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Use Blackout Blinds with Reflective Layering to Reduce Incoming Heat

Use Blackout Blinds With Reflective Layering to Reduce Incoming Heat

Reflective Blackout Blinds to Keep Heat Out

During the summer months, scorching sunbeams slowly increase the temperature of your interior, making it overheated and uneasy to stay in. It becomes a major problem for many homeowners. As a consequence, most of us start investing in cooling systems that contribute to an increased energy bill. Windows are the main ways of allowing natural light and fresh air to enter your space but at the same time, this architectural design exposes your homes to extreme heat and harmful sun rays when the outside temperature is at peak. The outside temperature impacts the indoor atmosphere in a dramatic way, causing multiple issues for your space. This extreme heat not only makes your room uncomfortable but also affects your health and can damage your furnishings also.

When the outside temperature rises, your window glass absorbs the heat and transfers it to inside your interior, making rooms hot and unbearable. So, no matter whether you keep your windows close or open, they will definitely enhance the indoor temperature. And in this scenario, you need some reflective materials that can absorb solar rays which are causing air temperature to increase and make room pleasing and relaxing.

Window blinds are a great way to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your décor. It doesn’t matter what the outside climate is, they will help in balancing a comfy atmosphere inside. When it comes to reducing heat, nothing can beat the functionality and reliability of blackout window blinds. Their supreme quality fabric materials reflect the direct sunlight and prevent heat coming from coming inside. Besides offering effective insulation, these blinds can darken your space while giving you an ultimate level of protection. Most of the blinds and shades can be featured with this fabric material. But if you are planning to enhance this power to the next level which means double heat blocking capability, then use these blackout blinds with reflective layering. Reflective blackout blinds can efficiently reflect the excess heat, maintaining an ideal temperature indoors.

How Do Reflective Materials Help in Reducing Heat?

Reflective are equipped with a special type of material that can lower heat transfer. A surface layer (placed facing outwards towards the sun) is added which sends back the excess heat and stops it from coming inside, and maintains a comfortable temperature within your house. This will reduce your home’s energy costs as well.

Check out the below reflective blackout blinds that are built with an additional layer of reflective material and do an amazing job in reducing incoming heat!

  • Solar Reflective Blinds:

These window blinds feature a pearlescent backing on the fabric that reflects both sunlight and heat out of the room, keeping your indoors cool in even extreme weather conditions. Blackout material ensures complete darkness and effective heat control. If you have an outdoor area, then reflective exterior solar shades are a great choice. The shades cut the excess heat before it streams into your home. They can block up to 97% of the heat so that you can enjoy summer afternoons without any hassle.

Reflective Window Coverings

  • Dual Roller Shades:

These shades are extremely versatile and practical when it comes to blocking heat. The shades have a reflective side that face the source of heat which prevents the extreme heat from being transmitted inside, keeping your aesthetics fresh and cool.

Dual Roller Blackout Blinds

  • Reflective Curtains:

Blackout reflective curtains are another great way of reflecting the heat. Get them installed not only for their functional use but also to increase the aesthetic value of your home décor.

Note – Colors play an important role in reflecting the sun’s rays and heat. Opt for lighter colors to increase reflectivity. Remember, dark colors tend to absorb more heat.

The material used in these shades is designed to offer an excellent heat-reflecting capability. This type of shades has a reflective layer on one side and a blackout layer on the other side for effortless control. In this way, your room temperature stays comfortable and you save huge on electricity bills. Make sure to install them properly to get the right control and they fit the windows perfectly. The duo of blackout fabric and reflective layering does wonders for your home.

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