correct measurements in order to get the right fit. They are also available in an assortment of colors, textures, and design options to create an elegant yet sophisticated appearance for your space. Try to opt for light-hued blackout curtains like white, cream, off-white that reflect most of the light and heat compared to dark-colored backing curtain.

Things You Need to Consider

• Hang the blackout curtains high, above the rod to block out the light and heat from appearing at the top portion.
• Make sure that the curtains are as close to the window as possible so that heat cannot enter your place. You can use magnetic tape as well to stick the sides to the windows. Opt for wider curtain coverage for the windows.
• If your windows confront direct sunlight, then keep them close during the day time in order to lower the room temperature.


If you are someone who wants to give windows a stylish makeover while keeping indoor cool and comfortable, then blackout curtains are the go-to option. These are more than a decorative fabric that can add depth and architectural interest to the windows. You can also layer them with other window treatments for greater functional gains. The double-layered fabric stops the heat and light coming inside, keeping the interior at an ideal temperature. Get them home and install properly to enjoy the ultimate convenience throughout the year!