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Blackout Cellular Shades for That Elusive Completeness


When You Need Restful Sleep….
The Crown Ultimate Blackout Cellular Shades for That Elusive Completeness.


“A well-spent day brings happy sleep.”
Leonardo da Vinci.
Unfortunately, that is not possible when you live in a city like San Diego with three huge neon signs flashing near your home. I realized this when my son Andrew almost lost sight of his dream. When Andrew was selected to represent his school soccer team, his joy knew no bounds. He wanted to get fit and give his 100% to the team because he dreamed of becoming a professional soccer.


He discussed with his dad and opted for personal coaching to hone his skills. Luckily he found a coach in our neighborhood who had represented some local clubs and had been training for the past 25 years. What Andrew loved the most was how stern and strict a disciplinarian his coach was. This was the man who could bring out the best in you. He had to be on the field at 5.45 am sharp every morning, four days a week, for his coaching.
Busy with my two younger twins, I was astounded when one fine day Andrew broke down and announced that he was quitting soccer. I gave him some time to regain his composure because he appeared quite hassled. Once he gulped down some water, he told me that he’d been late for coaching more than once, and his trainer had issued a final warning to him. Though Andrew normally retired to bed quite early after a day well spent, he was unable to pull himself out of his bed in the mornings of late. I had wondered about this.


That night, after dinner we sat down for a discussion with Andrew regarding how serious he was about his announcement. Andrew said he wasn’t serious, but he did not know how to cope with the problem he was facing. Even after sleeping for 8 hours, he did not feel rested and rejuvenated for training. Somehow he was waking up feeling more tired than when he went to bed the previous day, after a hectic schedule.


After pondering over the situation, Jay said something must be disturbing our son’s. When we went inside Andrew’s bedroom to evaluate everything around, we found the neon light flashing and sending in streams of different colored lights from the neighborhood diner that remained open till really late. The place was also responsible for the sound pollution in our area. It did not take us long to realize that Andrew was having disturbed sleep that left him a wreck, especially with all the effort he was putting in at school, and for his game. If the neon sign was driving me crazy in minutes, no wonder Andrew was tired.


Instead of changing the world to meet our demands, we decided to adapt our home to the changing neighborhood. We decided to opt for blackout cellular shades with good insulation for all of our rooms, but especially for Andrew’s bedroom. Jay said this was the first thing he was going to do, but before that he was going to explain the issue to the coach. We also made it a point to allow Andrew to unwind before he hit the bed. Being a runner himself, Jay knew that being exhausted was not being sleepy. We wanted to do everything possible to help Andrew achieve his dream. It was so hard to see our boy struggling and getting so frustrated without knowing how to handle the situation. We also decided to give him better coping skills, because life was not g always going to be a cakewalk for him, and all issues are not resolved with slumber shades.


We decided to install the Crown Ultimate Blackout Cellular Shades that came with side tracks that prevented any ambient light seepage, providing 100% blackout in the room. During the day, when the sunlight was intense, there was no light reflecting around the edges of the honeycomb fabric along each side of the shade, so one has complete control over the light. The effect of the immaculate technology that provided a Mylar coated cellular fabric for blackout shades to protect against any light seepage was amazing.


The specially designed notched bottom rail end caps fit perfectly over the blackout sidetracks to allow smooth movement while raising and lowering the shade. The fuzzy seals applied along the shade’s head rail ensured a high quality of effectiveness in blocking light at the top of the shade. It had great insulation properties as well, creating a perfect and peaceful atmosphere in the room for an entirely restful sleep. They could be called ’sleep shades’ as they so quickly take you to slumberland, no matter what time of the day it is. Adding to my joy, they came with great looks that added value to the interior décor as well.


The stable temperature, the peaceful and dark atmosphere soon had the big boy sleeping like a baby during the night. In no time, he was back to being the jovial boy who leaped out of bed before sunup, with a spring in his step. The stupid neon sign nor a noisy neighborhood was not going to steal my son’s dream anymore. I am glad we found the problem and tackled it deftly before it did any real damage, reminding me of what William R. Alger said –
“After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.”



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